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Create a Vibrant Event Cover for Your Facebook With Glorify!

We help you create unique and attractive covers for your Facebook event pages that generate more RSVPs than ever!

Publicizing an event at times can get even more difficult than hosting the event in the first place. While Social Media has made publicizing easier than pre-Social Media times, getting the right attention on Facebook event pages still remains tricky.

Facebook has 1.49 billion active users that only keep increasing every day, so why not rather make use of the audience? With our professionally designed Facebook covers for events, the next time you host an event and make a Facebook page for it, well, you knew where to come!


Glorify offers cover designs for all and any gatherings – be it a personal or public extravaganza. The easy to use drag and drop interface combined with a huge selection of templates, we really spoil you for choices! As an organizer of the event, worry no more about creating the “hype” and marketing your event. Be prepared to be overburdened with RSVPs you never expected!

Create a Facebook event cover in minutes!

1Open Glorify and click in “Facebook Event Cover” under design types

2Explore the library and pick a suitable design from the plethora of banners, icons, and even frames

3Upload your event picture or pick one relevant image from our stock image library

4Play with your image, add filters, insert text – take some time to admire the perfection

5Save, share, and off you go!

Experience the freedom of picking fro covers that are also easy to customize and personalize

Just when the excitement of hosting an event dawns on the organizer, so does the haunting foresight of getting people to attend the event. And as an organizer, so will you have the responsibility of creating a stir and making the event go viral. Pass on some of your burden to us! 

Set up your Facebook event page with the help of our Facebook event cover maker. Our Facebook event cover pages offer full customization so you can actually choose to tweak it to your liking unless it syncs with your thought process.

Select an event cover that you like and that fits the theme of your event and adds in all the details you may want to, play with color palettes amongst other designs- we let you do it! In a matter of a click, you will have your attractive and unique Facebook event cover ready to be downloaded and shared.

Add a touch of your and your brand’s personality and watch your event become a smashing success, breaking all records! If you happen to ever fall short on your own ideas, pick photos from out stock images and add your own design, icons, or any other elements you may want to. Chances are, you may not believe us, so why not give it a shot?

Share the piece-of-art Facebook event cover on all your digital properties

Click on the download button once you have drained your creative juices and finalized a design, and there, a stunning, high-resolution event page, ready to be uploaded and applauded! You can directly share the cover and your creativity to even other platforms – at the ease of just a click. Let there be guests!

What is the ideal size for a Facebook event cover photo?+

Or the lower limit, a Facebook event cover needs to be at least 1200 x 628 pixels, or a 1.91:1 ratio. However, we would recommend you go all in and aim for a cover that is 1920 x 1005. We make this a breeze with our Facebook event cover photo template.

Can I use a video for the Facebook event cover?+

We say – why not!? Just click the camera icon on your cover and upload the video as you would otherwise upload a photo. Pick from already uploaded videos in the library or even upload a new one from your system.

What qualifies for a good Facebook event cover?+

As long as you nail the basics, everything else can be managed. Aim at making a cover keeping in mind the dimensions of it. This is because, as unknown by many, an event cover will be different in size from that of a cover on a personal profile or business page header photo.

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