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eBay Lifestyle Image is simply the image of how an item would look when it is in use by the consumer. This picture allows your consumer to imagine themselves utilizing that item just by looking at the picture. 

Lifestyle images, not only eBay lifestyle images but across ecommerce platforms in general, bring up thoughts and feelings in the audience. We know, feelings are an integral part that can make a product sell, and therefore photos of the lifestyle are the best choice to incite the feeling of purchasing certain products. 

Lifestyle images are big pictures of full size, so you cannot play with them. The perfect match, size, and measurements must be flawless. This is the goal to sell the product by merely analyzing a visual, giving a customer interest in the product. It is therefore critical that you show your eBay product listing only with only the best eBay lifestyle image.

We recognize that it might be a little expensive to set up a picture shot for the items and edit them to look at the most desirable item. Not only would you need much time, but you would also have to invest money in hiring a designer in most situations.

And Glorify comes into action here! Glorify has hundreds of templates created by experts to fulfil all your e-commerce design needs, including to make the most awesome looking eBay lifestyle images  in under minutes!

All you have to do is-

1Create an account on Glorify or log in to your existing account

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3Upload your eBay lifestyle image in the template

4Play with the design, change the colors, add texts, and fix the images

5Save and start selling on eBay right away!

When buying a product, the accuracy of your eBay product photos is a vital issue. Millions of people sell on eBay every day and you have just as much time to select a buyer before you submit the same item to some other vendor. Any initiative will take your company to another point for your design. You can insert to our layouts your photos, logos, and texts, and create the most of your eBay lifestyle images  with Glorify.

eBay lifestyle images on the product page are viewed in default as the top brands, thereby giving them greater conversion opportunities. if you don’t represent a customer with these images, then you have an immense disadvantage. Take advantage of the eBay lifestyle image templates by Glorify! Get your hands on the web and begin creating now!

11 Tips on How to Select Pictures for eBay:

1.) Please ensure that your picture of the item is clear.

Include big clear pictures of the object as your eBay lifestyle image and don’t worry about camera style because phone pictures work fantastically. Make sure you keep your phone steady throughout your photography.

Make sure you keep your phone steady throughout your photography.

2.) Have your item be the main attraction.

Crop firmly only on the item. Zoom in on your mobile when you take photos for eBay. It’s not difficult to take eBay lifestyle images  with an iPhone.

Make sure all your natural light, setup, and background is perfect and shoot! Shooting without direct sunlight in shady places is great.

3.) Display only one object per picture.

If there are several pieces in your product, simply hold your pictures with only one product.

This will encourage viewers to see the entire product while guaranteeing there is no misunderstanding about what the item is.

4.) Keep up with your brand

Coherence is important. Your eBay lifestyle images  should follow your company’s style so that users can feel comfortable and secure with your items.

You can do this in a few forms. If you have many objects, ideally all things in the same setup take the same series of images from the same perspective.

Consistent placement and illumination will boost internet presence for all your products.

5.) Highlight your photos

Check the opponents’ eBay lifestyle images  to find out what kind of photos they have on the eBay list.

Pay attention that your images and theirs share resemblances or distinctions. Make sure you have a colorful, stylish, and insightful setting.

6.) Capture pictures in a well illuminated, sheltered area.

Be conscious of youreBay lifestyle images. Make sure that product specifics can be displayed, and for that, you want bright lighting. Stop mid-day sunshine, as it produces intense shades.

Look for a shaded area or search for warm light, close to a window.

7.) Display diverse range.

Keeping several images from various angles, illustrate the best functions of your product.

Spectators should see the object on all sides. This gives them faith to know what they are going to buy.

8.) Get rid of any adjacent mess.

Ensure your eBay lifestyle image has a clear backdrop. Any mess takes your product’s focus away and drives people in the complete opposite direction.

9.) Follow eBay’s photo requirements.

Make sure to follow eBay’s photo requirements listed on their Photo Policy page.

You must include large, clear photos of the item so that buyers can see what they would exactly be receiving. Don’t add any props or unnecessary objects to eBay lifestyle images. Just shoot your product for your eBay photo.

10.) Show the product being used.

We cannot stress this enough: eBay lifestyle images  are necessary as they give people an emotional reaction and helps them to envision the item being owned and to visualize it.

11.) Have fun with that!

Finally, just be imaginative with your eBay lifestyle images and create something you’d love to see as a user yourself!

Thoughts to complete-

We hope this article will help you to create your idealeBay lifestyle images. For more information, visit us at

What is the contrary of photography in lifestyle?+

Photography in the lifestyle is the reverse of portraiture of the kind of look-and-say-cheese. If your objects have to do something, you lay the groundwork for their characteristics to be seen and their gestures become organic.

What is the lifestyle idea?+

The way people perceive themselves and think others are seen is often expressed in the self-image and self-conception of people. Lifestyle is a combination of motivations, wants, and wants that have been shaped and affected by such factors as a society, community, and the family.

What is marketing for eCommerce?+

The practice of e-commerce marketing is to enable online shoppers to browse and purchase online goods or services on the e-commerce platform.

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