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An attractive GMB (Google My Business) Banner gives your audience a great first glimpse into your business. So you wanna make sure that it is captivating and compelling. Explore Glorify’s ever growing library of GMB Banner templates, designed to capture your audience’s attention.

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Select a GMB 
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Browse through and select from our collection of GMB Banner templates. You can search for templates based on your niche, or a theme that resonates with your brand. If you’re more design savvy, you can also select a blank canvas and create your design from scratch.


Customize Your Image

Customize your banner and make it truly yours. Add your product photo and spruce it up with the Background Remover Tool. Change the text, switch up the fonts, add your brand colors using our epic brand it feature – your customization options are endless!


Collaborate, Share & Export your Image

Collaborate with your team, and invite designers to work on the project with you. Get feedback to make sure that your Image is absolutely spellbinding. Once your image is ready, you can export it to your computer, and upload it. You can also resize it and share it across your social media platforms within minutes.

We’ve got an Ever Growing Library of GMB Banner Templates

We add new templates to our library every week. We also constantly update older templates, making sure they always look fresh and vibrant and in line with contemporary design.

Design Bundles: Stay consistent in Style

By staying consistent in style across all your online and social media platforms, you cement brand awareness in your customers’ minds. They will never forget you.

Glorify’s templates come in bundles, helping you create beautifully branded images for your social media platforms, websites, emails, marketing material and all aspects of your business – all in the same style.

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What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business, otherwise known as GMB, is a free tool used for businesses to help manage their online presence across all Google platforms, including Google Maps and Google Search. 

With the help of GMB, your business can be easily found by customers online with complete information such as opening hours, contact information, etc. Business owners can take advantage of this platform to promote their businesses by telling customers their story, verifying their business and editing information to facilitate easy management, especially during the COVID-19 days.

Why Must A Business Owner Optimize A Google My Business Profile?

Business during COVID-19 has turned virtual. Therefore, it is vital to get yourself very much out there. This can be done by optimizing your GMB using professional quality images that showcase your business and make a strong first impression to attract more online visitors.

Google My Business And Photos:

There are three kinds of GMB photos:

  • Google My Business Profile photos

A GMB profile photo helps customers recognize your business on Google search.

  • Google My Business Cover photos

A cover photo shows the personality of the page and automatically sets it as your listing’s preferred photo. 

  • Google My Business additional photos

This lets you add different graphics to spotlight the features of your business to help customers decide on the purchase.

Google My Business Image Requirements

Good optimization and an attractive GMB banner cannot be made if the image requirements aren’t met. Here are the image requirements that you must keep in mind:

  • GMB Profile Photo Size – 250 x 250 pixels (with min 120 x 120 pixels and max 5200 x 5300 pixels)
  • GMB Cover Photo Size – : 1080 x 608 pixels (with min 480 x 270 pixels and max 2120 x 1192 pixels)
  • Required GMB banner format – JPG or PNG
  • Required GMB size – Anywhere between 10 KB and 5 MB
  • Minimum resolution of the GMB banner – 720 px tall and 720 px wide
  • Quality – The GMB banner must be clear and in focus, with no significant alterations or excessive use of filters

4 Easy Steps to Create a GMB Banner With Glorify

With Glorify’s ready-to-use templates, you can easily create attractive GMB banners in no time!

Learn how to create a GMB banner in 4 simple steps:

1 – Select the GMB banner format

 Select a required format from Glorify’s dashboard

2 – Choose your ideal template

Make sure to pick your favorite template that suits your business with Glorify’s generator to create the GMB banner. All you need to do is browse keywords or the category.

3 – Customize, customize, customize!

This is where you need to get your creative juice flowing! Customize your GMB by adding images, changing colours and resizing using Glorify’s easy-to-use tools. Once it’s ready make sure to add your business logo, tagline and the call-to-action button!

4 – Download from Glorify and upload on Google My Business

Once you’re happy with the design, download your GMB banner as a JPG, PNG, or PDF and upload it on Google My Business!

4 Simple Steps To Add Google My Business Photos To Your Listing

  1. Claim your listing on Google My Business
  2. Log into your GMB page/dashboard
  3. Navigate the required photos from the photo tab on the left-hand column
  4. Click on the photo you wish to add and there you go!

Steps To Delete Photos From Your Google My Business Listing

First things first. Both admins and visitors are capable of adding images to a Google My Business profile.

When the photo in question is uploaded by you, it can be easily removed from the Photos tab on the left-hand column, once logged into the GMB dashboard. 

What if the photo was uploaded by visitors/customers?  In this case you need to flag the photos for the GMB team to review and remove if they violate Google My Business’s strict guidelines. This includes photos that aren’t relevant to your business or are stock imagery.

Flagging Google Photos In Your Google Account

From your desktop –

  1. Sign into your Google My Business page
  2. In case there are multiple locations, choose the location in question
  3. Click on Photos from the left menu on the screen
  4. Look for the photo that you’d like to flag
  5. Click the flag icon on the top right corner to notify Google My Business 

From your mobile –

  1. Open the Google My Business app on your mobile device
  2. Click on the Menu tab and then Photos
  3. Look for the photo in question
  4. Now, tap the three-dot menu icon on the top left corner and report the photo

Google My Business Image Optimization Tips For 2021

Similar to how businesses invest time and money into their website, the same is expected of them in terms of their Google My Business profiles!

Here are a few steps to help you optimize your Google My Business profile in 2021:

Add a personal touch – 

Make use of Google photos to help highlight your office building and employees to add a personal touch to the business. It’s best to invest in professional-quality headshots to increase the optimization on Google since low-quality photos do not reflect well on the searches. If headshots aren’t your thing, you could add a team photo instead.

Enhance the Google My Business Profile – 

Updating your GMB profile must be the first thing you take care of as it acts as a pathway to the website. It is important to know that the first thing customers view isn’t your website – it’s what appears on Google search. So, make use of the platform to outshine competitors and make a lasting impression using high-quality images.

Update your GMB profile – 

Once you’ve optimized the photos, take a last look at the information you’ve entered. This includes a duly filled Google profile,  accurate information, reviews, ratings, etc.

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Is creating a GMB banner free on Glorify?+

Yes, Glorify is free! We have a starting free pack of 14 days after which we offer an affordable plan for more exciting templates!

Is Google My Business Free?+

Google My Business, otherwise known as GMB, is a free tool used for businesses to help manage their online presence across all Google platforms, including Maps and Google Search.

How to manage a Business Profile on Google Maps?+

1.Open the Google Maps app on your computer or mobile device
2.Sign into the Google Account that you use for Google My Business
3.Now, open your business profile
4.From the top right corner tap Account Circle Your Business Profile

What are some tips to optimize Google My Business?+

1.Use accurate keywords
2.Devise a search strategy for your business
3.Produce good-quality content
4.Generate backlinks
5.Utilize your social media accounts

How to verify your Google My Business profile using a phone?+

1.Open the Google My Business app on your phone
2.Go to Verify and click on your phone number
3.Once done, you will receive a verification code that can be directly answered or you can choose to receive a text
4.Now, enter the code from the automated message or text that you received to verify your business listing on Google My Business

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