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Ali Express, though it was launched much after Amazon and even after AliExpress, boomed in terms of its performance and revenues in no time. At one point of time, Ali Express even reported 3 times the profits than Amazon and eBay combined. Millions of people around the world have developed a sense of trust in AliExpress by virtue of their efforts to protect their consumers. AliExpress is definitely not just your regular online store, it is an expansive platform that unites millions of sellers and consumers at once.

Having said that, it is still no secret that Ali Express, like any other online platform, runs on the consumer traffic and consumer reliance- which, on any platform, is highly dependent on the visuals. Visuals, on the web, drive sales better than anything else. It is so because lifestyle images, on the web, are the only source for consumers to learn about the product as against traditional trade where one can touch, see, and feel the product. Since best lifestyle images are primarily your main shot to convert sales, you cannot only rely on product images. Lifestyle Images HD, in specific, are known to perform exceptionally well on AliExpress like all other platforms that allow hosting  lifestyle background images. This is because the very job of the lifestyle image HD is to show the consumer what they would look like when using a product.

What are lifestyle background images on AliExpress?

Lifestyle background images are essentially the image that appears once the user scrolls down a little on your product page. This image is that one image that will occupy most of your screen space on the online storefront. The core purpose of the lifestyle background images is to let the user ‘imagine’ what they will look like when they use the product on sale. The lifestyle images HD will have an actual human being using your product and hence, it helps the potential buyer visualize the product in use when they purchase it for themselves. By letting the buyers imagine’ themselves using your product, you indirectly compel the user or incite them to give your product a chance.  Having said that, it becomes necessary for you, as a seller, to ensure that the lifestyle images HD are exceptional, to say the least.

Generate the most convincing and accurate best lifestyle images that sell your products on AliExpress with Glorify’s templates!

1Create an account on Glorify or log in to your existing account

2Explore hundreds of pre-designed templates and pick what suits your business the best – or even start from scratch

3Upload your own product pictures in the AliExpress lifestyle background images template

4Play with the design, change the colors, experiment with the backgrounds, add texts, tweak fonts- take your time, until you have the design you envisioned

5Save and start selling!

For you, your brand, and your business to stand out, it is of prime importance that you do not let your products, store, and the visuals are lost in the noise of hundreds of other stores on AliExpress. Uniqueness is what sells a product -and with thoughtfully curated templates and designs on Glorify, we ensure just that!

How Does Glorify help design lifestyle background images for Ali Express?

Using Glorify templates for your AliExpress Lifestyle Images saves you the worry of creating an iconic image without spending too much money on a professional designer and their skills. 

Besides, you might already know, size and dimensions play a huge, important role in terms of visuals. The visuals are supposed to convince the users and if they look out of shape, they also make your product look unlike what it really is, defying the very purpose of the image being there in the first place. If your image is too big, the elements (perhaps the important ones too), will be cropped automatically. If it is too small, it will look too stretched.

With Glorify, however, there are no such disasters. Our designs and templates for your AliExpress lifestyle images HD are pre-shaped to perfectly fit the image space. Let’s Glorify your e-commerce business, shall we?

Does Ali Express sell fake products?+

Just like Amazon, eBay, or even Alibaba, Ali Express also has certain fake products or rip-offs.
Just like Amazon, eBay, or even Alibaba, Ali Express also has certain fake products or rip-offs.
Just like you can be scammed on other platforms, so is the possibility of being scammed on AliExpress. It is not usually the platform that is a scam or is fake, it is usually the sellers. Hence, always make it a point that you read up enough, identify a genuine seller, and only then buy a product on AliExpress or any other said platform.

Does Glorify offer a free AliExpress Lifestyle images template?+

Though we are not able to offer a “free template,” forever, we offer a huge collection of free templates available for your trial period. At the end of the trial period, you would be asked to pick from a plan of your preference – Glorify Pro or Glorify Business and everything is free thereon!

What is the difference between Alibaba and Ali Express?+

While Alibaba and Ali Express are both owned by the same parent company, the primary difference is that Alibaba is a B2B forum while Ali Express is B2C. You can buy single product pieces on AliExpress, unlike Alibaba which only sells in bulk or wholesale.

What is the ideal size of an AliExpress Lifestyle image?+

The ideal size of the lifestyle background image on AliExpress is 2000×2000. Glorify offers perfectly sized templates in the recommended sizes for you to get there and start designing in minutes!

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