Glorify Templates: Amazon A+ Square Image (Previously, Amazon EBC Square Image)

Amazon, the go-to platform for all online business owners, can actually become a rather tricky platform for one to be able to stand out at. It is so primarily because there are just SO MANY sellers and vendors at Amazon; and secondly, there’s only so much one can or one is permitted to do with their product listings. Product listings on Amazon do not really offer much to the sellers in terms of enabling them to identifiably voice their brand.

However, for the relief,  Amazon also understands this and hence, has certain tools that give registered sellers a medium to show themselves off. The tool in question here is the much celebrated Amazon A+ Content. Amazon A+ Content was earlier available as a separate feature with Enhanced Brand Content or Amazon EBC. (More about this merger and the how’s, why’s later in the document)

Amazon A+ Content is widely and exhaustively used by brands to boost their conversions and offer an overall pleasant brand experience to their buyers on amazon. Consider Amazon A+ Content like a level-up for you and your brand, products on Amazon.

What is Amazon A+ Content?

The A+ Content tool by Amazon allows the sellers to edit out the product description of branded ASINs, letting the brand owners describe their products in exciting, enhanced manners. The sellers and vendors are enabled to place their text and images in compelling manners that, if effectively practiced, can help generate some massive sales.

Earlier, Amazon EBC and  Amazon A+ pages were well differentiated. However, in July 2019, Amazon decided to merge EBC with A+, creating one unified dashboard for the sellers. A+ content, with this move, also became free for third party vendors and sellers unlike before.

What is the difference between Amazon EBC and Amazon A+ Content?

The terms “Amazon EBC” and “Amazon A+ content” are often used interchangeably and as synonyms for each other. This is primarily because not many are aware of this merger between A+ and EBC spoken of earlier. Prior to the merger and the creation of one unified system, A+ Content was available only to vendors while EBC was offered only to marketplace sellers.

A+ content module, until 2019 July, was a feature that could be bought by vendors. They were offered a range of features that helped them have their listing stand out. However, albeit beneficial, this feature was also expensive, with its pricing varies/depending on the vendor’s negotiated terms, and their product category. The EBC, on the other hand, was this basic feature that only let the sellers add extra information about their products and some images. Amazon EBC was for free, but again, not very impactful.

Amazon EBC and A+ were then merged into one system called “A+ Content Manager”  which gave the sellers and the vendors equal, fair privileges. Both sellers and vendors can now use the same set of tools for free. The total number of modules was also increased to 15 (from the earlier 12) with this merger.

What images should an Amazon A+ Content page have?

Amazon A+ Content page is not only about images. There are a total of 15 modules, however, most of them are very similar. Ideally, to build an iconic Amazon A+ content page, you should have-

  • Multiple images of the product: Single image small product shots, full-width images, multiple small images, close up shots, as well as lifestyle shots amongst others)
  • Brief description of the products
  • A section called “what’s in the box” that describes everything a buyer should expect when they open the box
  • Comprehensive, well-articulated, and concise product features, specifications, benefits, and other relevant details
  • 360° product views, comparison charts, and videos of the product for upselling of items under the product family umbrella

Why should you use Glorify for your Amazon A+ Content template needs?

As you would have already understood, the Amazon A+ page has a lot to do with images and visuals. It is all about what one sees when it comes to selling/buying online. And Glorify, with the specialization in e-commerce centric and specific image templates makes this so much easier for you!

Glorify offers you hundreds of templates that are so easy to use and generate the most awesome looking square images for Amazon’s A+ Content page-

1Create an account on Glorify or log in to your existing account

2Explore hundreds of pre-designed, perfectly-sized templates for Amazon EBC

3Pick what suits your business the best – or even start from scratch

4Upload your own product pictures in the template

5Play with the design, change the colors, add texts, and fix the images

6Save and start selling on Amazon right away!

What is Amazon’s A++ Content?+

Amazon, actually, does not stop at Amazon A+. There exists another premium enhanced content program called “A++ Content” or “A+ Premium Content.” The Amazon A++ content tool is used only by some seriously big players in the industry as this tool is really expensive to use. Amazon A++ has additional 16 modules amongst other selling tools as compared to Amazon A+ Content. A+ Premium Content besides, works on an invite-only system.

Is Amazon EBC different from Amazon A+ Content?+

Yes, it is. Besides, Amazon EBC is not only different from Amazon A+ content, but also is obsolete. Amazon, in July 2019, scrapped Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and replaced it with a unified system called A+ Content.

What is the ideal length for Amazon product videos?+

The ideal length for an Amazon product video is recommended to be less than a minute. You can add videos of longer lengths, however, the impact of such videos will not be as much as that of short videos.

How much does it cost to create A+ Content for a listing on Amazon?+

Amazon does not charge any money to brands listed under Amazon’s Brand Registry program for creating the standard A+ content. However, A++ content spoken of earlier is a premium content format that is chargeable and is an invite-only feature.

What is the ideal size of Amazon A+ Square Image?+

The ideal size of a square image on Amazon A+ Content page is 300x 300. Glorify offers perfectly sized templates in thi recommended size for you to get there and start designing in minutes!

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