How To Make A Facebook Profile Video On Facebook In 2021

February 15, 2021 | 0 min read

Glorify Team

As general as it may sound, creating a new profile video on Facebook instead of a Facebook profile picture is the easiest way to make your profile stand out from the rest of the crowd on the platform.

The new feature of uploading a video instead of a picture on Facebook was launched in the year 2015, where the users started to upload videos up to 7 seconds on their profile page, which caught up with time. These short videos could be a great way of animation to show and share an exciting moment with your friends. But how to make a profile video for Facebook Profile? This article will talk and explain everything you need to know. So, let’s get started!

How to make a profile video on Facebook?

Unfortunately, the creation of the profile videos for Facebook can only be made on the mobile Facebook app (either iPhone or Android) and not on your computer. Here’s how to make a profile video for your Facebook profile-

How to create a new profile video on Facebook?
  • Go to your profile from the Facebook mobile app and find the profile tab, preferable the third option from the left bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the camera icon, which is right next to the current profile picture, and tap on “Select profile picture or video.”
  • Here you can browse through your camera roll or can also opt to shoot a new video.
  • Now, trim, crop, and edit the profile video you have selected with the help of the Facebook interface tools to trim up to 7 seconds or shorter.
  • When done, the next step is to hit “Use.” You’ll find this in the upper right corner.
  • And you’re done. The profile video is uploaded and available in your news feed.

Technical requirements and editing options of a Facebook profile video

Now that you know how to make a profile video for your Facebook profile, here’s something else you need to know: In order to upload a new profile video, use a Facebook Android or iOS app as there you can’t upload via the website. There aren’t many technical requirements needed for Facebook profile videos, but a user must make sure of the below mentioned:

Technical requirements and editing options of a Facebook profile video
  • The Size: These Facebook profile videos appear as photos when you tap your profile picture, therefore, you will need to crop them to 1:1 to fit. However, there are no size requirements for these videos other than the ratio.
  • File Format: Facebook supports all video file formats including. MP4 and. MOV. But, you cannot upload a video or photo in the form of a GIF as when anyone would select a profile it would be viewed as an animated picture.
  • Editing Options for a Facebook profile is comparatively easier. All you need to do is click on the “Edit” and adjust the look and timing of your video. The options available are:
  • Timing: Facebook profile videos are to be a maximum of 7 seconds long. While selecting a video, the app will automatically select the first 7 seconds that can be adjusted by you as per the section you wish to feature on your profile video. You can also choose to trim the video ahead of time to meet the limit of 7 seconds.
  • Sound: You can turn the sounds off or on before uploading your video on Facebook.
  • Cover Thumbnail: You are allowed to change the “Cover” to any frame in the video. All you need to do is use the slider on the “Cover” tab and adjust the video thumbnail.
  • Crop: Facebook has an inbuilt crop tool that lets you adjust the area of their video in the frame.

How to make a profile video on Facebook: Unique video Facebook designs

Facebook does provide great frames to work on, but if you are looking for more interesting and fun ideas that can help spice your Facebook video, Glorify can be your go-to. Here you can add custom frames, filters, captions, or speed changes, to the video editing tools.

Unique video Facebook Designs

Simply open the library and upload your video that you wish to add on Facebook. Now, make use of the unique design interfaces and add them to the video. These designs include shapes, colors, text, layers, images, and overlays. Once done, download the video and you’re good to go.

Here are a few brownie points to help you customize your Facebook profile video with the help of Glorify unique designs:

  • Circular Frame: You could use the circular frames for your video as most Facebook frames involve a circle outside of the picture. Simply click on “Shape” and select the circle/oval option, you can also use “Fill Color.” Now adjust the size and the position of the shape.
  • Text: Would you like to share your experience via text? Use the text option that is available and position it onto the Facebook video. To make it more funky or attractive you can also opt to use the animated text.
  • Add filters: Use the filters available in the app to further enhance the video. You can edit the video saturation, opacity, brightness, contrast, and blur.

Once you are done making your edits on the Facebook profile video, all you need to do is hit “download.” Once you have the video ready, use the steps able, and upload the profile on the Facebook app.

If you are looking for the best Facebook video format, you can explore it via the link now!

To Conclude:

Creating a Facebook profile video content helps enhance and stand out from the rest of the crowd on the platform in dynamic and creative ways. We hope we’ve been able to answer all your queries around how to make a video your profile picture on Facebook! Make use of the tips and Glorify app to edit your Facebook video in the simplest and best way possible now!

How To Make A Facebook Profile Video In 2021 FAQs

1. How long can a FB profile video be?

A Facebook profile video can be up to 7 seconds long and can be uploaded from an iPhone or Android app. These profile videos appear at the top of your profile in place of the profile picture.

2. How do I keep my old Facebook profile?

Here is how you can keep your old Facebook profile pictures:
– Click on the menu at the top right side of your page.
– Tap on “Report.”
– Click on “Report or close this account”
– Then “Continue”
– Select and hit on “Recover this account”
– You’ll have your Facebook old profile back

3. How to make a profile video on Facebook?

– Go to your Facebook profile and tap on your profile picture or the profile video.
– Click on “Take a new profile video” to take a new video or opt to tap on “Upload Video” or “Photo to choose a video from your phone.”
– Click on Next
– Tap on the bar at the bottom to choose a thumbnail for your video.
Now, click on “Save.”


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