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To actually make your account look credible and work for you on Instagram, a brand logo is imperative. A logo can also be used as a watermark which gives your brand some consistency as well as avoids theft of images.

A well-created logo can often give out the basic meaning of a brand and eventually become the brand’s very identity. For example, the golden M of McDonald’s.

You see it from a distance and you know it is your burger place! Logos are also great for display on business cards and other social media profiles. 

Having a logo for your Instagram account also gives out a very professional image of your brand as compared to a random picture that you might otherwise use as the display picture.

Glorify makes logo designing very easy with our Instagram logo maker tool

How to create an Instagram Logo?

1Type your Instagram name

Type in the name of your brand, perhaps including keywords to get bang-on results. For example, if you are a flower company named Fragrance and you want an orchid in your logo with the company name, you may type “Fragrance Orchids.”

2Pick a theme that best suits your needs

Following the same example, if you are a flower company, you could pick “clean and simple” to best portray a classy flower company image. Likewise, pick colors in the next step. (as many as you want!)

3Pick a Representative Icon

Pick an icon that best suits your company image. For example, a flower icon in this case. Don’t worry, this can be changed later.

4Review the Generated Designs

The tool will instantly generate a logo that you can endlessly experiment with. Customize it with a font, color, and layout variation of your liking. You can also play with the shape, change the icon or color gradients, visual effects, and the overall design until you arrive at a satisfactory design for your brand’s logo.

Is an Instagram logo really that important?+

Instagram or otherwise, a logo is essentially the first thing that a person visiting your account would notice, and what do we know about first impressions? If not the last impressions, first impressions have a huge impact on your brand image for sure! A logo for your brands works in various ways. It attracts customers to your brands, gives your brand some viability, puts out a professional image, and eventually becomes your brand’s identity. So in one word if an Instagram logo is important or not – yes.

Does Glorify offer free Instagram logo templates?+

Though we are not able to offer a “free logo,” forever, we offer a huge collection of free logo templates available for your trial period. At the end of the trial period, you would be asked to pick from a plan of your preference – Glorify Pro or Glorify Business and everything is free thereon!

Should I even use icons for my Instagram logo? What type?+

Choosing to use icons or not is really your personal choice, however, if you do choose to use icons, you could choose to use abstract shapes. Our tool is intelligently equipped to pick the icons and shapes that will fit your logo design!

Why should you use our Instagram logo maker tool?+

Apart from the fact that generating a logo on your tool is cheaper than hiring a designer, it is also a better alternative as you have so many layouts to pick from in one place. All of this, without having to get into the hassle of communication (and miscommunication) of ideas with the designer. Besides, with our tool, you get the files in all formats like that of a studio; PNG logo, .JPG logo and .SVG logo for use on websites, Instagram, and even on business cards.

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