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As a seller of goods online, to be honest, you have already won the game if you have your visuals well-done and in place. Most entrepreneurs spend so much time and effort in other aspects of line selling that they undermine what impact a visual can have on the overall sales of the product. A callout image, when selling on Alibaba or any other platform online, literally as the name goes, is the image that “calls out” to a person and makes them want to check your product instead of just scrolling past it.

A fantastic example of a call-out advertisement,  (albeit offline), to make things easier to understand, would be Subway’s billboard. Subway launched a billboard that had the word “SEX” written out in bold letters, only to be followed with another line, in a rather incomparable small font, “Now that we have your attention, eat at Subway.”

Now, we, of course, do not mean to convey that you should have a similar call-out image for your products; but when you get to designing one, aim for an image that is bound to grab attention. This could be done, perhaps, by featuring or highlighting the main specification of your products or, simply put,  with a product picture that cannot be ignored. Try and recollect the images that you, as a consumer, saw online and were driven to purchase the product. A call-out image, in essence, is all about gaining the viewer’s attention in the noise of all other products that are hosted at a marketplace.

Having put forward the impotence and the impact of a remarkable created call-out image, we also do understand that you, as a seller and an entrepreneur, might not find yourself the time to design. So, in this case, you might be attracted to the idea of hiring a designer, but again, that could be an expensive affair. That is where Glorify comes into play!

Generate the most remarkable, phenomenal Alibaba call-out image with Glorify’s perfectly-sized and professionally designed templates in a matter of clicks!

1Create an account on Glorify or log in to your existing account

2Explore hundreds of pre-designed Alibaba call-out image templates and pick what suits your business the best – or even start from scratch

3Upload your own product pictures in the image template

4Play with the design, change the colors, experiment with the backgrounds, add texts, tweak fonts- take your time, until you have the design you envisioned

5Save and start selling!

Consider the tools of Glorify your “calling” to create the most awesome-looking looking Alibaba call-out images. Our library is equipped with hundreds of templates that are so easy to use- there always is something for everyone! For the best part yet?  All our professionally designed templates are generated while considering specifically the needs of e-commerce businesses and SMEs!

DIY Alibaba Call-Out Images: How to make a remarkable call-out image?

Creating a definitive and an impactful call-out image is rather important because, as a matter of fact, human beings are attracted to pictures much faster than they are to text. You can have the most well-articulated ad copies; but if they are not supported with eye-catching designs, you are doomed. Having said that, also when it comes to call-out images, you need to ensure that your image is second to none.

Here are some tips to follow when generating your Alibaba call-out image-

  • Aim for HD: It is recommended to only use high-quality images for your call-out image, as, obviously, this is potentially your image that would convert a sale. You would not want this to be grainy and blurred for the least to say.
  • Size matters! This is one point that we will never get tired of emphasizing. When it comes to pictures,  the size and the dimensions of images really make a difference. A picture too small will definitely look stretched and blurry; likewise, a picture too big will be cropped off by default. Always aim to get the right size – Glorify’s perfectly sized templates make this as easy as a breeze!
  • Include several angles: Your call-out image is responsible for attracting and thereby engaging your potential customers. Hence, try and ensure that you include several angles of your product in one single picture. With each angle, you can also highlight, in brief words, features of your product.
  • Enable Zoom: Most customers will want to zoom into the product call-out image in order to assess the product more closely. It is recommended to always keep the zooming-in and out option of the image enabled. This is also where the need for an HD picture comes to play.
  • Go 360! If multiple angles are not a solution you like, you could also, instead, take the modern approach of designing your picture in a manner that offers a 360 view of the product. Adidas, for example, has been nailing the 360 view form of product image designing for quite some time now!

Does Glorify offer free Alibaba call-out image templates?+

Though we are not able to offer a “free template,” forever, we offer a huge collection of free templates available for your trial period. At the end of the trial period, you would be asked to pick from a plan of your preference – Glorify Pro or Glorify Business and everything is free thereon!

How do I find a legit supplier on Alibaba?+

It is recommended to buy from suppliers that have signed up with Alibaba’s trade assurance policy. These sellers are similar to Amazon’s fulfilled sellers. When browsing through products on Alibaba, check the button that says “Trade Assurance.” You will then only see products from sellers that are assured.

What are the ideal dimensions of an Alibaba call-out image?+

The ideal size of an Alibaba call-out image is 2000×2000. Glorify offers perfectly sized templates in the recommended sizes for you to get there and start designing in minutes!

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