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A great book cover is one that contributes to generating and increasing sales, partly because of its visual appeal. Create stunning visuals for all your publications with Glorify. Your next amazing book cover is only a few clicks away with Glorify’s intuitive and easy-to-use book cover maker!

Don’t have a degree in design? With Glorify, that’s not an issue! All you have to do is follow a few simple steps, and with our book cover maker tool, you’ll be able to create a book cover that can turn your story into the next bestseller!

Glorify’s book cover maker tool for covers that matter!

The fact of the matter is, people, do judge books by their cover. The more visually aesthetic or mysterious the book covers, the greater the suspense behind it. If you want people going gaga over your books, a fitting book cover is a must!

To generate more sales, link the book cover with the content. While using our book cover maker, make sure to add relevant text, a short synopsis, the author’s photograph, and even some wonderful reviews by popular critiques. With Glorify you can design a stunning book cover within a few minutes, with no hassle whatsoever! 

With Glorify you can design a stunning book cover within a few minutes, with no hassle whatsoever! 

Make your own book cover: Our templates fit all genres!

Great writers know that inspiration and a nudge in the right direction can do wonders. Thankfully, Glorify’s online book cover maker offers a wide variety of book cover templates for all genres. No genre left behind! Find the template that suits your requirements, the genre of your content as well as your target audience. Personalize the book cover with your brilliant ideas. 

eBook covers that attract readers

Digitization has been revolutionary for the world as we know it. It’s no wonder that books have also been affected by this transformation. eBooks have become increasingly popular with readers. 

Now create eBook covers with Glorify’s eBook cover creator. Not only will our designs be distinctively visible from any digital shelf in the world, but you’ll also connect with your readership much better. 

It’s time to give your eBook sales the proper jumpstart with creative book covers from Glorify. Now you can design ads, add vectors, and design elements – all on the same tool!

Wondering how to make your own book cover? Here’s the quickest way to design a book cover in town!

1Choose a Template
Glorify offers a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a book cover template. Pick from our designs to get started and then customize as you deem fit.

2Elements & Illustrations
Use various design elements, buttons, shapes, and icons to create attractive book covers that lend your book that extra aesthetic edge.

3Colors and text
Colors play a major role in setting a visual backdrop and evoking emotions. Pick colors that reflect the vision behind the book. Add chic typography and stylize for best results!

4Download Your Covers
With Glorify, you can sit back and relax! Saving, exporting, downloading, and printing is very easy. Get your designs ready for print and watch the magic happen.

How to create the best book covers?

Glorify is a one-stop-shop for all your book cover design needs. Go crazy with our simplified creation process and improve productivity with our easy-to-use book cover maker. Pick from a horse of tools and features to create the book cover of your dreams.

If your goal is to create a high-impact book cover that truly adds value to your content, this is the place to be. 

Import .PSD

Now you can upload your own designs for book covers. Import or drag and drop .PSD files on Glorify and get set go!

Book Cover Templates

A team of expert designers came together to offer you only the most unique and professional book cover designs with Glorify. 


Working with a team? Use the Collaboration tool to share your progress and work with your teammates. Share editing access and keep a track of all the progress and feedback. 

The Generator

You can also promote your eBook or printed book on any forum or platform. Run multiple ads simultaneously that can be easily downloaded in sets from Glorify. 

Video Ads

A great book needs an equally brilliant presentation to support it. Glorify has your back! It allows you to create stunning video ads that boost your advertising goals. 

What entails a book cover?+

Essentially, a book cover usually includes the title of the book, a subtitle, and a tagline, if any. It also has the name of the author, a synopsis along relevant visuals. For more details, you can add some information about the author and positive reviews from reliable critiques. This will help create a positive first impression with potential readers. Don’t forget the book spine, because that’s the only element of the book visible from a bookshelf. A spine typically has the title and the author’s name. It may also contain more visuals.

What about fonts for the book cover?+

The font of your book should aesthetically match what you’re trying to convey. You can use three different fonts for the title, the subtitle, and for any other block of text on the front or back of the cover. Different fonts have different usage like Serif seems traditional, Helvetica seems professional, and so on. If your book has lots of imagery inside and you wish to go for something animated, you should pick bold, digital fonts. All your fonts must be legible to ensure the convenience of the reader.

How to upload our own photos on a book cover?+

With Glorify, you can upload your own photos into the application. You can either go to the MyUploads section or simply drag and drop the files. Once you’re done uploading, select and customize according to your need. Show your creativity and create a gorgeous book cover design!

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A good book cover manages to attract many readers. But to do so, the cover must offer valuable and helpful information. It should also be relevant and offer a glimpse into what the book is really about. But no spoilers!  

Use the right images and illustrations, so as to entice your readers into picking up the book. The better the book cover, the more curious people shall be. 

Glorify has optimized the process of designing a book cover, so much so that you can make one in a few minutes with our online book cover maker! Delve into the world of outstanding templates, attractive visuals, perfect illustrations, and helpful elements. Design your book cover today, and let it do the talking!

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