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Facebook groups are ever-increasing and have become a very basic yet creative medium for businesses to boo. A lot of businesses come together on Facebook to establish an online community and market their products.

Facebook groups also act as a great platform for businesses to find new clients and to build relationships with them. Businesses have taken up unique ways to fulfill customer satisfaction by offering one on one support, exclusive information, discount coupons – and all of this becomes easier on groups as you get tp engage large numbers of people at once.

Facebook keeps updating its features in general and is also now aiming at bringing businesses together and setting up a viable business space as this becomes a win-win situation for Facebook as well as business owners. While business owners are usually quick and enthusiastic at setting up a group page, they tend to also often leave out certain important elements that otherwise boost the engagement on a page. A very important element of those elements is a Facebook group cover photo.

Why is a Facebook group cover photo so important? 

A Facebook group cover photo is that one huge image that looks back at any user who visits the group page. Hence, needless to say, a group cover photo is of great importance in terms of attracting an audience and setting up a clientele. The dimensions for the perfect-sized Facebook cover photo also differ from the regular cover photo which is often overlooked by businesses and hence, they end up with unattractive cover pictures.

The perfect Facebook group cover photo size is 1640 x 856 pixels. The banner dimensions give a 1.91:1 aspect ratio. If your Facebook group cover picture is not appropriately sized, you might be at risk of losing out on very important information with regard to your business due to default cropping and resizing. However, let not arriving at the right size for your Facebook group cover photo worry you anymore. Glorify does that and so much more for you!

Creating the perfect-sized Facebook Group Cover Photo is not as simple as ‘drag and drop’ with Glorify!

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3Experiment with the background image, fonts, colors, texts, overlays amongst other elements until you arrive at a group cover photo of your liking

4Save and share!

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