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Make your Facebook ads stand out of the crowd with Glorify’s Facebook Ad Maker Tool

Facebook, being the pioneer of what Social Media has become today, is a medium that can never go unnoticed. No matter where else a brand decides to advertise themselves, Facebook, almost always, without fail, is on the list. With the arrest number of active users that ranges through all age groups, Facebook is a gold package for advertisers because it is not only cheaper but also, gives you the ability to create targeted and optimized ads. Facebook’s Ads are design and visual intensive while also being relevant with a unique value proposition and have a clear call to action.

With Glorify, you are saved the hassle of hiring an expensive designer and of communicating your creative ideas that often get mixed with the ideas of the designer. Create your own unique design in minutes with our creative templates and easy-to-use drag and drop design tools. 

Make your Facebook ads stand out of the crowd with Glorify’s Facebook Ad Maker Tool

1First things first, create a Glorify account that gets you started for your Facebook Ad design

2Browse through our library of professionally created and curated designs

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As per the directives and rules laid by Facebook, an ad is not supposed to contain any more than 20% text in the Ad; which essentially means that your Ad has to have 80% visuals. The ads that go live on Facebook need to primarily be visual-intensive and why should it not be? Our brains are more receptive to images and tend to retain what is learned from images than what is learnt from texts. 

As a brand, you need to cash on the visuals that you can create to gather the visibility of the masses for your Facebook Ad. Glorify offers a pre-equipped library with thousands of pictures and templates ready to be picked and shown off as your Facebook Ad! Apart from the free images, you may also opt to pick from the premium images. Choose the premium plan that suits you the best, Glorify Pro or Glorify Business, and be never restricted by choices ever again!

Creating an irresistible call to action

With Facebook’s 80% visuals rule, it becomes necessary that you do not let any part of the available space go under-utilized. This where a call to action text comes to play a part. A call to action text lets the users and viewers understand what is in it for them to invest in your brand or what they need to do. 

With Glorify’s text tools, you are served with tools that let you overlay your text over your image and create typography that can ever go unnoticed. Our pre-set text holders can be dragged and dropped anywhere on your design. If you feel a creative rush, you can even opt to create your own typography by choosing from the fonts available. 

Working with a Social Media Team for your Ad campaign? No problem!

Glorify allows you to share access to your designs with anybody you may be collaborating with for your Facebook Ads. Just click on the ‘share’ button, grant access to others to edit your designs, and send them the generated link. Your collaborators are permitted to access the design anytime, anywhere, on any device of their choice!

What is an ideal size for a Facebook ad?+

An ad that goes on Facebook is recommended in different sizes on the basis of the type of ad. For example, while a recommended feed image ad size is 1200 x 628 pixels, carousel ads need to be in the minimum dimensions of 600 x 600 and Facebook story ads need to be around the dimensions of 1080 x 920.

How do I make an impact-full Facebook ad?+

A Facebook ad, no matter how well designed or elaborate, will never be as successful if the ad does not have a clear call-to-action. An ad with a clear call-to-action and visuals that match the overall tone of the copy with a targeted relevant message could be your cheat code to gather the attention your brand really deserves.

What all should be included in a Facebook ad?+

An ideal ad would have, before anything else, an outstanding, eye-catching image that cannot be ignored. Try writing a copy that sounds and perhaps is authentic and not copied/inspired from other ads. A link to your website and a call-to-action further bumps your ad from an average ad to an excellent ad!

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