Glorify Templates: Amazon A+ Content Large Banner (Previously, Amazon EBC Large Banner)

With the merger of Amazon’s EBC and Amazon’s A+ Content page into one unified system, vendors and sellers on Amazon now have equal opportunities of attracting traffic through visuals. However, equal opportunities also mean greater competition and the need to generate great, eye-catching designs for one’s Amazon product listings.

Amazon, themselves, as a brand, has claimed that sellers can see traffic increased by as great as 10% with effective A+ marketing content. The need for you to define the banner space on your A+ content page, hence, only becomes of paramount importance.

Define the space of your Amazon A+ content page with persuasive banner images made on Glorify! A banner image, essentially, is a huge image that will undeniably catch the viewer’s attention. It is ideal for you as a seller to put up such an image of your product that it works like a CTA, not letting any user go back without checking out your product at least once. An A+ content banner, though necessary, is definitely not easy. There are a lot of elements that go behind a banner and great visuals are obviously the primary key. 

Generate the most iconic A+ Content Large Banner with Glorify!

Users, initially, when e-commerce was newly introduced, were not very convinced with the idea of buying things on a website without having to touch or feel it. Eventually, as technology advanced, the online platforms offered more and more features that could convince users to shop online. The result? Most of us would now first check a product on Amazon, or a least online, before considering buying it anywhere else.

One of the most convincing factors that convince a sale is obviously what it looks like. For you, as an Amazon seller, it hence becomes your prime responsibility to show your customers in the truest of its essence. For the Amazon A+ Content page, we recommend to always choose a banner image that is not only compelling and the most attractive; but also real as it can be. With Glorify’s templates, you can always also add your own product images to the templates to make the most of your design needs.

Glorify offers you hundreds of templates that are so easy to use and generate the most awesome looking square images for Amazon’s A+ Content Large Banner-

1Log in to your Glorify account; or create one if you haven’t already!

2Browse through our huge collection of layouts and designs under “Amazon EBC Large Banner”

3Pick out a relevant design/ template – or you could actually even just start from scratch!

4Upload your product photos in our perfectly sized template

5Customize the template, play with backgrounds, add filters or edit text

6Save and start selling!

At Glorify, you have the freedom to explore through the huge range and options of professionally-created and phenomenal-looking templates. Once you have already generated a template, you can save it in your files and access them anytime, anywhere, at your fingertips! Just log in to your account and your designs are always there, ready for customization to go on other platforms! 

Bonus Content: Now that we already are talking about the Amazon A+ Content page, let’s also have a look at some more tips around it.

  • Amazon A+ Content Page Indexing: While product descriptions on Amazon are indexed, the A+ page content is not indexed on Amazon. The content, however, is indexed on Google. This means well-optimized products could still appear on search engines, if not on Amazon.
  • It is the best and most recommended to avoid using special symbols like the trademark sign of the copyright sign in your Amazon A+ content page.
  • Always ensure that you proofread all your copies. Typos will not only be a bad impression of your image on the users but also risks you and your application rejection. Also, even if you do happen to make a mistake and are still approved, Amazon allows you to edit – but, well within 2 business days after the page goes live.
  • It is highly recommended to use an appealing banner for your Amazon A+ content page to drive maximum traffic and convert maximum numbers.
  • It is also advisable to use comparison cheats as this gives the buyer a clear reason and prompt to buy into your product. The advantages are right there for them to see in black and white!
  • Each vendor/seller on Amazon is capped at a maximum of 5 pages and the content submitted needs to be unique, relevant. However, an exception is permitted for lifestyle images.
  • A vendor/seller is not allowed to mention the name of their competitors in any manner whatsoever. By doing so, you actually violate the terms and Amazon then had the full right to take your page down.

What is the ideal size of a banner on the Amazon A+ Content page?+

The ideal size of a banner on the Amazon A+ content page is 970×600. Glorify offers perfectly sized templates in the recommended sizes for you to get there and start designing in minutes!

What is a plus listing on Amazon?+

Amazon A+ listing is the one that has Amazon A+ content. The Amazon A+ listing refers to that listing that has enhanced images and videos in order to tell a brand ‘story’ through visuals. Amazon A+ sellers generate more traffic and sales than the listing that doesn’t create an A+ page.

What is Amazon’s algorithm?+

Amazon’s algorithm, in its essence, is rather similar to google’s algorithm. When you enter something to search on Amazon, it analyses your query for the keywords and then tries to match it with relevant products. Their systems and programs constantly update to identify relevant keywords and product matches.

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