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Is Instagram your most-visited app? Are you trying to build a business and increase your engagement on Instagram? You have arrived at the right place. Create the most immersive, interesting, and appealing Instagram posts with the online Instagram post creator by Glorify!

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Glorify’s intuitive  Instagram post creator lets you design free Instagram banners, posts, stories, and ads all in one place, all at the ease of a few clicks. All you need to do is explore our preloaded templates library, pick a template, adjust it to suit your Instagram marketing goals, and let the engagement begin! Use our Instagram post creator to find yourself the reach and popularity you deserve!

Instagram Post Creator: How to create the best Instagram ads with Glorify?

Designing the most fantastic-looking Instagram-sponsored ad or even just a simple story to share with friends has never been easier. With Glorify, Instagram ad creation opportunities are endless and made possible in abundance. While you use our  Instagram post creator tool, follow these steps and create Instagram ads that cannot be forgotten or ignored!


  • Pick out your desired sizes

Our predesigned Instagram ad formats come in multiple sizes. Pick the size that suits your marketing goals the best to get started.

  • Choose from a range of templates

Our Instagram ad template library is preloaded with tons of professionally designed templates. Pick a template or get inspired and create your own template from scratch. 

  • Customize

Now that you’ve picked a template, customize the template to suit your brand needs. Add your custom brand logo, change the font, insert custom images, play with the color scheme- the canvas is yours to experiment with as much as you want! 

  • Save and share

Download the Instagram ad post to save on your system or share it directly to social media from your Glorify account. It’s time to get the sales rolling! 

Check out Glorify’s pre-created Instagram ad examples, get inspired and take your advertising campaigns to a whole new level!

We, at Glorify, understand that creativity cannot be restricted or defined. Our  Instagram post creator allows you to play with each element and create the most professional-looking Instagram ad without having to spend money on hiring an actual professional. With our intuitive drag and drop tool, save your time, money and create visual posts or ads that can take your sales by the storm! 

Instagram posts

Do you fancy an aesthetic looking Instagram and want to up your Instagram posting game? Create the most noticeable, interactive, and appealing Instagram posts with the option of adding GIFs to our Instagram post creator  templates!

Instagram sponsored ads

Change the game of your Instagram sponsored ads while reducing the cost per ad. We eliminate the need to hire a professional and do not want you to have any prior design experience- our Instagram banner maker does it all for you!

Instagram stories

Hype your Instagram stories and engage with your customers by using our pre designed Instagram story layouts and presets. Our Instagram post creator is here to change your game! 

What colors work best on Instagram?+

The best colors on Instagram would be colors that match your purpose and are cohesive with your account. For example, if you are a flower business account, using pastel and neutral shades will make more sense than using dark and bold colors like black or brown. In general, however, it is recommended to use all colors separately and be consistent with the palette you choose across your profile.

What is the recommended size of an Instagram photo?+

Typically, three sizes are recommended for Instagram photos. These sizes are-
1080 x 1080px (square photo with a 1:1 aspect ratio)
1080 x 1350px (portrait photo with a 4:5 aspect ratio)
1080 x 608px (landscape photo with a 1.91:1 aspect ratio)
Glorify’s Instagram post creator offers ready-to-use templates in all the recommended sizes!

What font looks best on Instagram?+

Some of the most commonly used fonts on Instagram are Arvo, Playfair Display, Open Sans, Montserrat, Novecento, Anton, Helvetica, PT Sans, and Gabriela. It is recommended to always use a font that is easily readable for the most engagement. If you choose to create your Instagram stories, posts, or ads with Glorify, you can even use a custom font in your designs!

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