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A logo, one of the most important and essential elements of a brand’s identity is more than just a symbol. A logo is a representation of the brand, it is the reflection of a brand and it can leave some remarkable first impressions on your potential customers. Commence your business on the right note and make your own logo with Glorify’s logo maker tool!

Logo Maker Online: Make the most of first impressions with a logo design that matters

A logo for a brand is equivalent to a face for a person: just like your face represents you, the logo of a brand represents the brand itself. A poorly designed logo will repel your potential customers from your brand even before you get a chance to prove your worth through your quality products. Hence, there should be no room for incompetence or underperformance when it comes to logo designing. The onluy right way to go about it? Either hiring a professional (read: expensive) or DIY with an online logo maker like ours! Each logo design should be well-thought-out and it should be all about what you, as a brand, want to communicate to your audience. Once you know what you want, you gotta put it out loud and clear!

Glorify Online Logo Maker Tool

Glorify’s online logo maker tools understand that each business has varied requirements and so, we make sure we do not limit your creativity with conditions. No prior design experience? No problem. Our intuitive logo maker tool will help you create your brand logo like a pro- without having to have the pro-know-hows!

Logo Maker: DIY Logos at the quarter of a price paid for a professional

Hiring a professional to design your brand logo does not only involve whopping costs but also demands a lot of your time, energy, and constant communication with the designer. Not only might spending money on a logo be difficult but also to invest the time- especially in the initial stages of a new business. Do these words read like nostalgia? Say hello to our logo maker tool!

Glorify’s online logo maker is you one stop tool to answer “how to make a logo.” Our highly simplified yet productive logo mkaer tool lets you create the most professional-looking logos hassle-free with just a few drags and drops! Not only is using glorify for your logo making needs cheaper than hiring a designer but it also saves you a lot of time, energy and efforts otherwise spent communicating your needs with the designer. Make your own logo and own your business needs today!

Create A Phenomenal Company Logo Online for All Your Branding Materials With Glorify’s Logo Maker!

The logo that you make for your brand will potentially become your brand identity and will be used across marketing materials like banners, posters, flyers, digital ads, and even billboards. When you make your own logo, you need to have a clear picture of what you want it to look like across potential advertising platforms. Not too great at visualizing? We got you covered. With Glorify, you can create your own logo design and place it against multiple settings like a print material or a mock-up social media ad to determine exactly what your logo would look like! When we say we have a logo maker tool liek never before- we really mean it!

Why Should You Use Glorify’s Online Logo Maker Tool

Save time and money

When you create your logo with Glorify’s online logo maker tool, you empower yourself with complete creative control. That means, no need to spend time with designers creating a logo that you may not even eventually fully agree to!

Branding consistency

The Glorify online logo maker tool lets you save your brand’s custom colors, fonts, and other elements ensuring consistency in all forms of marketing materials. Such consistency is step 1 to creating brand awareness and brand identity. 

100 percent customizable templates

Not feeling creative enough? No problem. Our logo maker comes with hundred percent customizable pre-designed templates offer all the inspiration you’ll ever need to create your own unique logo that stands out!

Make multiple versions 

The applications of a logo are endless and so, you should not have to compromise by using the same logo design or version on varied materials. With Glorify’s logo maker, once you create your basic logo design, you can tweak it to create multiple versions by using different elements for each version. 

Download and share

Once satisfied with your logo design, you can download it in PNG format and show it off to the world! How much will it cost, you ask? DIY logo with our free logo maker during until your 14 day trial ends!

Online Logo Maker: How to Create Your Free Logo Design with Glorify

1On your dashboard, click on toolbox → Logo Maker

2 Enter the name of your brand or logo, click Start.

3Select the theme that describes your brand from the choices given, then click Next.

4Select your brand colors, then click Next.

5Select an icon that matches your brand. You can search using a keyword. Once done, click next.

6Change the font of the text by selecting a font on the left menu. You can also use your uploaded fonts by clicking on the User’s tab.

7In the second option on the menu, you can change the Icon’s settings

8On the third option on the menu, Colors, you can change the colors of your logo.

9Change the layout of the icons and the text of your logo on the fourth option

10On the Text option, change settings for the text and VOILA! Click on SAVE LOGO to automatically download your custom logo!

Make your own logo using a ready-to-customise template

Your creative block not letting you achieve too much on a blank canvas? Creativity cannot be expected to flow like water from a tap and we understand that damn right. Use our ready-to-use fully customizable templates and experiment to your heart’s content until you land the logo you desire. Our templates are organized across industries and niches to help you pick your inspiration without hassle and confusion!

Try Glorify’s Free Logo Maker Online Today!

Sounds interesting? Explore our logo maker tool and explore the endless design possibilities with our templates today. It’s time to give your brand the ultimate logo design it truly deserves!  

Does Glorify offer free logo templates?+

Though at Glorify we do not “free templates,” forever, we do offer our huge collection of free templates available for your trial period. At the end of the trial period, once we have impressed you, you would be asked to pick from a plan of your preference – Glorify Pro or Glorify Business and everything is free thereon!

What makes a good logo in 2021?+

A good logo is one that talks of the brand itself. It must incorporate hints of what the brand holds; natural, complex, simple, or cartoonist. The ultimate logo in 2021 would always be a logo that is well thought of and is a combination of practical, graphic, distinctive form conveying the brand or the owner!

What is an ideal logo size?+

Typically, the recommended logo size is 250 px (width) x 100 px (height) for a web page. If, however, you need to customize your logo size, we let you do it hassle-free at your will with the Glorify online logo maker tool!

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