Glorify Templates: eBay Product Promo Image

Your eBay photos play a key role in how well your listings turn and more specifically, how popular you are as an eBay retailer.


In reality, irrespective of how much time you spend enhancing your listings to feature at the top of specific eBay searches, if your ebay product promo images aren’t a decent quality, anything else will become a pointless exercise. So, how do you take ebay product promo images ? What are the parameters for the eBay image? And how can product photos be used to drive sales further?

Here’s what you need to understand.

EBAY Product Promo Images  Criteria

Making sure your ebay product promo images  align with eBay standards is necessary as they may have an adverse effect on your eBay seller’s account if you don’t. Below, we have classified some of the specifications forebay product promo images-

  • Lists shall have at least one picture.

Although you need to mention at least one product promo image, it should be remembered that you can use up to 12 pictures free of charge. You should benefit from this allowance to display your items of the highest quality you can and grow your business in turn.

  •  Use a stock picture only if the product is recent or unused.

If stock images sell used products, they can also manipulate your buyer, which can harm your ratings, your sales, and your re-sales business. In order to control consumer perceptions, you can instead use an ebay product promo image that perfectly describes what item you are selling.

However, if the item you advertise is new or renovated, stock pictures in your listings may be used.

  •  Images of eBay should not include boundaries or text.

The use of text and/or boundaries on the eBay lists are not allowed to improve service quality.

  •  Follows the minimum requirements of eBay picture size.

When wanting to sell on eBay, you must make sure that the lengthiest side of your ebay product promo image is a minimum of 500 pixels, as this is considered an ideal size for top-quality pictures.


  • Utilize current photos when using the collection of eBay.

While using eBay’s collection to list a used item, you will need to upload a picture of the product in its current condition, as compared to the use of a stock image.

  •  Ensure that all web-imported photos comply with HTTPS.

You may not showcase your lists correctly and should not screen browser security warnings in the event of the use of externally hosted content in your listings (i.e. the cascade style sheets (CSS), photos, or HTML5).

  •  Delete watermarks from eBay pictures.

Although eBay told sellers first of all that by 1 March 2018, they would require the deletion of watermarks from ebay product promo images , eBay later confirmed that this would cease to be the case.

However, it is advisable to delete watermarks to boost customer service and to improve overall exposure on eBay and also in search engines.

  • eBay picture dimensions.

Although at least 500 pixels should be on the lengthy side of your photos on eBay, eBay suggests the use of a picture that is at least 1,600 pixels on its lengthiest side.

You raise the chance of sales by increasing the exposure of eBay’s top match outcomes by using high-quality photos on your lists.

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Best practices for ebay product promo images- 

1. Use the best version pictures as your key eBay listing image

This is the picture that will show up in suitable eBay search results and successively the picture that will originally persuade the purchaser whether or not to click on your full list. Choose an ebay product promo image that shows the product from a sharp angle when you select/take the image.

2. Use a strong backdrop

Using a clear, simple backdrop not only helps to differentiate the product but also avoids confusion and allows the ebay product promo image to be as professional as achievable. Although a plain white background is appropriate for most cases, a picture tent may be worth the investment.

3. Tidy your images

You need to showcase your products ina neat and tidy manner, it will go a big step in maintaining sales. It’s the same for ironing shirts.

4. Use the perfect lighting

Advanced lighting gear helps, but please remember, nothing ever can overrule the importance of natural sunlight in photography. Whichever technique you use, make sure the ebay product promo image precisely shows the color of the goods, as otherwise this may confuse prospective customers and affect your eBay selling ranking.

5. Display the product from various points of view

In your listing description, product descriptions are highly relevant, but you can also include your photos with full detail. In this respect, use your 12 photos in various ways by taking pictures of your items. It is also essential to recognize and detail any defects or flaws in your item specification.

6. Consider utilizing a tripod

Tripods are an excellent way to make your eBay photography more professional and are extremely effective in clearly detailed images.

It is also advised to resist using too many accessories as props may confuse the prospective customers and can complicate what they bid/buy.

7. Track your eBay listings and check them to see results.

Finally, the simpler and crisper your ebay product promo images, the easier you can get customers to click first and then buy your products.

What are the technical criteria for eBay product pictures?+

The minimum requirement is 500×500 pixels for pictures on eBay.
The highest picture size is 9,000 x 9,000 pixels.
The file size limit is 12 MB.
Do not display thumbnail images as pixelized and blurred as necessary.
Pictures must be in one of the following file types: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, or GIF;
If the picture is a JPEG, the quality level should be 90 or larger.

What should you not use on your ebay product promo images?+

Promotional text or any other sort of text
Copyright Marks
Text that is not on the product or the original packaging
Item condition
Hot spots
Your brand’s name
Warranty information

Are product pictures on eBay permissible?+

Images of low quality distract consumers from wishing to explore the product further. Due to the value of photos on product sites, eBay has very strict conditions that determine what is suitable for product images.

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