Create Images that sell for Your Shopify Business 

Shopify, essentially, is a subscription service. You, as a seller, subscribe to the software service, create a website, and use their shopping cart solution to sell, ship, and manage your products.

By using Shopify, you also get access to easy to use admin panel where you can add products, process orders, and enter store data. While a lot of articles have been written that debate and compare Shopify vs Amazon, Shopify always has won.

Amazon undoubtedly is the go-to for countries that do not have access to Shopify. However, Shopify stands a greater chance for serious e-commerce business owners because although Amazon’s Individual plan is suitable for small-scale sellers, Shopify, overall, offers better value for money.

It has been proven to be cheaper than Amazon’s Professional plan and is also more scalable and transparent with its pricing than Amazon.

Besides, Shopify also recently entered the third-party fulfillment space just like Amazon and hence, is now directly competing with Amazon.

This is in contrast to the traditional Shopify services. Traditionally, Shopify was limited to and focused on helping entrepreneurs build their online stores with tools that allowed retailers to create customized e-commerce websites.

Have your Shopify store stand out with Glorify’s professionally curated templates!

If you are also an e-commerce business owner, you would not want to be held back in the race and you might be looking forward to using Shopify for your business needs.

Now setting up your Shopify store could take some effort and could get a little tricky. As for the looks of your Shopify store, Shopify has its own official theme store.

All themes come with a comprehensive list of modifications without having to touch a line of code. The premium themes, however, come with more modifications. 

The theme is hence sorted, but what about your Shopify Product Promo Image, Shopify HD Banner, Shopify HD Panorama, Shopify Lifestyle Image, Shopify Comparison Image, and Shopify Call-Out Image? LetGlorify care of all of that for you!

With Glorify, you only need one account and one single subscription that will give you access to thousands of themes and templates for not just your needs on selling at Shopify, but also, anywhere else on the internet too!

Looks really do matter in the world of selling virtually and hence, you need to be on the top of your design game. Glorify saves you the need of hiring a designer and we do not even want you to be a pro at design.

Just pick from our predesigned, perfectly sized templates, play with the background, text, fonts, colors, add your own images, and customize to the maximum of your will.

And voila! There you are with your perfect-looking templates that will get your business up and running in no time. Hassle-free, quick, easy, fully customizable designs under minutes!

Why Should you, as an e-commerce business owner, subscribe to Glorify?

If you are an e-commerce business owner, you definitely would not be selling in just one place. You could be selling on other e-commerce websites and even on Social Media.

Now finding images that best-fit and also look, consistent across all platforms could become a little too much for you. At Glorify, we have tons and tons of templates not only for your Shopify store but also to help you with all your design needs on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Amazon amongst more.

Glorify is your one-stop solution for all e-commerce design needs. With our focus only on e-commerce, we are dedicated to making the most of your business on the web!

While most of the templates and images remain free, you could also choose to subscribe to a pro or a business plan on a monthly/yearly and never having to worry about being restricted with choices ever again!

Make the best of your Shopify store with Glorify’s templates especially curated for Shopify. Get designing now!