DIY Swipeable Facebook Carousel Ads with Glorify!

Looking to impress your Facebook community and perhaps drive some sales? Your pictures in the form of Facebook carousel ads can do a lot for you! Create the most appealing and attention-grabbing Facebook carousel ads with Glorify!

Glorify’s ready-to-use swipeable Facebook carousel ads let you display your product in multiple angles and forms that not only impresses your potential market but actually convert them into paying customers! 

Glorify your Instagram and Facebook carousel ads with Glorify!

A sequential arrangement of your product pictures is any day more exciting than one static image. 

Advertising and advertising tools have evolved and so should you! Say goodbye to the old, boring single picture creatives and up your game by utilizing the power of Facebook carousel ads.

Sounds like a task? Glorify makes it easy for you! With our intuitive drag and drop tools, you can create Facebook carousel ads in under minutes, no prior design knowledge or design experience required!

Use our Facebook carousel ad templates and describe your products with powerful visuals. You can add up to 10 images or even short videos for one swipeable carousel Facebook carousel ad, each with its own link. You can even add call-to-action and provide insightful information to get yourself the business you deserve!

Social Media Carousel Ads

Choose from our huge collection of Social Media Carousel Ads

Get rid of old, boring, and repetitive ads. Break the monotony and take responsibility for your advertising campaigns with a range of ready-to-use ad templates to take inspiration from!

Our library is loaded with a vast collection of unique, fully customizable, and professionally designed Facebook carousel ad templates ready to use on any social media platform you like. 

Worried about getting the right size? 

One size does not fit all on social media and we quite get that. All our carousel ad templates are hence fully optimized to satisfy the sizing requirements of Facebook to save you the embarrassment of an ill-fitted, oddly sized Facebook carousel ad!

Why should you use Glorify to make Facebook carousel ads?

As a creative designing platform, Glorify knows no limits or boundaries to design. Our easy-to-use, user-friendly, intuitive design platform is loaded with features more than you can imagine to get you just the right design you envision!

Optimized Formats & Sizes

Your Facebook carousel ads made with Glorify are pre-formatted and optimized to fit in just right. No need to worry about the ad specs, just channelize your focus on the design and we take care of the rest! 

Elements Library

Do not succumb to the placid visuals; add elements like customized shapes, illustrations, and text to bring your ad to life!

Work with your team

Boost productivity, work simultaneously, manage team members and send instant feedback to your team to attain collective success with your designs. Just click on ‘team members’ in the left panel and invite your teammates to work on the project with you!

Save, edit and upcycle!

Lie what you’ve created? Save the visual to your files and reuse, upcycle the visuals customized to your varied marketing goals. 

Unleash your visual storytelling with Facebook carousel ads 

Carousel ads for Facebook are a unique and creative way of expressing your brand. Design carousel ads with Glorify and express, attract, engage your audiences with impressive visual storytelling like never before!

Let’s get started, shall we?

What are Facebook Carousel Ads?+

The Facebook carousel ad format is a visual storytelling format that lets advertisers creatively highlight as many as 10 images or short videos, headlines, CTA buttons, and links in a single ad unit!

How much do Facebook carousel ads cost?+

Advertising costs for Facebook carousel ads are not defined or absolute and can vary across a huge range. Typically, you can expect your advertising cost to be at around $0.50 to $2.00 per click for most industries.

How do I create a Facebook carousel ad with Glorify’s templates?+

Creating a Facebook carousel ad with Glorify is as simple as a couple of drags, drops, and clicks.

Explore our huge library of ad templates
Pick yourself a suitable, fully customizable, perfectly optimized ad template
Customize your carousel ad by adding elements like shapes, icons, text, and even your own custom logo!
Save, download and you’re all set to advertise!

The path to glory begins here

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