DIY Facebook Thumbnail: Creating A Phenomenal Facebook Thumbnail With Glorify Templates

In order to clear the air of any doubts and confusion, let us get to understand what really is a Facebook Thumbnail in the first place.

A Facebook thumbnail is the small display image on a Facebook video that, in one visual, can summarize what a viewer could expect from the video. It is the still image that appears under the play button before a video is started or played. Ideally, it is an image that is supposed to have a kickass appealing background image, some relevant text, and perhaps some symbols, depending on the nature of the video. All in all, this image is what attracts attention and can majorly increase/decrease the number of clicks on your Facebook video.

The first thing that a viewer is going to look at before they start playing or video or get interested in it is this thumbnail image. Chances are, if they get interested in the thumbnail image, they will most likely begin to watch the video. Hence, it is imperative and of paramount importance that the facebook thumbnail is compelling enough to stir the curiosity of a user so as to get them to watch your video.

With Glorify’s super easy-to-use tool, you can create this compelling facebook thumbnail under minutes. Here’s how-

Creating A Phenomenal Facebook thumbnail with Glorify in 5 Easy Steps-

1Launch and sign in to your account (or sign up for one, what are you waiting for?)

2Pick from hundreds of existing Facebook thumbnail templates

3Or, to get some creative juices flowing, open a Facebook thumbnail blank template to start from scratch.

4Customize your template by adding text, images, graphics, play with colors – experiment all you can

5Save and export to give your Facebook channel the art it deserves!

Brownie tips: Best practices for a Facebook Thumbnail 

1. Create a thumbnail that is relevant

It is true that a thumbnail works as a clickbait but this should not mean that you create a thumbnail that is irrelevant. It really is absolutely necessary for you to ensure that you make a thumbnail that really represents your video. Creating a random thumbnail for the sake of getting people to watch it will backfire you in many ways. 

It will destroy your credibility, will annoy your users and you will also never have those viewers ever watching your videos again. Hence, you should aim for a clickbait thumbnail, but also keep it relevant. For example, if your video is going to be about the recipe for a vegan homemade carrot cake, you could generate a thumbnail that has colorful carrots and a phrase like ‘DIY Vegan Carrot Cake.’ This would be a relevant thumbnail. However, if you put up a thumbnail image of perhaps a very delicious looking chocolate brownie, it will make no sense.

2. Don’t OVERDO the thumbnail

While it is important to have a well-done thumbnail try to not overdress it. In clearer words, you may create a thumbnail that has some text and symbols as suggested earlier, however, do not add too many emojis and too much text. 

3. Aim for a clearly visible thumbnail

As suggested by the name, a thumbnail is a rather small, compact, and cramped up image. You might be led to believe that it will be a huge image when you are generating it, however, when you really do upload it, it is going to be tiny and so, special attention should be paid to the clarity of the thumbnail image. 

This is also why less is more in a thumbnail image, in resonation with pint #2. Too much text and too many symbols or emojis could cramp up the thumbnail and that will defy the very purpose of the thumbnail. It is also a recommended practice to run a trial before you really add it to your final cut of the video.

4. Try incorporating images/still form the real video

Instead of using a random image (albeit relevant) to your video as a thumbnail image, you should try to pick an image that is actually from the video itself. Adding a compelling still form the video as a thumbnail image resonates very well with the basic purpose of ‘representation of the video’ even before watching the video.

How do I size a Facebook thumbnail image correctly?+

When working on a thumbnail, a major concern that exists is the correct sizing of the thumbnail. With Glorify, however, the predesigned templates and even the blank templates are perfectly sized at 1280 x 720 pixels which means you do not have to worry about the size (this one at least) anymore!

Can I add text and symbols to my Facebook thumbnail?+

You say could you, we say why not? Adding text is rather recommended, however, try following the mantra of less is more. Do not cramp up the thumbnail image too much as it defies the very purpose of being an image that a viewer is compelled to click on to watch the video. Click on the ‘Text’ icon in the left-hand side column and find add/edit/delete text in any font of your choice. You also get the option of spacing, changing font size and transparency, border thickness or even adding shadows amongst so much more with our integrated ‘Text’ tool.

Does Glorify offer a free Facebook thumbnail template?+

Though we are not able to offer “free templates,” forever, we offer a huge collection of free templates available for your trial period. At the end of the trial period, you would be asked to pick from a plan of your preference – Glorify Pro or Glorify Business and everything is free thereon!

Concluding Thoughts-

Glorify offers tools and features, so many in number, you will get tired of exploring but we won’t get tired of the offering. Free yourself the pressure of investing too much time into creating the perfect looking design for your Social Media accounts. From Facebook to Etsy, we take care of all your eCommerce designing needs at one website. Use our layouts and create posts that are fresh, innovative, noticeable, unique, and most of all – original.

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