DOOH Advertising: DIY ads for digital out-of-home media networks with Glorify!

Want your brand to stand out by sending a powerful message for the audience to perceive? Look no further, digital OOH advertising has to be a part of your plan! Glorify helps you make the most eye-catching and visually appealing digital media that does not only gather attention but also drives conversions!

DOOH/ Digital out-of-home advertising made easy!

As a brand operating in current times, you probably already know the power of ad creatives and may even have tons of them live already. Glorify brings to you a more simplified and hassle-free way to manage all your digital out-of-home media or DOOH ad creatives! Our tools help you rationalize your creative process, making operations so much more efficient and rewarding. 

What is DOOH?

All this buzz around DOOH, but what does it mean really? Digital out-of-home media, or DOOH, in very simple terms, is all about digital outdoor advertising. All ad creatives that you see in public spaces in the form of a billboard or a digital signboard fall under DOOH. The most common example of DOOH is the ads you see in the subways or at airports and malls.  

Revolutionalize your DOOH ads! Let not same old advertising take away your glory

Digital out-of-home media is a kind of media that cannot be blocked out or ‘skipped’ as on YouTube or social media ads and hence, there’s no reason why you should not make the most out of the opportunity.

Lack prior design knowledge and all the professional know-how? Glorify to the rescue! Navigate through the noise of ad clutter and incorporate DOOH ad creatives into your multi-channel campaign mix with Glorify’s advertising and digital product templates.

Here’s how you can make your own DOOH media ad in under minutes with Glorify!

  • Choose a Template

Glorify offers a plethora of options to explore and choose from. Pick from our designs to get started and then customize as you deem fit!

  • Elements & Illustrations

Use various design elements, buttons, shapes, and icons to create attractive book covers that lend your book that extra aesthetic edge.

  • Colors and text

Colors play a major role in setting a visual backdrop and evoking emotions. Pick colors that reflect the vision behind your DOOH ad. Add chic typography and stylize for best results!

  • Download Your Covers

With Glorify, you can sit back and relax! Saving, exporting, downloading, and printing is very easy. Get your designs ready for print and watch the magic happen.

Why should you use DOOH ad creatives?

Still not quite convinced? There are tons of reasons to use DOOH ad creatives and even more so when you do it with Glorify’s professionally curated templates! When you create a DOOH ad creative with Glorify, you take the control of the process into your hands. This not only grants much more flexibility but also the power of customizing one ad to have it fit into the desired context for your targeted audience’s behavior.


Digital out-of-home media advertising systems, when incorporated with data sources such as mobile carrier data, and online consumers’ purchase records or behavior can provide insights more precious than gold. Such an understanding empowers brands to hyper-target even the most micro-specific segments on the go.

Higher relevance

Dynamic ad content like that of DOOH ads can be created and marketed in real-time while factoring in conditions like weather, sports scores, events, or traffic. This aspect of DOOH ad creatives helps show relevant ads to customers, at relevant times and in relevant spaces driving higher conversions as a result. 


Unlike the good ol’ days, perhaps much to marketer’s delight, outdoor digital advertising can be connected to physical spaces via technology, which helps measure the penetration of creative insights on foot traffic, in-store purchases, and even app downloads.

Why should you use Glorify for your DOOH and creative needs?

Glorify your DOOH ad creatives with Glorify’s top-notch tools, templates, and hassle-free interface.

Delightful templates

With our intuitive, easy-to-use drag and drop tool, we help you create the most appealing visuals that not only drive engagement but also give great revenue numbers. Just pick out from our professional curated templates and let the games begin!

Unlimited customizations

Our hundred percent customizable templates allow unlimited editing and re-editing to let you create the outdoor digital ad your campaign deserves. Customize the colors, images, add CTAs and even upload your own custom fonts or logo- we understand creativity cannot be tapped. 

Create like a pro without having to learn the pro-know-hows of design!

The possibilities with Glorify are endless. Empower your team and your marketing campaign for digital out-of-home media advertising with Glorify today. Sounds interesting? Try us out today!

What is programmatic digital out of home?+

Programmatic digital out-of-home, also commonly referred to as programmatic DOOH or pDOOH can be defined as an automated system of buying, selling, and delivery of out-of-home advertising. In other words, it is the revenue-creating ads on digital billboards and digital signage.

Does out-of-home advertising work?+

As per an extensive study conducted by Commoot, “OOH is 328% more effective
at driving online activity when compared to television advertisements.” Having said that, while OOH inventory is physical, digital screen advertising is now becoming a crucial part of most advertising campaigns since it offers better optimization and opens up the possibilities of personalized messaging.

Are Glorify’s ad templates free to use?+

While we are unable to offer lifetime free templates, we do offer a 14-day unlimited trial with no credit card required at the time of sign up. Once we successfully impress you, our Pro Plan can be subscribed at $12.99 monthly or $155.88 annually and the Business Plan can be subscribed at $39.99 monthly or $455.88 annually. Do not forget to check out the rocking section for special discounts!