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You are a writer, and not a designer. But, does that matter while designing an amazing book cover? Not when GlorifyApp is here! With GlorifyApp, you create an elegant book cover without any designing experience.

Why Create a Book Cover?

These days, people judge a book by its cover. Hence, as a writer, you must not limit yourself to writing a book. To ensure that your book sells, you must also design an attractive, and engaging book cover. A book covers intrigues readers into your book. Designing a book cover with relevant color combinations, graphics, text, and attractive fonts, generates curiosity in the minds of the readers, and inspires them to read it.

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With thousands of iconic stock images for book covers, book cover design templates, and book cover design ideas, you create the best book cover design for your book in minutes! GlorifyApp compiles creative book cover designs for various book genres, including mystery, science and technology, biographies, autobiographies, collection of poems, fiction, non-fiction, comics, and many others.

So, as a writer, even if you aren’t as tech-savvy, you don’t have to worry, or hire an expensive graphic designer to create a book cover. GlorifyApp helps you design an attractive front cover for your book in almost no time. All you’ve got to do is follow the below process, and you will already be on your way to making your book a success.

Make your Own Creative Book Cover Design in 5 Incredibly Easy Steps!

1Sign up with GlorifyApp and go to Book Design Cover

2 Select from our extensive library book cover design drawings, and professionally designed layouts.

3Upload your own photo, or browse through to select from millions of creative book cover stock images.

4Customize the image by choosing a range of fonts, colors, designs, etc.

5Save the design, and share it.

Don’t Hire a Costly Graphic Designer. Create a Beautiful Book Cover for Free with GlorifyApp!

Busy with your passion of writing! We understand that. Hence, we wouldn’t want you to spend hours designing a book cover, or hire a graphic designers who will charge you by the hour. To design a book cover, you need GlorifyApp, and not a designer. Our range of professionally designed layouts, and creative book design cover samples help you create a cover that speaks for your book’s persona, charm, and your authority as a writer.

Get Free as well as Premium Stock Images to give your Book the Front Cover it Deserves!

Besides millions of free stock images, we offer a range of premium images, designs, templates, etc. at a competitive price to ensure you get the best book cover designs, and give your book an amazing front cover.


1. What are some of the essential elements of an engaging book cover?+

An excellent book cover must have the title and subtitle of the book, the author’s name, intriguing background image, and graphics, attractive colors, and also some review excerpts from renowned reviewers to ensure your readers get an idea about your book’s credibility.

2. Is it necessary for me to have professional designing experience to design a front cover for my book?+

No. GlorifyApp is user-friendly, and developed in a way to help you create a design cover in as fewer clicks as possible. In fact, you can create a great book cover design in minutes.

3. Which font should I use for my book cover?+

When it comes to font, or for that matter any other creative aspect of the front cover, the one size fits for all approach doesn’t work. An essential aspect of a font is its readability, aligned with all the other aspects of the book cover such as colors, design, lay out, background and foreground images, and of course, the topic. For serious topics, you may choose a formal font. For lighter ones, an informal, yet readable font may work well.

4. How to create a fantastic book cover for free?+

GlorifyApp helps you create an attractive book cover for free. The site offers you a range of free stock images, and professionally designed layouts to ensure you give your book the best possible front cover. You may also use premium images, and designs at competitive prices.

5. Do I need a book cover design software to create an engaging and professional-looking book cover?+

No. You don’t have to buy or book cover design software. GlorifyApp has extensive built-in capabilities to ensure you get the book cover you’ve always imagined for your book.

6. Can I customize a book cover based on the book’s needs?+

Yes. GlorifyApp enables you to personalize your book cover depending on your topics, and the way you want to ensure you create a book cover that completely aligns with the topic of your book, and reflects your creativity.

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