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If there’s anything that really compels users to buy products online, it is the way those products are portrayed visually. Also, if there is one form of an image that further steps up the game of online selling and conversion of sales, it has to be comparison images.

Comparison images work great on e-commerce platforms like Alibaba because they, so to speak informally, tell you why you should buy product A in comparison to product B, right on your face. With comparison images are images that, as the name suggests, highlights what’s better in one product and what lacks in another product by drawing a very factual comparison between the two. 

Why is it important to publish comparison images on Alibaba?

Let us imagine you, as a consumer, walking into a supermarket. You might want to buy a specific brand of noodles called noodles Z. But then, you get attracted to this really shiny packaging of another packet of noodles that is $2 cheaper than noodles Z and you tend to develop an interest in this shiny pack of noodles. You further check out the ingredients and also find that the shiny noodles are 100% vegan which suits your interests better than the regular, vegetarian noodles Z. You, eventually, walk out of the store buying the shiny packet of noodles though you never intended to when you walked into the supermarket. That is the kind of comparison buyers are enabled to make when they shop offline. 

On an online platform, however, sellers have only off-late come to realize that this comparison can be made via comparison images. Comparison is a key driving force that every consumer dwells in when they are making a purchase. Comparison of price, quality, components, delivery speed, and factors like such can be easily represented visually with the help of a comparison image online. Hence, if you are a seller on Alibaba, there is no question why should you not design comparison images to help your buyers make an informed decision; and perhaps, eventually buy your product versus your competitors!

Create the most precise, factual, effective, and captivating comparison product images with Glorify’s templates for Alibaba Comparison Image!

1Create an account on Glorify or log in to your existing account

2Browse through hundreds of templates under “Alibaba Comparison Image,” and pick the design you like best – or even better, start from scratch

3Upload the two product images you want to draw a comparison of

4Play with the design, change the colors, experiment with the backgrounds, add texts, tweak fonts- take your time, until you have the design you envisioned

5Save and start selling!

Glorify has been known to help SME and online business owners create remarkable designs specifically for online selling.  The Glorify library is ever-evolving and is consistently updated with newer templates to help you make the most of your online business on Alibaba, Amazon, on all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube), Shopify, Etsy; and perhaps, any online marketplace you could think of selling at!

Best Practices to follow when you design a product comparison image for Alibaba-

  • Do not compromise your ethics: As an online seller or just a seller in general, it would obviously be your aim to take the largest bite of the pie. However, when you are at it, do not get too greedy and do not bring someone else down non-factually. Draw as accurate and factual comparison as possible, do not fabricate a false story around your competitor’s products just to have yours sold. This might also even backfire on you in the longer run.
  • Keep it simple: There could be a lot of elements with respect to your product that is better than that of your competitors, however, try to keep them as brief as possible. Instead of listing all comparisons, you could focus on the main aspects that really make a difference. These relevant, or significant factors could be the price points, the components, the quality, and perhaps if there’s an additional warranty or a money-back guarantee that you offer but your competitor does not.
  • Harness the power of Social Media: You do not have to limit yourself by posting the comparison image only on Alibaba. As a seller on Alibaba, you are enabled, by default, to deliver almost anywhere in the world. Use that power to market yourself through social media platforms. You could run awareness campaigns with your definitive comparison images alone on these platforms to attract potential buyers. However, always ensure that you target the market before you invest in the advertising.
  • Incorporate the techniques of SEO: While you are at it, you could also understand the mechanics of SEO and incorporate the said techniques in your images. You can post comparison images on your social media handles with essential keywords that you believe would make your job of getting noticed easier. Also try and incorporate the keywords in your product descriptions, product specifications, and other details of sorts when hosting the product on Alibaba.
  • Pay attention to the size: Size, well, does matter after all! Your Alibaba comparison image will defy its purpose, as spoken before if it is not generated in an accurate or recommended dimensions. If the image is too big, it will be cropped by default. If it is too small, it will end up looking stretched and grainy. Glorify takes care of all your Alibaba comparison image designing needs with the pre-defined, perfectly sized templates. Besides, with our tool, you can also add promotional text to your comparison images!

Is Alibaba strict with their image requirements?+

Alibaba, unlike Amazon, is not as strict so to say. But again, the point is not about the website being strict; it is about using the best, quality images to have your products sell faster than anyone else. Alibaba’s guidelines and recommendations around the product pictures that go up on the marketplace can be reviewed here Product_photo.html

Is Alibaba the same as Ali express?+

Alibaba and Ali Express are both owned by the Alibaba group. However, they are not the same. Both of these online marketplaces run on different models in terms of profit generation, shipping, payment methods, and overall integration.

What are the ideal dimensions of a product comparison image on Alibaba?+

The ideal size of a product comparison image on Alibaba is 2000×2000. Glorify offers perfectly sized templates in the recommended sizes for you to get there and start designing in minutes!

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