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With Glorify’s online ad builder tool, you need to look no further in the pursuit to make your advertisement online and convert your potential clients into actual sales.

Our easy-to-use, intuitive ad generator provides you everything you need to create a remarkable ad at the ease of a few drags and drops. We let you focus on what matters the most: converting sales by creating advertisements that leave an impact!

Glorify’s advertisement builder: Make your advertisement online in under minutes!

With a huge library loaded with tons of pre-designed templates to pick from, our ad builder can generate ads for multiple platforms- Google, Facebook, or Instagram? You name it and we have a template for it!

Online Ad Builder: Build multiple banner ads within minutes

With the convenience of an online banner generator in the same place, we empower you to not just make your advertisement online but also to create ads that complement all banner sizes you’ll ever need! Launch our ad builder, and save yourself the time and hassle that comes with poorly designed ads. Create fully customizable, designer, correctly sized, and appealing ads under minutes today!

Here’s how to make your advertisement online with Glorify-

1Choose your platform
Are you looking to generate for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Google? Before you get to design, determine the platform you want to create your ad for.

2Pick your size
Now that you know your ad launch platform, you should have a fair idea of the recommended ad sizing guidelines for the platform. Choose the relevant size for your online ad design, from a huge range of ready-to-use templates or create a custom-size to give your ad the dimensions you need!

3Get designing!
Pick from our professionally designed online ad templates or pick a blank canvas to create the ad from scratch. Each ad template is 100% customizable and the possibilities with edits are perhaps endless!

4Customize the ad
Once you have the basic skeleton of your ad ready, you may add, tweak, edit, change or delete elements to customize the ad and to make it look more like yours. A catchy ad copy, appealing imagery, and call-to-action buttons also work great on ad designs.

5Bring your ad to life
Static is old, static is boring. Add some life by interesting animations into your ad, making it impossible for the audiences to miss the ad!

6Let’s start selling!
Your masterpiece is ready to be downloaded and to sell! Download your ad in any format, including JPG or PNG for static ads and GIF, HTML5, AMP HTML, or MP4 for animations of videos.

Accelerate your design pursuits with all design templates for everything you’ll ever need in one place by Glorify!

As a business owner, you may not often have too much time to spend on creating a design or on learning hardcore software to generate the designs. We understand this gap and our templates are here to fill it up for you! Apart from the online ad builder, we have a range of  easy-to-use, flexible tools with an intuitive drag and drop display help you create the best masterpieces and lets you keep them all in one place for neat organization and accessibility for repurposing! 

Video ad builder

Do not want to blow your design budget on hiring a professional video maker? Use your easy-to-use online tool and create brilliant video ads and animations better, quicker, and cheaper than ever!

HTML5 banner builder

Need to embed an HTML5 banner into your website but lack the coding skills to do so? You don’t need the hardcore skills anymore! Create your HTML5 banner visual with our banner editor and you are good to go in under minutes!

Google ad builder

Tired of keeping up with Google Ads requirements? Our online google ad builder tool remembers everything for you! Create impactful, efficient, accurate, and unmissable display ads with our Google display ad builder. Let the sales begin!

Facebook ad builder

Own a Facebook-based business and want to drive more activity on the blue platform? Create unmatched static or animated optimized Facebook ads with our online FB ad builder tool!

Twitter ad builder

Advertise on Twitter with sponsored tweets and marvelous designs to get yourself noticed even amongst hundreds. New to design? Word not, we spoil you for choices with our design templates!

Instagram Ad builder

Take a step ahead and exploit the opportunities of the new-age social media platform: Instagram. Create unimaginable and exceptional Instagram Ads to outdo your competition, one hashtag at a time!

What colors should I use in my online ads?+

All colors hold a deeper meaning that we subconsciously associate the color with. While red could imply love, anger, and danger; yellow could imply happiness, cheer, and warmth. Conduct a study into the meaning and relevance of all colors before you decide on your color pallet for the online ads. Once you understand what each color stands for, it will make more sense to curate a palette that aligns with the purpose of the ad.

Why is social media ad design important?+

Thinking through the design, imagery, and copy of your social media ad is important because this ad will have the potential to reach feeds of thousands of people and the design. It is only when the design is thoughtfully curated that it can hold some relevance and can perhaps help you achieve the kind of brand recognition and growth you’re aiming for.

What is the best font for social media ads?+

The best font for any ad, not only a social media ad, is a font that is clearly visible, easily readable, and preferably from the sans-serif font family. Some top recommended font examples include Roboto, Helvetica, Futura, Novecento, Open Sans, or Montserrat. The goal here is to use a font that lets the reader understand the text without having to strain or flinch their eyes.

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