Glorify Templates: AliExpress Call-Out Image

If you are a seller online, you would already know the importance of strong visuals and how they can help you maximize your sales. Having said that, by default, if you have strong visuals in place, you already have won a big part of the online selling game.

A callout image, when selling on AliExpress or any other platform online,  as the name may already suggest, is the image that “calls out” to a person. This image essentially wants a potential customer to check your product instead of just scrolling past it. Most online sellers spend so much time perfecting others (though important) aspects of online selling, that they tend to feel exhausted when it is about time to pay attention to the whole game of designing.

We, at Glorify, focused and dedicated to helping e-commerce business owners make the most of their online selling venture, are here to help! With Glorify’s pre-designed, perfectly-sized templates, we help you create the most iconic AliEXpress free call-out image in under minutes!

Generate the most remarkable, phenomenal AliExpress free call-out image with Glorify!

1Create an account on or log in to your existing account

2Click on “Browse” and explore hundreds of pre-designed AliExpress call-out image templates

3Pick what template suits your business the best under “AliExpress Call-Out image” – or even start from scratch

4Upload your own product pictures in the image template

5Play with the design, change the colors, add texts, customize the background, experiment with the fonts, and fix the images

6Save your free call-out image and start selling on AliExpress right away!

What else does glorify have to offer?

With Glorify, apart from awesome designs and free call-out images for AliExpress, also comes a lot of convenience and flexibility with those designs. At Glorify we have made the entire designing process as simple as ‘drag and drop.’ You choose a template, you drag and drop images/ text/icons, and it is ready to be shown-off!

  •  Your one-stop eCommerce design solution

Be it is selling on AliEXpress or even Social Media sites like Facebook, we let you design it all in one place, as your one-stop solution. You don’t even need any prior design experience or skills. You just need an intent to make amazing designs that really matter and can have your product sold! Create posts, design cover photos, generate memes, devise advertisements and so much more – everything with Glorify!

  • Repurpose and Upcycle Designs

We understand your bias for that one design you created and cannot get enough of. Worry not, you don’t have to! Your art and designs are saved under “My Files” in your Glorify account- even your free call-out images in this case! Hence, you can always reuse and upcycle those designs with the relevant tweaks here and there as required. 

  • Get noticed!

E-commerce is a cut-throat world of business and your designs can really get you an identity. At Glorify, we help you claim that identity with template designs that are made to capture the viewer’s attention with their premium, high-class, professional standards. Never be mistaken for the crowd with Glorify!

What is an example of a call-out image?+

A legendary example of a call-out image would be Subway’s billboard advertisement. Subway once put up a billboard advertisement that had the word “SEX” written out in bold letters. SEX was then followed with another line, in a much smaller font that said, “Now that we have your attention, eat at Subway.” As you would have guessed already, it left everyone in giggles and definitely had every onlooker’s attention caught- fulfilling the purpose of a call-out image.

What is a call-out image?+

A call-out image, essentially, aims to gather a potential buyer’s attention in the noise of all other products that are hosted at a marketplace. It does so by using appealing visuals that “call-out” to potential buyers.

How to DIY AliExpress image designs?+

Glorify! Visit Glorify at and create the most remarkable images for your online selling needs in one place! At Glorify, we are a dedicated one-stop design solution platform for all your e-commerce design needs. We also offer a 14-day (no card required) trial period that helps you explore the endless possibilities of designs at Glorify!

What are the ideal dimensions of an AliExpress call-out image?+

The ideal size of an AliExpress call-out image is 2000×2000. Glorify offers perfectly sized templates for free call out images in the recommended sizes for you to get there and start designing in minutes!

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