Create Unique Instagram Story Post like a Pro!

Tired of creating Instagram posts that stand out, fit the sizing requirements, and also gather maximum engagement? You’re at just the right place! Replace your old-school style of creating pictures and videos and get exciting Instagram Stories that showcase your personal style. Glorify brings you a variety of aesthetic looking stylish templates for you to choose from. 

Glorify’s Instagram Story maker enables you to choose from thousands of amazing templates that add vibrancy, flair, and personality to your posts. Let not achieving the chic, Instagram-influencer-vibe feed takes away the fun of using the app from you.  Create gingery Instagram Stories by uploading your own images to professionally-created templates and make the best out of your Instagram Business account.

Customize and Tailor Fit Stories Your Instagram Followers

1Create an account on Glorify or log in to your existing account

2Explore hundreds of pre-designed templates and pick what suits your business the best

3Upload your own pictures in the template or pick one from our equipped library

4Play with the design, change colors, add texts and fix the images

5Save and share!

On-brand Instagram Stories for your business

Say goodbye to your graphic designer and save your bucks. Now creating cohesive, on-brand Instagram Stories is super easy with the help of Glorify. Add your logo and your brand’s colors and keep the same layout across a series of stories for greater consistency that yields brand recognition. Get your business account the right aesthetic for your posts to attract the audience that converts sales!

The Influencer look is not just for influencers anymore!

Ever wondered how influencers make their Stories look so professional and chic without being boring? It’s not as simple as just clicking the photo and uploading it on Instagram. They’re using lively templates, borders, filters, texts, and backgrounds—templates open up a whole new world of possibilities and creativity for your Stories. And be not mistaken, influencers are on Instagram for business too – just like you!

Boost your engagement

Who doesn’t want more likes, comments, and followers on Instagram? Beautiful Instagram Stories should be an essential part of your social media marketing strategy. Use a template from Glorify’s and watch compliments on your design skills flow in! 

Creating an Instagram Stories strategy for your business 

As with all aspects of social media marketing, you’ll need an Instagram Stories strategy to be successful and achieve your goals.

But where should you start?

Consistency is the principle for social media success. And that’s especially true for stories. Because stories only last 24hrs, you need to post new content daily to keep your audience engaged and entertained. Being consistent on social media helps one to create a relationship with its audience and then they feel an up-close connection with your brand or blog. 

Only using Instagram stories as a source of the content should never be the first and only prima facie but if someone really desires to have a wide reach and a well branded, insightful profile is the key. As a brand, your focus should be on posting content that resonates with your end-users and drives them to buy your products. Hence, informational content like that of product information, your products vs others, and a generally well-thought-out and structured content could be a successful takeaway.


Increase your engagement, reach, and conversions from Insta stories- During an experiment between Facebook and Insta Ads, it was seen that Instagram ads work more efficiently than Facebook ads and it really helps in boosting the blog insights. So is this not the time to make your e-commerce business shine? We are ready to help!

Where is Glorify available?+

Glorify is available on any of your preferred web browsers. Just head to and get to the designs without having to downloading or installing anything additional.

Is Glorify free to use?+

While a 14-day trial includes everything you need to explore the endless possibilities of design with Glorfy, we also offer premium plans at the end of the trial. Look for the premium plans that suit you best, Glorify Pro or Glorify Business at yearly rates much lesser than that of a designer’s expense!

Why should you use Glorify for your Instagram Feed Square photos?+

Glorify, with its specialization in the e-commerce business, would never disappoint you when it comes to visuals and designs for your business. Besides, using our tool for Instagram images amongst tens of other needs is cheaper than hiring a professional. Be hassle-free and pick from templates that do not look any less than a professional designer’s job under minutes and also save yourself the bucks!

The path to glory begins here

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