Glorify Templates: Etsy Product Promo Image

Etsy is the ultimate platform for people who are into arts and crafts and want to generate revenues from their skills. Etsy definitely is one of the easiest platforms to work with, given its well-defined and easy-to-navigate interface, however, what takes some peace of mind on Etsy is how to keep the sales going. 

Etsy, just like any other online sales platform or an e-commerce platform, is highly driven by the images one uploads on the platform. With all the hard work you put in on creating a piece of art, you would not want to default on the last step of actually selling that art: the visual representation of the art.

A product promo image is one of the most important product images that go online when selling on Etsy because as the name suggests, this image works as a promotional image to attract potential buyers. Imagine this image like a quick brief overview of your product. An image that the buyer will see as a promotional image and can potentially get attracted to, converting into an actual consumer. When consumers first see an image that they like, is when they decide if they even want to indulge in the specifications or other details. Hence, this image, obviously, needs to be the most awesome-looking images you can have as a representation of your product!

Etsy has a bunch of guidelines when it comes to the product images that can be hosted on the website and keeping yourself updated with all while also managing the business could become overwhelming. 

Let us quickly and briefly understand the Etsy image requirements-

Image Type Recommendation/ Image Requirements
Etsy Landscape image In the Ratio of 4:3 – this means four parts across the bottom and three parts up the sides.
Etsy Pinterest Pins  1000px along the bottom and 1500 tall
Etsy Product Images 2000px (at least) along the shortest side 
Etsy Cover Photo 3360 x 480
Etsy Lifestyle Photo, Etsy Comparison Photo, and Etsy Call-Out Image 2000 x 2000
Other Images 3000px wide and 4000px tall.
Note: You can use smaller images but they will be unclear and inappropriate. Besides, if your image is lesser than 2000px, Etsy will prompt you to make it at least 2000px.

How do I make an Etsy Product image?

1Create an account on Glorify or log in to your existing account

2Explore hundreds of pre-designed templates and pick what suits your business the best – or even start from scratch

3Upload your own product pictures in the image template

4Play with the design, change the colors, add texts, customize the background, experiment with the fonts, and fix the images

5Save and start selling on Etsy right away!

Using Glorify templates for your Etsy Product Promo Images saves you the trouble of making a correctly-sized and yet, amazing-looking product promo image at once. Size, when it comes to product promo image, matters a lot since an unclear or an ill-fitted image will defy the very purpose of your product promo image. If your image is too big, Etsy will crop it out, if your image is too small, Etsy will stretch it and it will look noisy, hazy, and ugly. A Product Promo image represents the product and hence, it absolutely needs to be an ideally sized image. 

Etsy Images: Best Practices for Improving your Etsy product images

Apart from following the recommended image dimensions and requirements, which is the MOST NECESSARY element of an attractive image, here are some other tips for improving your Etsy product images-

  • Aim to create multiple images in order to show your product in various lights and angles. Also, try to include some close-ups of the product.
  • Try and make sure that you use all the ten image spaces offered by Etsy. 
  • Stick to one theme through your images. For example, if you are selling a canvas painting that is against a white background in image 1, keep it against the same white background in all ten images. If you add too many elements in other images, you risk your images looking weird and off-putting.
  • Aim f professionalism with your images. You might very well be an amateur painter or an amateur embroider, however, you need to make your customers believe in you by looking classic, professional, and worth investing in!

Should I use landscape images in my Etsy photos?+

Etsy recommends using at least the first image on your storefront as a landscape image. This essentially means an image that is longer across the bottom of the image and shorter up the sides.

What resolution should my Etsy photos be in?+

Etsy recommends uploading your images at least 3000px wide and 2250px tall. Your image, hence, should be four parts across the bottom edge and three parts tall.

Can I use a square image on Etsy?+

Yes, you can use square images but Etsy recommends having your first image as a landscape image and not a square image. This is because a landscape image looks much better when cropped and appears in search. If you use your first image as a square image, Etsy search crops them to landscape anyway, which is not ideal as your image can then look unclear.

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