Set yourself apart from your competitors by highlighting your product’s USPs using Glorify’s Annotation Tool. Simply choose an annotation style, point to your USP and add text.

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Point out the best in your product

With Glorify’s annotations, highlighting the unique features of your product becomes easy.

The annotation tool comes with custom pointer heads combined with the ability to control line width, and line size.

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Whiteboard and brainstorm on the go

Still in the brainstorming phase of your business? Use annotations to ideate, brainstorm, create flowcharts and diagrams.

Connect and create on the go by using annotations to connect your entire strategy.

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Set yourself apart

Show your customers exactly why your product is better than your competitors.

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Bring to light other important features and functionalities of your product


The annotation tool proves to be a handy tool to keep brainstorming sessions organised.

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300K+ Users trust Glorify

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