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Affiliates and Partnerships Manager

Remote / Full-Time


We at Glorify are an enthusiastic team always on the lookout for like-minded people to join us in the race towards our goals. We believe that expertise alone is not enough to take us to the top. But if there’s passion, hard work and dedication to add to the mix, then we’re on the right track. If you tick all these boxes, keep reading. Glorify is just the place for you!

As an experienced affiliates and partnerships professional you’ll be working closely with the Heads of the company. You will set out, define and execute outreach activities that initiate meaningful collaborations and manage the affiliate and partner program that will increase traffic, leads and revenue.


  • Responsible for seasonal planning and partner outreach
  • Keep outreach data organized and categorized in the chosen platform to measure performance on activities.
  • Continually review and suggest changes to tactics based on current performance and the impact on campaign goals and KPIs
  • Coordinate with the business to ensure that they are aware of your progress and that you are aware of client feedback, trends and needs
  • Independently carry out day to day optimisation and maximisation
  • Be up-to-date with trends in digital technology specific to partner/influencer outreach
  • Define and coordinate the affiliate and partner program strategies to drive traffic and revenue

Managing Affiliates

  • Manage existing relationships with key affiliates and partners as well as drive new opportunities and create new partnerships
  • Keep on top of the Entire Glorify Sales Funnel. Be proactive on knowing what is going on throughout the company in terms of promotions and funnel adjustments so that affiliates can be informed accordingly
  • Gather data, generate reports and carry out advanced performance analysis, checking data to ensure accuracy at every stage and reporting back to the management
  • Engage affiliates on a weekly basis, using resources from the team (copy, images etc) with the latest updates and any other meaningful insight.

Grow the Affiliate Program

  • Identify innovative opportunities to grow these channels, pitching to internal stakeholders and executing them effectively
  • Rally affiliates to become evangelists of the program. Get permission to share success stories of affiliates, interviews, sales snapshots etc…

Outreach Duties

  • Receiving and sending emails on partnership opportunities, podcasts, content etc. and hit agreed upon targets on a monthly basis.


Founders of companies: E-commerce, SaaS, E-learning, Agencies

Experts: Marketers, Designers, Team Leaders

There are 3 types of podcast guests:

  1. Audience ROI – Experts and influencers that have audiences we are interested in
  2. Social Proof – Famous experts or representatives of big brands or even new brands that have been featured in large publications like Forbes or Techcrunch in order to add social proof to our brand
  3. Knowledge Only (low priority) – Purely for sharing expert knowledge, not much value in their network or personal brand for us.

Note: Some guests can be a combination of type 1 and 2. Tags must be added to each podcast lead.


  1. Audience ROI
    Experts/Influencers: Top Tier: Alex Becker, Gary V. These also serve as type 2 – social proof
  2. Social Proof

Featured Ecommerce Brands:, Tenzing

  • Knowledge Only (low priority)
    Matt Davies is a good example – not a massive personal brand yet but great knowledge.

Influencers / Experts

Tech enthusiasts, design experts, E-commerce experts, marketing experts, SaaS experts, E-Learning experts, web developer experts

Designers, Marketers and E-commerce Experts are the priority

There are 3 types:

  1. Sponsorship (Low Priority)
    Channels ranging from 200K subscribers and above
  2. Affiliate (High Priority)
    Large subscriber is not a priority but a big bonus. As they are promoting for free
  3. Evangelist (High Priority)
    They promote what they love for free, because they appreciate the technology


Get Glorify featured on other related websites.

  1. Deal websites (High Priority)
    Lifetime deal offers, SaaS coupon for subscription offers
  2. Publications
    Technology, Ecommerce, Market Trends, Design, General News This includes Techcrunch, Forbes and other similar publications
  3. Blogs of complementary businesses
    Ecommerce, SaaS (as long as it’s not a competitor), Agencies, E-Learning
  4. Blogs of complimentary experts
    Design, Marketing, E-commerce Experts and other leaders

Get Team Featured Outreach

Priority should be to get Omar Farook featured as CEO Co-Founder in: Publications, Conferences, Webinars, Podcasts


  • SaaS Bootstrap Growth
  • E-commerce Design/Brand Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Product Building
  • UI/UX Design
  • Managing Teams

Strategy (Not Complete)

What are the outreach strategies for each outreach activity?

  1. Podcasts
  2. Influencers / Experts
  3. Websites
  4. Get Team Featured Outreach
  • Resources
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