Glorify Templates: Etsy Lifestyle Image

Images work in the direction of being a visual representation of your products on Etsy. As a seller on Etsy, you most likely are selling art or something that you have created on your own; and not doing justice to product images of what you have created would only be unfair for all your hard work.

Not undermining the importance of other images that go up on Etsy, but a lifestyle image of all the other images sure has a more important aim to fulfill at your online store. An Etsy lifestyle image is an image that essentially depicts a human-user with your product being used by them. For example, if you think of an advertisement for a mobile phone, you are likely to recollect a human being holding the phone in their hand- that is the lifestyle image for the mobile phone. Likewise, with your product’s life cycle image, you let your users see and imagine what your product when purchased by them, will look like in their hands. 

A Lifestyle image can be a great driving factor in terms of the overall sales you are likely to make of your products and hence, an Etsy Lifestyle image needs to definitely be extraordinary! While already handling and being busy with other aspects of your business on Etsy, it is also absolutely understandable if you cannot now take another task of designing on your plate. It might also not be very feasible to hire a designer for the kind of costs that come along – but Glorify to your rescue!

With Glorify’s pre-designed templates for Etsy Lifestyle Image, you can make the most stunning, effective, and well-defined comparison images for your Etsy store in under minutes!

All you have to do is-

1Create an account on Glorify or log in to your existing account

2Click on “Browse” and explore hundreds of pre-designed templates under “Etsy Lifestyle Image”

3Pick what suits your business the best – or even start from scratch

4Upload your own product pictures in the template

5Play with the design, change the colors, add texts, and fix the images

6Save and start selling on Etsy right away!

Hundreds and thousands of artists sign up to sell on Etsy each day; and for you, as a seller, there’s only so much time a user is going to look at your product for. What makes them click further on your product to view the other relevant details depends highly on the appeal factor of the Lifestyle image. And hence, you need to make the most of that opportunity! With Glorify, you can also add your own images, logos, and text to our templates and make the best out of your Etsy listing.
Make the most out of your e-commerce business with Glorify’s templates. Get your hands on the site and start designing now!

What is the ideal size of the Etsy Lifestyle image?+

The ideal size of a lifestyle image on Etsy is 2000×2000. Glorify offers perfectly sized templates in the recommended sizes for you to get there and start designing in minutes!

What kind of products can I sell on Etsy?+

As per Etsy’s guidelines, any product that you sell on the platform necessarily needs to be “handmade, vintage, or piece a craft.”

Does Glorify offer free Etsy Lifestyle image templates?+

Though we are not able to offer a “free template,” forever, we offer a huge collection of free templates available for your trial period. At the end of the trial period, you would be asked to pick from a plan of your preference – Glorify Pro or Glorify Business and everything is free thereon!

How many images can I put up on my Etsy listing page?+

For each product that you sell on Etsy, you are allowed to upload up to 10 images. Ten is a huge number and it only makes sense that you make the most of this opportunity to show your art in various angles and lights, pursuing the potential customer to convert to an actual sale.

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