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October 28, 2020 | 0 min read


The Digital revolution is already here and the internet is overwhelming with content. In this ocean of digital material standing apart from the others can be a challenge, well, for some maybe. The rest of the population who finds it rather difficult to flaunt their awesome work over this cyber dome happens to be hampered with a huge handicap.


If you belong to this category, it is high time that you make a total remodel to your approach. Making an awesome design with a perfect balance of text and images is vital to decide whether your work will stand out or not. It is here that clipart comes into play. They totally enhance the look of your digital work, say a poster, document, or flyer.

However, finding good quality clip-art websites for free without much authorization hassles can be a tedious if not impossible task. That is why we have compiled a list of the best clip-art websites that can meet your various demands when it comes to beautifully crafting something online. So without further ado let’s dive in.



This website is for those who love doing their design and editing online mostly. The things that are going to make you fall in love with are undoubtedly the variety and vastness of cliparts and the availability of several pre-prepared designs and templates to assist you in case you are a newbie.

The templates, cliparts, and other elements are all customizable according to your sense of design and point-of-view. That makes this awesome website even cooler, the amount of freedom to play around at will certainly blow your mind away.

Besides this, you can upload your own images and customize them lavishly with cliparts of your choice.



In case you are a vector graphics designer, this site is unmistakably a great choice. bags in the following,

  1. free vector art
  2. Illustrations
  3. Icons
  4. PSD and photos

This place is ideal for designers who are looking to customize their websites and banners.


If you are a student or teacher in need of cliparts related more to your studies or teaching respectively, rather than random designs and cool vectors, you have come to the right place then.

With over 71.5K cliparts related to educational purposes, this website is a total lifesaver for students and teachers.

When you are dealing with matters of submission and research, citations become crucial, and at, the cliparts come loaded with source information. This website is hell-bound on making life easier for you.

Pop-ups, ads, inappropriate links are all out of the question here at so that safe browsing is guaranteed.



At no cost at all, a free-to-use platform when offers you 1000s of vector images, clipart, and vector patterns you can be sure that you have arrived at This is one website that is quite similar to and is also the best way to start your freebie design journey.



When there is a list of clipart that is 20000+ long, you realize that you have arrived at the right place where you can have all your design issues resolved. Adobe file format-friendly clipart range in the previously said 20000+ range and hence it is of very rare chance that your design runs out of fresh style. Oh! And all of this is free to download.



If you are in the search for png images, your search probably ends here. With high quality and a vast and unique collection, this website is an ideal choice for every designer. Unlike several other platforms and direct image downloads, the images that you get at is background free! Yes, you heard that right background free.

This is a huge time-saver and I do not need to stress that to all of you who had to previously remove the background of images separately through a messy and time-consuming process.

Designers who are reading this will know how damn difficult it is to remove a tree’s background properly, but on this website it is all done for you in perfect quality.



Agencies and merch-marketers are yet another category who find a great use for cliparts and full-blown image, and graphic enhancement. It is for them and for designers that is designed. With a virtually unlimited supply of everything you need, will not disappoint you.

Then there is the question of what do you get with They offer you,

  1. ready-made graphics for personal or commercial projects
  2. versatile backgrounds
  3. trendy icons
  4. fantastic logo templates
  5. print-ready designs

and everything in between.



How many vectors will it take to blow your mind away, well we are not clear of that, however, believes that 150k+ vector images will be more than enough to satisfy its users.

When you come to know that all of this comes for free, your mind fills with joy. Also, finding the ideal image for your particular use isn’t that hard either, simply type your search term into the search bar and you have the desired vector delivered to you. allows free downloads for both commercial and personal use.



Yet another community-powered website, which has a mindblowing inventory which isn’t just limited to vectors. Vectors and PSD files are freely available here. However, you have to make a simple free-of-cost contribution to the website by following them on Twitter, or liking them on Facebook or giving an entire tweet about them.

For the awesome services they are providing for free of cost, this return gesture is so simple and can help your peers as well.



When design enthusiasts come together to share free vector graphics, you are gifted with a website full of free vector graphics that can be limitlessly used for personal use and limited commercial use as well.

The latest additions to the website will be listed on the homepage itself to inspire new ideas.



Vectors, brushes, photos,  gradients you name it they have it. In addition to serving designers top-notch designs, they have their own exclusive graphics. As the name suggests these are all made available for free use as well.



If you are a student, the possibility is that you want free but stunning clip art images. Similar to students this is a platform that can come in handy for several educators as well. There are several clip arts available on this website related to every subject per se. Besides being an awesome place to find cool clip arts it is completely free to use.



If you are an educator who believes in teaching in a different way, chances are you need to make your own resources for your students. At, teachers can browse through several free clip art images and they even have black and white cliparts which when printed on paper can serve as a cool coloring exercise for your younger students.



Repeatedly voted as one of the best vector clip art provider this website offers, free stock vectors which designers use in several different projects of theirs.

Also, artists tend to showcase their skills by uploading their vector creations which are then available for users for free.



When you love to donate to the community from which you receive graciously, you best be at This website offers several crisp vector images and enables you to upload your own works to the website so that others can make use of your awesome work.

That is it for an awesome set of free to use clip art websites for you. We have also thrown along several websites that offer services more than just clip arts as well. Also, go through the FAQs below for further clarity. Do read the terms and conditions of websites as they tend to change often. You don’t want to have trouble with using clip art on a commercial project just because you didn’t read the terms and conditions. And as a great bonus, we are offering you something below.

About us:

When your design needs are multiple, say making designs, adding images, etc. you may find it difficult to navigate from tab to tab and downloading and uploading images to your platform where you unite them into a work of art. Often due to compatibility issues, such a mix-match can make your creation look a little unprofessional, but to save you from all the trouble and make your work awesome, you can shift to Glorify where you can have all of this done at a single go.

Glorify is a platform where there is a multitude of options for you to choose from. Also, they offer a cardless 14-day trial.

Free Clipart Sites-FAQs:

1) Can stock clipart be used as a logo?

As long as the designer has no problems with the clip-art being used for a commercial purpose you are safe to use a stock clip-art as a logo. The best alternative to this is to make some changes rather than using it entirely stock, this will make your logo stand out and give it a personal touch as well. The best platform where you can customize such stock clip arts for logo is Fotro.

2) Can clip art be used commercially?

Normally most clip arts that are free to use can be used for commercial purposes as well, however, read the details while downloading and using clip art as a commercial element as hidden clauses can later become a headache.

3) What is the file format of clip art?

Normally .png or .jpg. If you are a user of Adobe illustrator then you can have them in those formats too.

4) Can clip art be added to photo, if yes how?

Yes, they can be added to photo, to do so different websites have different methods, usually, they are going to be a drag and drop method like in Fotor.


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