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Needless to emphasis, images play a very crucial and vital role when it comes to businesses and advertising. Each image that goes online, regardless of the platform you are on, has its own quirks and nuances. Different images, like a cover photo and a profile photo, even on a single platform, is recommended to be uploaded in different sizes. With so much going on, how can one even be expected to remember it all?

Well, if you have actually landed on this page right here, it is also possible that you have had a hard time with Facebook images that actually are correctly sized yet attractive and unique. And not that you have landed here, let glorify take care of it for you! 


Generate the perfectly-sizes square images for your Business Facebook Account and Facebook Ads

1Log In to your glorify account or sign up for one

2Explore the library of perfectly-sized hundreds of layouts and templates to pick what suits your brand the best – or you could even start from scratch!

3Upload your own pictures, logo, branding in the template or pick one image from our equipped library

4Play with the design, change colors, add texts and fix the images

5Save and share!

Though you can also post vertical images and vertical ads, the square ones are more preferred because vertical images take more space and they fill up the screen horizontally. If you are a business account, you would put up a lot of ad images and horizontal ad images are not really recommended. 

You should be using square images for your regular feed as well as for posting ads because square images look more modern. Even for mobile screen viewing, square posts are generally recommended over landscape formats.

Glorify is not only equipped to generate perfectly shaped and sized images. We have a ton of templates that are designed by professionals in perfect, touche dimensions (well, obviously!) while also being fully customizable. 

You can pick any layout of your choice and customize it to fit your needs. Each file can also be saved in your account under “my files” and can always be revisited to repurpose and reuse for other posts. Doing so also maintains a sense of uniformity and consistency to your posts – brownie points!

Besides,  if you are an e-commerce business owner, you would, most likely (and ideally) be selling across Social Media platforms and not just on Facebook. Using a square image also gives your brand and Social Media accounts some aesthetic consistency and uniformity as you would anyway be using the square format for your Instagram feed.

Why are Facebook square posts better than Landscape posts?

If you use square posts for your feed on Facebook, be it for ads or just regular posts with images, the aesthetics of your business account will stand better chances than others. While a landscape image fills up a lot of horizontal space on your feed, a square image will only take up vertical space which works for both, mobile and desktop viewing. A landscape image, however, might not work very well on a phone’s screen. Square format is also the most modern format.

Does Glorify offer a free Facebook square image template?

Glorify specializes in the e-commerce business and we have done everything to not disappoint you with your e-commerce designing needs. Using Glorify not only opens up your options to hundreds of templates but it is also cheaper than hiring a designer. Though we are not able to offer “free templates,” forever, we offer a huge collection of free templates available for your trial period. At the end of the trial period, you would be asked to pick from a plan of your preference – Glorify Pro or Glorify Business and everything is free thereon!