10 Helpful Resources for Color Palette Inspiration

October 28, 2020 | 0 min read


Colors play an important role in the world of design and even just in general. Colors talk to your psychology even before you get to reading words or interpreting a design. Hence, it only becomes imperative for a designer to ensure that they use the right colors for their designs. Selecting a great color palette is important because it determines the overall tone of your design in the end. 

However, if you are a beginner designer or a designer that is too drained and needs some inspiration, you have come to the right place. Here is a list of resources for color palate inspirations, curated to bring in some color to your design thought process!

1. Pigment by Shaepfactory

One of the most iconic and best color palette generator out there, Pigment is one of the highest-rated color palette generators, raved about by the designers everywhere on the internet. Pigment’s beautiful and smooth user interface lets you choose any color palette that appeals to you. Thereon, you can modify the palette directly from the browser by adjusting the pigment and the lighting.

Once you do happen to finalize a color palette of your choice, you can also adjust the shade and even copy a variety of color codes in RGB, Pantone, and HEX. Another feature that appeals to most designers is the provision to search duotone stock photos using the color palette of your choice. You can also generate a gradient background based on the color combination too!

Pigment by Shaepfactory

2. Coolors

With coolors, you can generate a color scheme, save it, and share it under minutes. You can also actually generate color schemes from an image and toggle different shades to match your needs. A perfect platform to find color palette inspiration, coolor’s explore lets you even browse thousands of color schemes created by the community at the ease of a few clicks.

With coolor, you are also enabled to explore new color combinations and filter the best ones as per the community votes.


 3. Adobe Color

Adobe Colors generates color schemes on the rules of basic color theory. You can generate thousands of color palettes for inspiration; and also, explore the color combinations created by the Adobe community. Besides, the daily trending color palettes further boost to contribute to the cause of great designs! In what we call a rather organized structure, Adobe has their color combos categorized on industries such as graphic design, illustration, fashion, architecture, amongst many more!

Adobe Color

4. Design Seeds

Design seeds is a great website for anyone looking to gain a daily color palette inspiration on specific themes. Jessica, the creator of this phenomenal website, essentially celebrates the colors of nature via the platform and the aesthetic of purposeful living. Jessica also, in particular, does a great job of sharing photos on the basis of what is in-trend in the world of design. 

Design Seeds

5. Dribble for Color Inspiration

Though Dribble might be known to you as a place only for design inspiration, it also, in fact, is a trove for color palette inspiration. You can actually even sort through various designs on the site,  based on the color of your choice which makes it easier to decide on what colors to use. 

Dribble for Color Inspiration

6. Muzli Color Palette Generator

Just like Adobe colors, Muzli has a wonderful user interface. If you happen to be a designer who has even some idea of what color you’d be using, you can create tons of color schemes basis that information. The best part yet, about the Muzli Color palette generator is the fact that you get a mockup within the dashboard that allows you to preview how the color palette would really look like on your designs and project.

Muzli Color Palette Generator

7. Material Palette

With Material Palette, you can choose your favorite color and have a downloadable material design palette ready in minutes! How it works is, you chose a couple of colors that you like and then, the website, in turn, will produce a color palette. The generated color palette can also be previewed on the same page, on the right side, making imagining the color palette on your design easier. 

Material Palette

8. Hello Color

A rather simple color contrast generator, Hello Color should be your go-to if you aim for a simple color palette resource. At Hello Color, you can get two contrasting color palettes just at a couple of clicks. Besides, for the ease and convenience of all, Hello Color offers you the Hex codes for each palette so you can incorporate the colors in any design, at any point!

Hello Color

9. ColourCode

ColourCode is a tool for designers who like to follow their gut and intuitions. With ColourCode, you can combine colors on the basis of your intuition and what feels right to you to look at. The website enables you to generate schemes based on monochrome, analogic, complementary, triad, and quad combinations.


10. Color Hunt

Another valuable resource, Colour Hunt is your one-stop to access a well-curated, well-though of collection of beautiful colors schemes that are also updated daily. At Colour Hunt, you can sort and filter colors on the grounds of new, random, and popularity (as voted by the community). Besides, a brownie for the neat-freaks, Colour Hunt is a rather simplified and more-in-the-right-order color generator because you have 4 colors that work well together.  The colors are organized in a way that makes its really easy and confusion-free to pick the apt combination.

Color Hunt

Looking for inspiration everywhere, as you go? Colour Hunt also lets you add a Google Chrome extension to help you get color inspiration with each tab you open on your browser!

Finishing Up-

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of some too-goo-tp-be-true resources for palette inspiration, may your design world be never void of colors ever again! Get to work, you might be on your way to creating something none of us have seen before!



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