If you look at it carefully, you would realize, food design is not just limited to the picture you see on the website home page. It is also the designs that go into the designing of the physical space of the restaurant, cafe, menu, and the marketing material for promotional events. As the food choices and #foodporn changes every few months, sometimes as diverse as acai bowl to avocado toast, so does the design trend in the food industry. Besides, now with the world staying at home in 2020, picking the right design for your food app or food website becomes of paramount importance. Online ordering on apps and websites is where all the food now converts into sales and revenue for food companies or food business owners.

You could be a small cupcake window owner or you could also be running a big-shot food chain. Regardless, here are some insights on the latest trends in the food industry for some quick learning and quicker brand engagement-

1. Less is More

With the minimal ‘no-makeup-makeup-look’ trending in the beauty industry, the food industry also seems to have taken the same route in 2020. For food designs, the primary focus needs to remain on the food. For example, let’s say you are a baker. You might want to present an extra-ordinary cake design on the main page of your food website. In such a case, you would obviously want the design of the cake to stand out and not random flower decorations or other ‘toppings’ of sorts.

Think of the food item as the design and everything else being just the seasoning on the design. Overpopulating your images and visuals is only going to make the user feel too full- even before they have tasted your food.

Less is More

2. Drizzle Some Animation

Animation, in 2020, is everywhere. It is in the form of GIFs, it is on ads, in stories, on Social Media wall posts, and even on packaging in the form of static animation. Animation brings in a lot of joy, life and fun to the visuals.

Now this animation could be in the form of a supporting element to your design. It could be a small decorative animated element on the design or perhaps, you could even animate your text. Another way of animation your food design is by animation the food item as a whole. This approach, however, works when you are using the animation as an element of the app or the website – and not to sell the food item. You could use an animated food item as a focal point and add complimentary, attractive, catchy text to it.

Drizzle Some Animation

3. Pay Attention To Your Fonts

Now that we have established that designs cannot be overboard with the food images, how do you really tract attention? Supplement your food and the food design templates with some cool-looking texts. The text, also, however, should be minimal and not too ‘texty.’ Using cool, unique, and attractive fonts to support the food images can do the trick for you.

At Glorify, we offer thousands of pre-designed templates that are 100 percent customizable. Pick any template, use it for your food website, customize the template with your own food images, add texts in awesome-looking fonts, and let the sales do rest of the talking!

Pay Attention To Your Fonts

4. Go BOLD with The Text

Since food images can be highly distracting in terms of the contrasts and the natural colors of the food, the text, at times, may even go unnoticed. Use fonts that are bold and highlight the text so the food does not take away all the attention. You may not be able to always place the tet right on top of the images (it is also not recommended), hence, the supporting text needs to stand out. Look for phrases that are minimal in words but talk greatly of the brand and the food. For example, even KFC uses just three words “Finger Lickin’ Good,” but they are not afraid to go all bold!

Go BOLD with The Text

5. Do Not Compromise Authenticity

Now, with the world going online, it is not difficult for someone sitting in South East Asia to get an insight into how the food looks like in North America. Also with so much competition in the food industry and so many home cooks fighting to make a name, gone are those days when brands could fool customers. People have now started taking food seriously. You, as a food brand owner,  cannot use unrealistic images on campaigns and get customers to buy your food. This does not only yield negative reviews from dissatisfied customers but also, at large, is unethical.

Use authentic and natural, real-looking images for promoting your brand. To sauce it up, (perhaps, quite literally), you can always enhance the overall appearance by using a photogenic side like a dip or a sauce or a topping. For example, if you sell waffles, you can make a real waffle look appealing by adding a rivulet of chocolate sauce, some fruits and maybe even by dusting some sugar powder.

Do Not Compromise Authenticity

6. Emotional Engagement

Well, emotions work almost everywhere when it comes to sleeping and even more so when it comes to food. Food, unarguably, is something that unites people across the globe. People don’t just care about what they eat but also how the food is made and sourced. Use designs that emotionally engage the user visiting your website and make them want to at least give your food a shot. You can use high-end graphics to convey your cause.

For example, Burger King, in some parts of the worl, offered a discount on its burgers as great as the salary cut experienced by their customers due to the global pandemic. So, if your salary got slashed by 20 percent, you can avail a 20 percent discount on the burgers. This works great because Burger King emerged as a brand that cares about those who suffered a pay loss; they were able to use this to gain attention on Social Media and also made profits by the logic of economies of scale!

Emotional Engagement

Final Words

Now that you are updated and inspired, let Glorify help you come to the most-attractive food design for your food website. While you take care of inventing the most tempting and drool-worthy recipes, Glorify takes care of all the visuals. GlorifyApp is your one-stop solution for all your e-commerce designing needs. Our library is equipped with thousand of pre-designed, professionally generated templates, and themes for the most phenomenal looking visuals. We do not only take care of templates, images, fonts, and the visuals that sell your food and gather attention around your food website; but we also got your back across Social Media. With Glorify, boost your online business by creating visuals that matter!