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Your Facebook Cover Photo is your potential customer’s first glimpse into your brand and what you offer. It needs to look professional and captivating. Glorify offers thousands of professionally created Facebook Cover Photo Templates that you can customize in minutes.

Create your FB Cover Photo

Create your FB Cover Photo in 3 Steps


Select a Facebook Cover Photo Template

Browse through and select from our amazing collection of Facebook Cover Photo templates. You can search for templates based on your niche, or a theme that resonates with your brand. If you’re more design savvy, you can also select a blank canvas and create your design from scratch.


Customise Your Image

Customize your template and make it truly yours. Add your a photo of your product or service, change the text, switch up the fonts, add a new background, add your brand colors with just one click using our epic brand it feature – your customization options are endless!


Collaborate, Share & Export Your Cover Photo

Collaborate with your team, and invite designers to work on the project with you. Get feedback to make sure that your cover photo is captivating. Once your image is ready you can export it, and upload it to your Facebook Account. You can also resize it and share it across your social media platforms within minutes.

Explore our Super Engaging Facebook Cover Photo Templates

We add new templates to our library every week. We also constantly update older templates, making sure they always look fresh and vibrant and in line with contemporary design.

Design Bundles: Stay consistent in Style

By staying consistent in style across all your social media platforms, you cement brand awareness in your customers’ minds. They will never forget you.

Glorify’s templates come in bundles, helping you create beautifully branded images for your social media platforms, websites, emails, marketing material and all aspects of your business – all in the same style.

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Engage your Prospects with an Eye-Catching Facebook Cover.

People notice your cover page first when they visit your Facebook page. Glorify helps you create an amazing Facebook cover photo for your business as well as your personal profile. So, create an attractive, and fresh-looking Facebook cover to improve the appearance of your Facebook page.

Glorify helps you access millions of stunning stock pictures, graphics, and a range of customization options, with which you create a fantastic Facebook cover photo in less than a couple of minutes.

Creating an Engaging Facebook Cover

Develop an Appealing and Customized Facebook Cover with Glorify in 5 Simple Steps!

Follow these five steps, and create your

  1.       Login into Glorify, click on Templates and go to the Facebook Cover Photo option
  2.   Click on View All to see the range of options.
  3.   Choose from a variety of hundreds of professional Facebook cover designs and images
  4.   Personalize your cover design through multiple customization options.
  5.   Save and share on Facebook.

Create Amazing Facebook Covers in a Cost-Effective way without any Graphic Designing Experience

Glorify is a free designing tool that allows you to create compelling designs through an extensive range of professional layouts and cover designs. The tool enables you to customize your Facebook cover page easily.  Besides, you can create an elegant Facebook cover without any graphic designing experience.

Leverage Premium Images for your Brand or Use your Own

Upload your own images, or access millions of premium pictures, and graphics on free as well as a paid basis. So, you don’t have to hire a designer. With Glorify by your side, you can create an excellent professional Facebook cover page at a very low price.

With Glorify, get rid of Image Formatting Hassles!

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. have their image dimension rules. Glorify’s layouts and images are pre-formatted and optimized to match the image dimensions of every social media website. So, you don’t have to format your image to fit it in Facebook’s image size.

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Is Glorify a free tool?+

Yes, it is, except for the paid images you may choose for your cover. You only have to sign up with Glorify and set the ball rolling. You can also use Glorify on your Android, iPad, and iPhone for free, and create superb designs anywhere and anytime.

Do I need to have any graphic designing knowledge, skills, or experience to Glorify?+

No, Glorify does not require you to have any graphic designing skills, knowledge, or experience. The designing process is straightforward, and you get to choose from a range of layouts, designs, and images and customize them to create the cover page you always wanted.

How do I choose the right design for my Facebook cover?+

If you are confused or do not have a specific idea in your mind about your Facebook cover, Glorify takes you through several options for you to choose from. Our designers and experts have invested a lot of thought to create designs, images, and layouts that resonate with the thought-process of our users.

Can I brand my Facebook cover page?+

Yes. Glorify allows you to upload your logo, and create one through its features and functionalities. Besides, you can customize your Facebook cover page to the T by choosing the color palette, fonts, etc. of your brand, or the ones that suit your brand personality.

What are the dimensions of Facebook cover photos?+

The cover photo dimensions of Facebook vary from device to device. For desktops and computers, the ideal cover photo is 820 pixels in width by 312 pixels in height. For mobiles, on the other hand, the size is 640 pixels in width by 360 pixels in height.
With Glorify, you don’t have to worry about formatting your images. The images are already formatted to comply with the image dimensions of Facebook and other social media networks.

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