Fancy Instagram Fonts: How To Customize Instagram Fonts To Fancy Looking Fonts

October 31, 2020 | 0 min read


You might have stumbled on an influencer, business, or even your friend’s Instagram account that had the bio written in a very fancy Instagram font, only to leave you wondering “how do they do it?” You might have tried copy-pasting text from one site and posted it into your bio or for your post captions – only to fail eventually. However, the good news here is, it is very easy to change Instagram fonts. In fact, with most Instagram font changer apps and Instagram font generators, it is just a two-step process!

Instagram fonts

However, before we get to the dissection of how to get different fonts on Instagram, let us first understand why you need to pay enough attention to your Instagram fonts.

Instagram is one of the most-visited and loved Social Media platforms available today. The engagement and captivity on all other Social Media platforms, including Facebook, seem to go down time and again. However, Instagram remains the only platform that only sees more and more influx of users, if not the most. Instagram is most liked not only by bloggers but is also the most preferred account of designers and artists. A fancy Instagram font for the bio or in the caption, in such a huge pool of people, is sure to get one noticed and stand out.

different Instagram fonts

However, while you are at the thought of using a fancy account, you also potentially run the risk of having your account look rather kiddish and amateur. Hence, you need to ensure that you pick a fancy font for Instagram- and not a funny or a going-too-overboard font.

You could also visit some famous Instagram accounts or visit blogs to include in your research on what could be the most subtle, relevant yet fancy Instagram fonts to pick from. You would also have noticed a lot of Instagram accounts with absolutely random emojis at the end of captions for Instagram bios. Do not misread them! They have been put there on purpose, to add some personality, and to break up the monotony of letters/words alone. 

fancy Instagram fonts

Instagram Fonts: Choosing a font that is all-screen and screen reader-friendly

While attempting to use fancy fonts for your Instagram bio and captions, one also needs to remember that the Instagram bio supports only Unicode characters. Without getting into too much detail on Unicode characters, the point to convey here is that some Instagram fonts run the cancer of not being Unicode characters. That essentially means that such fonts might not be readable across screens and most definitely not be accessible for the people who use screen readers.

Hence, you should either run a test to ensure your font is accessible by screen readers; or for the best, it is recommended to use fancy Instagram fonts only on perhaps, your name or for a short description instead of the entire bio for an Instagram caption.

all screen and screen reader friendly instagram fonts

A win-win recipe for the best Instagram bio

A good-looking Instagram font is not the only thing one needs for the best Instagram bio. The best Instagram bio would perhaps be the one that is well-articulated in an edgy (nut not too much) font. Try and keep your bio compelling, mysterious, short, peppy, and sweet. Use well-thought attractive words instead of making it too long. Ideally, an Instagram bio should not be more than two lines. Hey, hey no one wants to read your life history on your Instagram bio!

best fonts for Instagram bio

Coming to the juice, here’s how to change fonts on Instagram:

  1. Pick out a relevant font

There is a lot of free Instagram font changer and generator tools available online which can be used to generate fancy Instagram fonts for your Instagram bio or captions. One of the best and most-raved, easy to use Instagram font changer is Meta Tags Font Generator. We have ourselves used this font to understand what is so extraordinary about it and do trust us, it is worth all the rave!

Highly simplified in terms of its UI, here’s how to use Meta Tags Font Generator-

  • Visit 
  • Enter the text that you want to be customized in the box on the upper left corner – ‘Edit text’
  • You will get a long list of various fancy fonts that you can pick from
  • When visiting the site with an iPad, a desktop, or on website version; you will see a preview of the text incorporated on an Instagram profile on the right-hand side
  • Copy the text that appeals to you the best
Meta Tags Font Generator for instagram
  1. Paste and Save!

Now that you have secured the font, all you need to do is to visit your Instagram profile,  and paste your copied text at the “Bio” tab under “Edit Profile.”  This text, of course, can also be pasted on your caption box or in the comment section of a post- basically anywhere on Instagram!

You can also, of course, play around with your newly found fancy Instagram fonts and change the fonts whenever you get tired of the “same old!”

Meta Tags Font Generator BIO for instagram

Final Words- How to Find and Customize Instagram Fonts for Your Profile

Just not Meta Tags Font Generator, most other famous Instagram font changer and generator tools like Lingojam and Instagram Fonts Generator work on a similar, easy-to-use interface. All said and done, always remember that Instagram is not a text-centric and rather an image-centric platform. Always know where to draw the line and do not become very description-heavy. Use fancy fonts for Instagram the right way- to stand out of the crowd and grab attention where it’s due!

Instagram Bio Fonts FAQs

1) What is the Instagram font?

The default font used by Instagram for its User Interface is Freight Sans. All the large headlines and texts use this font. For smaller texts, descriptions, and everything else, Instagram uses the font Neue Helvetica.

2) Why do I only see boxes instead of text on Instagram bios?

This is a very common issue most Instagram users have faced at least once. This happens when the format in which the account owner has updated that bio is not supported by your device. Often updating your iOS or Instagram can solve this problem.

3) How do you change the font on your Instagram bio?

There are various third-party apps and websites that enable Instagram users to change the font of their Instagram bio. Some of these apps and websites include Lingojam, Instagram Font Generator, and Meta Tags Font Generator as discussed in length above.


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