Tell Noticeable Facebook Stories Using the Glorify Facebook Story Tool

Tell your friends what’s happening with your day or share stories that can potentially bring in a revolution – do it all and more.

Customize and Tailor Fit Stories Your Friends and Facebook Followers

Stories, unlike what a lot of us had expected, have become a huge success. They let you put your message across in interactive ways and are a great tool for social media storytelling.

With the feature that allows you to even upload previously taken images or videos as your Facebook story, the possibilities are endless. Having said that, how can you not exploit the power of Facebook stories? Use the Glorify Facebook story tool and post story updates that will be truly unforgettable.

Pick from the templates pre-designed by our designers and get your business to the next level. There is a design for everything you could look for – product launch, giveaways, announcements, quotes, and everything else! Explore the templates and simply drag and drop items to generate customized and personalized templates each time.

Customize and Tailor Fit Stories Your Friends and Facebook Followers

1Create your Glorify Account

2Explore and pick from the library of pre-designed designer-grade templates

3Upload a picture of your choice or pick from our equipped library

4Play with the image – insert text, change fonts or color, add filters

5Save and share!

Once saved, the design can be re-visited and customized for repurposing-

1Edit/change previously chosen images

2Change/edit previously chosen fonts. Pick out a new one from our regularly updated font library

3Redo the background, add hues, change color themes of the background

4Add new colors! You could even overhaul your entire color scheme or just choose to change colors of some textboxes or lines

Design Beginner? No Problem!

Great designs do not require great skills, great designs require great minds. It does not matter if you are new to Social Media or designing posts for Social Media as we do that for you! Our library is a treasure trove of umpteen templates that can be used to create professional posts that gather attention. 

However, we also do not take away the freedom of pro designers. Add your own elements, designs, icons, shapes, colors, themes – basically anything you want to from our collection or even your own library.

Explore our pre-equipped library of images, graphics, and illustration

It is proven for a fact that human beings retain more memory of things that they see than things that they read about. You, as a business owner, should make sure that you cash on that information. Create visuals on your social media accounts to grab all eyeballs and never let one post go unnoticed. 

Pick images from our library to make the most of visual messaging and storytelling. You can also find images of certain categories or even specific images by typing out what you are looking for in the search bar. You have the freedom to pick from the plethora of images by subscribing to Glorify Pro or Glorify Business – whatever suits your needs more. 

Plan your Facebook stories in advance

Facebook story posts are limited by the fact that you cannot edit anything about a story or even resequence the story once uploaded. The stories, also, last only 24 hours – hence you gotta make an impact that lasts for the coming 24 days if not months at least. 

Think about what you are going to put up and how before you start to upload stories randomly. In the long run and bigger picture, your posts from the past should make some sense to a more advanced future you. You can also plan curiosity-instilling stories before a product launch or other similar, big events.

Design and Share on the go!

It does not matter if you are designing your stories on your computer as they can be always taken with you in your account, wherever you go, whatever portable device you use. By creating your Facebook stories and saving them in your account, you can use it anytime for a quick throwback and can even re-design them whenever a creative wave strikes your brains!

Do you offer Facebook Templates for free?+

While a 14-day trial includes everything you need to explore the endless possibilities of design with Glorfy, we also offer premium plans at the end of the trial. Look for the premium plans that suit you best, Glorify Pro or Glorify Business at yearly rates much lesser than that of a designer’s expense!

How to add branding to my Facebook story design?+

A post that has some consistency and branding to it will always have more engagement and can be easily recognized by interested parties. It is rather very important to ensure that your business and account are recognizable. Adding your brand logo, using standard fonts and consistent color themes can be some ways to brand your social media posts.
Logos can be added as imaged to your design and adjusted in the design. The supported file formats are PNG, JPEG, or SVG files.

Can I format the text of the Facebook story post?+

You can edit a lot of characteristics of texts in your Facebook story post. You can change the font, size, alignment, spacing, emphasis, color, and even transparency of your texts. All the changes made within a box are applied across the entire text. Bullets, numbers, and other icons can also be added to the text of your Facebook Story Post. Changes are applied across all text within a text box. To apply any of the above changes, select the text box you wish to edit and click on the format options found in the text tool.

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