Glorify Templates: Etsy Cover Photo

Create an Etsy cover photo that highlights the special style of your brand to make your Etsy shop quick to discover. You can catch the essence of a physical store with the right visuals and bind your handmade and carefully selected items to the best customers.

We know that the performance of your Etsy shop depends on a good brand name. Your Etsy shop labeling should be special, empowering, and unforgettable as it reflects your shop throughout Etsy’s market.

Buyers from all over the world come to Etsy to buy exclusive products not available elsewhere. They seek products from Etsy shops to represent their unique characteristics and interests. Wondering how to have your etsy shop stand out? Designing the most appealing etsy cover photo on Glorify is easy!

Designing a layout on Glorify is easy!

All you have to do is-

  • Create an account on Glorify or log in to your existing account
  • Start exploring hundreds or even start from scratch of pre-designed Etsy cover photo templates and choose what best fits your company.
  • Add the logo of your store and the colors or pictures of your company. Or any pictures showing your goods can be shown!
  • Adjust the color, add text, and fix pictures with the Etsy cover photo template.

And you’re good to go!

Here are some quick tips on how to make the most iconic Etsy cover photo –


  • Pick the size of a banner.

You can either pick the regular Etsy cover photo size or just choose another from the predetermined size chart. You immediately re-adjust your picture and text to the size.


  • Choose a subject of publicity

Build anything perfect for both your selling goods and your target group. Choose a subject that will draw buyers’ interest and modify it into something special.


  • Offer some color to your banner

Choose a header complementing the brand identity from a variety of color schemes. Let your Etsy shop live with a color injection.


  • Select a colorful backdrop

Set the mood of your Etsy cover photo  by choosing a backdrop of a hundred thousand free photos. If you post your image, design something very special.


  • Send a powerful message with text

Just add some text to get your message posted after building your header with the Etsy cover photo template. And customize what you represent with color, distance, transparency, and positioning design elements.


  • Get a move on your Etsy opponents

Thousands of individuals are on Etsy to market their handmade goods, and the battle for buyers’ interest is furious. You can prove the seriousness of what your online shop does and achieve strong advantages on the market by giving your online store a sophisticated appearance on an Etsy cover photo.

To add or alter your shop icon for Etsy:

1Sign up for your account on Etsy.

2Tap on the Edit icon next to your shop title under Sales channels to go to your store manager.

3Tap the camera icon beside the shop illustration.

4Choose your file and select Save Changes.

Finishing lines-

With Glorify’s simplified process, you now know how to make an Etsy cover photo in under minutes! After this vital note, you can start customizing: be more vigilant about banner size differences and make sure you use the relevant dimension. Don’t you know yet? Check out our designs and layouts for the Etsy cover photo  in particular. Take inspiration and make your banner with our illustrations!

Should one add their store icon to the Etsy cover photo ?+

It’s just about it. Since your picture is on your shop icon’s same tab, there should entail one logo. You can just enlarge it to make it visible when the text on the icon is too thin. Part of the icon should be placed on the banner, but not the same symbol. You can only enlarge the name of the shop with the same typeface and use the same components of the symbol to spruce up the banner to avoid and preserve continuity.

Can someone create the Etsy Order Receipt Banner with Fotor too?+

Yeah. They should take the same steps to make the shop banner and begin with a different dimension (760 x 100 px). Having said that, the huge variety of templates and design options for a remarkable Etsy cover photo found on Glorify are unmatchable!

How is the Etsy shop banner uploaded?+

Open the tab of your account.
Tap on the “Info and Appearance” link on the left of the screen.
Navigate down to the “Shop Banner Image” section and tap the “Browse Button”.
Find and pick the banner file you want and press “Open”.
Press “Save” and your banner should have been saved to the homepage.
Come back to your webpage by tapping on your shop icon and see how the banner appears on it.

The path to glory begins here

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