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Visuals when it especially comes to making sales online is perhaps one of the toughest, yet the most important nuts to crack. We specifically say ‘online’ because when it comes to selling through a screen, a seller takes away the joy of touching and feeling the product from the consumer. When you sell online, you can only ‘tell’ the consumer what to expect through your images and other mediums of graphical representation. Eventually, it is only when the consumer really gets the product is when they get to measure that representation from the actual gratification.
In order to be noticed online in an e-commerce marketplace like Alibaba, you primarily need really strong visuals that can help the consumer visualize themselves using your product. But then again, there is only so much you can do with your product promo images or the call-out image. This is where a lifestyle image comes into play. Lifestyle images work great on Alibaba, like any other web marketplace. This is because the very job of a lifestyle image is to show the consumer what they would look like when using a product. 

You must be wondering now, what exactly is a lifestyle image on Alibaba?

A  lifestyle image, also known as the hero image, is that one image that will occupy most of your screen space on the online storefront. A lifestyle image essentially is the first glimpse of your offered product. A lifestyle image will have an actual human being using your product in order to let the potential buyer understand what it is going to look like when they purchase the product and use it for themselves. The buyers can ‘imagine’ themselves using your product after looking at it in the lifestyle image. Having said that, it only is imperative that your lifestyle image is second to none.

Generate the most convincing and accurate lifestyle images that sell your products on Alibaba with Glorify’s templates!

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2Explore hundreds of pre-designed Amazon call-out image templates and pick what suits your business the best – or even start from scratch

3Upload your own product pictures in the Alibaba lifestyle image template

4Play with the design, change the colors, experiment with the backgrounds, add texts, tweak fonts- take your time, until you have the design you envisioned

5Save and start selling!

Hundreds and thousands of businesses have their Alibaba stores set up. For you, your brand, and your business to stand out, you sure need to put in the best that you have, but at the same time, some shortcuts hurt no one. Especially when the shortcut is the professionally designed, perfectly fitting templates of Glorify!

Why Should You Use Glorify’s Templates To Design Alibaba Lifestyle Images?

Using Glorify templates for your Alibaba LifetsyleImages saves you the hassle of curating images that are perfectly sized and in a design that is remarkable to look at. 

Size and dimensions play an equally great role in creating phenomenal images, because, let us say you are a seller of headphones. Now imagine this: your lifestyle image is too big and not proportionate to the recommended sizing. Most of the elements of the overall image will be cropped automatically. On the other hand, if your image is too small, your model in the lifestyle image will probably have their face and body stretched out, defying the purpose of a lifestyle image.

Do not compromise on the quality of your visuals; make the most perfectly-fitted and symmetrical product images with predesigned templates specifically for e-commerce businesses with Glorify!

Can a buyer get scammed on Alibaba?+

Alibaba is as safe or unsafe as any other e-commerce marketplace. Just like it is possible for a user to get scammed on Amazon or eBay, so it is on Alibaba. It is not the platform that is scammy, it is always the sellers. The point is to know which buyers or sellers are genuine by reading up reviews before you buy into a product.

Does Glorify offer free Alibaba Lifestyle image templates?+

Though we are not able to offer a “free template,” forever, we offer a huge collection of free templates available for your trial period. At the end of the trial period, you would be asked to pick from a plan of your preference – Glorify Pro or Glorify Business and everything is free thereon!

Why has Alibaba’s stock been down in 2020?+

The stocks of Alibaba have significantly hit the bottom line and this is much to do with the emerging tension between the US and China. The stocks were traded at a much lower rate in the month of September after President Trump went vocal about his thoughts around imposing export restrictions on Chinese chipmaker SMIC.

What is the ideal size of Alibaba Lifestyle image?+

The ideal size of a lifestyle image on Alibaba is 2000×2000. Glorify offers perfectly sized templates in the recommended sizes for you to get there and start designing in minutes!

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