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Despite the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, 52% of ardent readers do judge a book by its cover. Whether you are creating a self-published ebook, or a promotional ebook to complement your product or brand, having a compelling cover is super important. Glorify offers thousands of professionally created ebook cover templates that you can customize in minutes.

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Select an eBook 
Cover Template

Browse through and select from our great collection of unique eBook Cover templates. You can search for templates based on your niche, or a theme that resonates with your brand. If you’re more design savvy, you can also select a blank canvas and create your design from scratch.


Customise Your Image

Customize your image and make it truly yours. Add your content, change the text, switch up the fonts, add your brand colors using our epic brand it feature – your customization options are endless! 


Collaborate, Share & Export your Image

Collaborate with your team, and invite designers to work on the project with you. Get feedback to make sure that your eBook’s Front Cover is captivating and compelling. Once your Front Cover is complete, you can create the rest of your ebook. Glorify has an entire ebook bundle, with all the pages consistent in style. After you have created your eBook, simply download it.

Browse Through Our Amazing eBook Cover Templates

We add new templates to our library every week. We also constantly update older templates, making sure they always look fresh and vibrant and in line with contemporary design.

Design Bundles: Stay consistent in Style

Once you’ve created your branded eBook, make sure that all your marketing material is consistent in style. By staying consistent in style across all your social media platforms and marketing material, you cement brand awareness in your customers’ minds. 

Glorify’s templates come in bundles, helping you create beautifully branded images for your social media platforms, websites, emails, marketing material and all aspects of your business – all in the same style.

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A good book cover manages to attract many readers. But to do so, the cover must offer valuable and helpful information. It should also be relevant and offer a glimpse of what the book is really about. No spoilers, though!

Use the right images and illustrations to entice your readers into picking up your book. The better the book cover, the more curious people will be.

Glorify has optimized the process of designing a book cover, so much so that you can make one in a few minutes with our online book cover maker! Delve into the world of outstanding templates, attractive visuals, perfect illustrations, and helpful elements. Design your book cover today, and let it do the talking!

Don’t Hire a Costly Graphic Designer. Create a Beautiful Book Cover for Free with Glorify!

Busy with your passion for writing? We get that. Hence, we wouldn’t want you spending hours designing a book cover or hiring a graphic designer who will charge you by the hour. To design a book cover, what you need is Glorify and not a designer. Our range of professionally designed layouts and creative book design cover samples help you create a cover that defines your persona, charm, and authority as a writer.

Get Free as well as Premium Stock Images to give your Book the Front Cover it Deserves!

Besides millions of free stock images, we offer a range of premium images, designs, templates, etc. at a competitive price to ensure you get the best book cover design to give your book an amazing front cover.

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1. What are some of the essential elements of an engaging book cover?+

An excellent book cover must have the title and subtitle of the book, the author’s name, an intriguing background image, graphics, attractive colours, and some review excerpts from renowned reviewers to ensure your readers get an idea of your book’s credibility.

2. Is it necessary for me to have professional design experience to design a front cover for my book?+

No. Glorify is user-friendly and developed in a way to help you create a design cover in as few clicks as possible. You can create a great book cover design in minutes.

3. Which font should I use for my book cover?+

When it comes to font, or any other creative aspect of the front cover, the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. An essential aspect of a font is its readability, aligned with all other aspects of the book cover such as colours, design, layout, background and foreground images, and of course, the title. For serious titles, you can choose a formal font. For lighter ones, an informal, yet readable font may work well.

4. How can I create a fantastic book cover for free?+

Glorify helps you create an attractive book cover for free. The site offers you a range of free stock images and professionally designed layouts to ensure that you give your book the best possible front cover. You may also use premium images and designs at competitive prices.

5. Do I need a book cover design software to create an engaging and professional-looking book cover?+

No. You don’t have to buy or book cover design software. Glorify has extensive built-in capabilities to ensure you get the book cover you’ve always imagined for your book.

6. Can I customize a book cover based on the book’s needs?+

Yes. Glorify enables you to personalize your book cover depending on your title. You can also customize your cover to ensure that it completely aligns with the title of your book and reflects your creativity.

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