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VueJS Frontend HTML5 Canvas Developer

Remote / Full-Time

Company Description: SaaS Design Tool for Business Owners

At Glorify, we are passionate about building a thoroughly thought out product that satisfies all our customers’ design needs. We are a team of passionate, diverse, hard working individuals out to achieve great things and commit to the vision of our company. We’re looking for a dedicated developer willing to work with us full time.

The next frontiers of our development include the following:

  • Video & Animation Editor
  • Multi Canvas Editor and Scalable Design
  • Infinite Editor similar to Figma
  • Live collaboration
  • Marketplace platform for designers to publish designs to the community


  • We are seeking a dedicated Vue.js front-end developer to join our growing company. You will work as part of a team to develop fast, well-tested, and performant code for our design tool Glorify, using Vue.js.
  • Our application is based on HTML5 canvas and webGL, so must have prior experience in canvas or canvas-based html5 libraries.
  • As a Vue.js front-end developer, you will be expected to work with standard programming tools such as version control and deployment software, follow industry best practices, write tests for the code you write, and follow all applicable coding guidelines.
  • Your duties will include taking part in the daily workflow, writing and developing modules for existing Vue applications, integrating Vue into existing projects, writing code and tests for code, taking part in code review sessions, and using version control software to push and pull code for testing and deployment.


Listed below are some of the responsibilities a Vue.js developer is expected to assume in his/her position at Glorify:

  • Write performant code using core Vue, Vuex, and Vue Router to create websites and web applications
  • Building modular and reusable components and libraries
  • Optimizing your application for performance
  • Diagnose and fix bugs and other software defects in new and existing Vue application
  • Keeping an eye on security updates and issues found with Vue.js and all project dependencies
  • Proposing any upgrades and updates necessary for keeping up with modern security and development best practices


Listed below are the qualifications expected of a Vue.js developer:

  • Must have a strong understanding of HTML5 canvas
  • Must have worked with graphics related web applications
  • Strong understanding of JavaScript and VueJS, including the latest revisions of ECMAScript
  • Highly proficient with Vue.js framework and its core principles such as components, reactivity, and the virtual DOM
  • Strong understanding of the Vue.js ecosystem, including Vue CLI, Vuex, Vue Router, and Nuxt.js
  • Experience with standard tools and services in JavaScript front-end development and software development, such as Git, GitHub, HTML5, Node.js, and npm
  • The ability to work as part of a team, taking ownership of individual components and following coding guidelines to create performant components that fit into more comprehensive projects
  • Strong understanding of advanced JavaScript concepts, such as dealing with asynchronous requests and dynamic content
  • Experience with integrating and maintaining external software libraries and APIs using a command-line interface and package managers
  • Understanding of server-side rendering and its benefits and use cases
  • Knowledge of functional programming and object-oriented programming paradigms
  • Ability to write efficient, secure, well-documented, and clean JavaScript code


  • Bachelor’s degree or several years of experience in ecommerce, computer science or other related fields
  • Knows basic PHP or any PHP framework like CodeIgniter/Laravel
  • Knows the basic concept of webassembly
  • Knows the basics of webGL
  • ReactJS or any other reactive Javascript framework
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