Glorify Templates: Click Funnels Call-Out Image

Click Funnels is an e-commerce site for sellers to showcase their products. Whenever doing an online business one needs to make sure that their visuals and graphics are top-notch and high-quality, cause images would be the only source through which you can attract more customers for your Click Funnel store. A picture which is perfectly-sized and designed aesthetically can drive in more audience than a shabby looking blurred picture. You need to make sure that your pictures have to be professional-looking and nicely designed so that you can sell your products and get discovered on the platform amidst dozens of other sellers.

This is just not constrained to Click Funnel but other online platforms too. One of the important images which every e-commerce site has is Call-out Images.

A call-out image is used by sellers to drive-in prospective buyers for their brand. This is the reason its called ‘call-out’ as the sellers are calling-out for potential customers. It’s a key aspect to turn your clicks on the website into confirmed sales. That’s why it is very important to have clickable images to incite your viewers into buying the specific product.

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6Save and start selling on Click Funnels right away!

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What is meant by a call-out image?+

The objective of a call-out image is to draw the interest of the potential customers to a variety of other items that they would otherwise be attracted to. It does so by using enticing graphics that “call-out” to prospective customers.

How to DIY Click Funnels image templates?+

Glorify it! Visit Glorify at and build the latest attractive photos for your online sales demands in one spot! Consider Glorify your one-stop desired design site for all of your e-commerce design requirements. We also give a 14-day trial period (no card required) to help you experience the limitless potential of Glorify designs!

What are the accurate dimensions of a Click Funnels call-out image?+

The perfect size of a Click Funnels call-out image is 2000×2000. Glorify provides correctly sized templates in the suggested sizes for you to get there and start designing in a couple of minutes!

What to do if someone doesn’t like Click Funnel? +

If Click Funnels doesn’t fit you, don’t stress, all you have to do is:
Log on to your account
Tap on the settings for your account
And then click the ‘Cancel My Account’ choice.
It’s just that quick!

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