Generate an HD Panorama Image for your Click Funnels Store under minutes with Glorify!

One may worry for days regarding how they can create their e-commerce site more impressive. Glorify has got the best and simplest answer for you. A style of photo that will make your business even better than what it looks like right now. A great image to gain customers and expand your scope. What are we talking about here? A panorama picture! 

You can create some excellent panoramic images with Glorify for your Click Funnels Store and draw more customers than ever before! It takes a lot of effort and time behind the creation of an ideal image in all aspects such as right in scale, consistency, and appearance. 

Glorify significantly reduces your expenses so that you don’t have to waste a fortune on a designer, and it helps you to construct your Click Funnels HD panorama pictures right away! 

With Glorify’s templates, you can always incorporate your own product photos into the templates to make the best version of your design.

Follow this 5-step guideline to easily create a stunning Panorama Image for your Click Funnel Store with Glorify!

1Open Glorify, browse through the collection of layouts and designs

2Pick out the design that you like

3Upload your photo or pick a relevant sample image from our library

4Customize the image, add filters or edit text

5Save and start selling!

Panoramic images are going to fit very effectively and the items are sold mainly because they are big! You’ve got so much space to communicate about your products; it’s like an opening for every Click Funnel vendor. If you’re a dealer selling various pieces, the panorama works wonders! Suppose, for example, that you are a designer fabric seller. On one side, you can display the best of your fabrics with a panoramic photo to give a view of the amazing product for your potential buyers-all at one position in a single image! 

Make your Click Funnels store attractive with Glorify!

Summarizing Thoughts — 

Panoramic photographs provide an engaging and stunning effect that traditional photography can not equal. There are helpful tools for creating and showcasing these images, but it’s hard and time-consuming to manage and post them yourself. Have your potential customers want to click on your products by having a significant aesthetic appeal through successful panoramic images with Glorify’s professional, perfectly-sized panoramic image templates.

How significant is a panoramic picture overlapping on other space?+

Overlapping is one of the key areas of panoramic image creation. Just a slip with inadequate overlap would kill one of the strongest wide-angle shots.

Why is panorama photography significant? +

Photographers also prefer to improve clarity and size, to capture a broader view, or to offer a distinctive look that is hard to achieve with regular photography equipment when it refers to photographic architecture, landscapes, and even individuals. This is where panoramic photography comes in – an outstanding tool that can be used to accomplish these targets.

What’s the panorama aspect ratio? +

Some panoramic images have an aspect ratio of 4:1 and also 10:1, which includes viewing areas up to 360 degrees. In evaluating the panoramic picture, the aspect ratio and the field size are significant factors.

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