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Your social media page talks to lengths about the brand’s charm. So, design a professional and engaging banner for your social media page in a few clicks and a matter of seconds!

Employing a graphic designer to design an attractive and professional-looking customized banner for your social media page can prove expensive, and moreover, time-consuming. So, why depend on graphic designers when you’ve got GlorifyApp – your professional banner maker! With GlorifyApp, you create an amazing banner in no time for you YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

We provide a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to customize several hundreds and thousands of free banner templates to give your brand the virtual identity it deserves. Besides, GlorifyApp also enables you to choose the colors, font, layout, and images of your choice to ensure you create a banner that matches your brand personality and make your social media page visually appealing.

How to Create an Online Banner with GlorifyApp?

1Select from thousands of fascinating and professional templates, or create your own design.

2Choose from a range of fonts, colors, illustrations, and images to customize your design. GlorifyApp allows you to upload your own logo for a truly personalized impact.

3Download the design, and upload it to your social media page.

Take Banner Personalization to a New Level with GlorifyApp!

Your brand has unique features such as taglines, images, color combinations, etc. that match your brand’s personality and give it the identity you’ve worked hard for. At GlorifyApp, we understand this. We help you upload your images, and logos, and put it up on your banner through our drag-and-drop feature.

With GlorifyApp, you don’t have to Remember Social Media Cover Photo Dimensions

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram, each of these social media platforms has its own rules relating to cover photo dimensions. As someone using them to promote your brand, you’ve got to remember these dimensions while creating a banner. But, when with GlorifyApp, you don’t have to worry about the dimensions or remember them. GlorifyApp offers banner designs compliant with the dimensions of all these social media platforms. So, while you focus on the design and creative aspect, we take care of the dimensions.

Why Choose GlorifyApp?

GlorifyApp gives you five reasons to choose GlorifyApp to design fantastic and fascinating banners for your social media page.

1. Don’t have time to design banners, and tight on the budget? Choose GlorifyApp and create an excellent banner design for your brand in a few seconds, and without having to spend a lot.

2. Access thousands of professionally designed banner templates.

3. Use millions of high resolution and royalty-free stock images.

4. Use advanced features otherwise only used by professional graphic designers.

5. Give your banner a professional look and feel.

1. What are the characteristics of an excellent banner?+

A good banner is a blend of the following elements.
Attractive colors and color combinations
An encouraging tagline and subtext.
An appealing and intriguing image
A memorable logo.
An inspiring call to action
Ensure that you don’t clutter your banner with too many elements, graphics, images, etc. Elegance is the key to design a fantastic banner. So, make sure that you apply your natural creativity and grace to the banner.

2. Which is the most appropriate file format for web banners?+

The file format depends on the design. If your banner does not comprise illustrations with an image, you can use a PNG format. In case there are photos, you may use a JPEG. On the other hand, if you’ve got animations, choosing a GIF proves a better choice.

3. Should I have any prior designing experience to design an engaging banner?+

No. With GlorifyApp, you neither have to be a graphic designer, nor have to be a technical genius. GlorifyApp is an easy to use portal that helps you design your banner in a few seconds.

4. Can I use my logo or image in the banner I make through GlorifyApp?+

Yes. One of the most significant benefits of GlorifyApp is that you can personalize your banner the way you want. So, you can use your images, colors, fonts, logo in the banner you design.

5. How quickly can I make a banner through GlorifyApp?+

In seconds! Yes, sign in, choose, save, and upload. It is easy and quick with GlorifyApp. No efforts or technical expertise required!