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Create a Vibrant Album Cover for Your Music Album With Glorify!

Want to design a delightful, vibrant, and lovely album cover for your albums, music tracks, and podcasts? Use GlorifyApp, as we give you an extensive range of incredible album covers. And guess what, you can create an album cover in just a few seconds!

So Many Professional Album Covers to Choose!

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but the fact is, a lot of people do it! Yes, an album cover is critical to the success of your creation, as its content is. An eye-catching and fantastic album cover that aligns with the content and generates curiosity among the viewers contributes to the album’s success.

At GlorifyApp, we understand this, and hence we bring you an extensive range of attractive album covers. Our album cover layouts are designed by professional cover designers, and our developers have further delivered their best to help you create an album cover is as fewer clicks as possible. What’s even more exciting is that with GlorifyApp, you can also customize your images, colors, and fonts, and personalize it with your artistic charm.

Creating an album with GlorifyApp is easy! In fact, very easy!

1Login into GlorifyApp and go to Album Cover.

2Scroll through the several professional album covers and layouts

3Upload your own photo, or select the one you like from several thousands of stock images

4Set your picture, and customize it in the way you want through GlorifyApp’s customization feature.

5Save your image, and flaunt it!

Customize the Cover for your Music Album with GlorifyApp’s Premium Images

We know how hard you’ve worked on the mesmerizing tune you’ve developed. The tune certainly deserves an amazing album cover, with a lovely, engaging, and encouraging design. Login into GlorifyApp, and get access to millions of premium images, illustrations, and graphics at a competitive cost. The designs are worth the investment, and when it comes to promoting your tune, you must not give buying the best one a second thought.

Get More Time to Focus on your Creativity!

You are an artist, and while you stay busy working on your creations, you don’t have time to sit and spend hours creating an album cover. However, you need to spare some time to do it, every time you promote your creation. Not anymore, though. With GlorifyApp, you can create an original album cover, and that too in a matter of a few minutes. Yes, so no more spending time creating album cover designs. GlorifyApp makes it easy for you, and you get more time to focus on your core creativity.

Give Your Followers a Pleasant Visual Treat Every Time you Create Something

GlorifyApp gives you a share button that enables you to share your album cover directly on your social media page. So, give your social media followers a visual delight by sharing a vibrant album cover.

1. What is an album cover, and what all elements should an album cover include on it?+

Your album cover represents your music creation to a considerable extent. So, it must have all the necessary elements that give your listeners an idea of what they are about to listen to and also intrigue them into it. Some of the essential things that you must have on your music album cover include unique logo design, your name, an attractive and elegant image, the album’s title, and tracklisting on the backside. You can also add the label name and the catalog number on the album spine.

2. How to create an amazing album art?+

Creating an amazing album art isn’t a challenge. To create engaging album art, you must use colors, imagery, and fonts that showcase your creativity and also improve your brand value. To do so, use a readable font and keep design elements minimal, yet unique. Ensure that the colors you choose to go with the theme, and are attractive enough for your audience.

3. Will premium images cost me?+

Yes, GlorifyApp has a range of free images and graphics. However, if you need premium images, you will have to buy them – at a competitive price, though.

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