Perfect Instagram Image Size & Dimensions for 2021

October 30, 2020 | 0 min read


Accept it or not, it is now for a fact that most of us spend most of our time trying to portray our life as the most happening and exciting on Social Media. From portrait picture to IGTV videos to boomerangs to an ‘aesthetic’ looking feed, even for business accounts on IG, there are tons of options to try and hit the right chord with one’s followers

Instagram, however, is not an easy place to be at. The algorithms change everyday and so do the image sizing needs. To make your job easier, however, our researchers have put together an easy guideline that gives an in-depth understanding of  all of instagram image sizes that could help you upload pictures that stand out from the rest. And just in case you need a reference sheet to keep a record of all these Instagram picture sizes, we’ve also created and provided you with all of that!

The ideal Instagram Image Size: What are the proportions of Instagram?

Instagram video and photo sizes come in different sizes, depending on the alignment of the photo and the app with which it is posted. Here is a shortlist of the most popular Instagram picture and video measurements:

Type of Instagram PostAspect RatioInstagram Image Size
Square Photo          1:11080 x 1080px
Landscape Photo      1.91:11080 x 608px
Portrait Photo          4:51080 x 1350px
Instagram Stories        9:161080 x 1920px
IGTV Cover Photo        1:1.55420 x 654px
Instagram Square Video            1:11080 x 1080px
Instagram Landscape Video        1.91:11080 x 608px
Instagram Portrait Video            4:51080 x 1350px

1) Instagram Square Photo Size

 Best Square Image Size Instagram: 1080px by 1080px

The dimension ratio of the typical picture post is 1:1 square. This is typically the simplest picture size to get correct on the first attempt due to the obvious auto-cropping feature on many of these photo editing apps and Instagram itself. Your picture should be between 320px by 320px and 1080px by 1080px for  the most amazing and impactful outputs

How to scale pictures for Instagram?

To prevent quality problems with an Instagram picture, you must always try resizing their picture to the acceptable size and aspect ratio before uploading it on Instagram.  You can adjust your Instagram image with a range of desktop and web photo editors, including Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and much more!

What is the size of the Instagram portrait?

The perfect Instagram aspect ratio is 4:5, and the ideal picture scale is 1080px by 1350px. If we post a wider portrait, say 4:6 or 9:16, then  you’d be forced to trim a part of the photo out, to match the given ratio.

How do you fit a full picture on Instagram?

If you’d like to post a complete portrait image to Instagram without resizing to a square, you can simply use the easy full-size button when posting a picture to automatically change it to required ratios. Click the extending arrows in the bottom left corner of the picture to fit the whole photo on Instagram and you’re good to post!

 2)Instagram Horizontal Photo Size

 Best Horizontal Image Size Instagram: 1080px by 1350px

Getting to the correct Instagram horizontal picture can be complicated! It’s because the optimal Instagram picture landscape aspect ratio is 1.91:1. With these measurements, your horizontal picture will be perfectly viewed on Instagram with no border. Nevertheless, you can simply post landscape images to an aspect ratio of 16:9, and the application will instantly create a border around the frame.

What aspect ratio does Instagram permit?

Instagram provides three usable aspect ratios for your images and videos. Initially, the 1:1 aspect ratio (square) was the only option offered, however, Instagram now enables portrait and landscape images too. The aspect ratio for portrait images is 4:5, while the aspect ratio for landscape images is 1.91:1.

The best Instagram image size for posts are:

1080px by 1080px (Square)

1080px by 1350px (Portrait) and

1080px by 608px (Landscape)

 3)Instagram Video Post Dimensions

If the video format is your preferred way to interact with your viewers, it’s necessary to get the right measurements to enable posting and sharing your content with ease. Let’s discuss some of the specifications below, including aspect ratios, length, and dimensions.

What are the ideal dimensions for an Instagram video?

Much like picture updates, you can use square, horizontal, or landscape videos across your feed. The correct dimensions for each of them are:

  • Square and Carousel Instagram Image Size– 1080px x 1080px
  • Portrait Instagram Image Size– 1080px x 1350px
  • Landscape Instagram Image Size– 1080px x 608px

The ideal suggestion for a landscape video entails:

  • 1:1 aspect ratio for square and carousel videos
  • 4:5 aspect ratio for portrait videos
  • 16:9 aspect ratio for landscape videos

The key reason why we suggest a 16:9 aspect ratio for landscape videos is that it will take a lot of energy and hard work to film your video in the otherwise used 1.9:1 aspect ratio for  picture posts. Instagram users are used to streaming videos in a 16:9 size.

There are a few other  specifications that one should complete when it comes to uploading an Instagram video to your feed. Instagram video post must have the following:

  • 30 frames per second
  • 60 seconds in length
  • File size of 4 GB

If your video fails any of these conditions, you won’t be able to post it, so remember these vital points in mind when creating your video content.

4) Ideal Instagram Stories Size:

Best Instagram Story Image Size: 1080px x 1920px

Instagram Stories is another great platform for engaging with your followers and sharing everything from text messages, doing Instagram Lives, and posting photos and videos! Instagram Stories are designed to be seen in portrait mode, so even though you can post landscape images and videos, they won’t show up too well on stories.

You can post images and videos to Instagram Stories with any aspect ratio from 1:9:1 to 9:16. Though, you are more likely to catch one’s attention and make your posts efficient to see and easy to understand if you cover the entire story screen without any borders.

The image dimension you are required to fill the entire Instagram story screen perfectly is a 9:16 aspect ratio, and a 1080px by 1920px size.

5) IGTV Post Dimensions

Best Cover Image Size Instagram: 420px x 654px

IGTV launched in 2018 with a portrait-mode option only. Initially, users had to film their content (sometimes worth an hour!) at a horizontal ratio of 9:16. However, after overwhelming community feedback, in May 2019, Instagram finally agreed to allow IGTV videos in landscape mode also!

So here are the dimensions you need to know about when it comes to your IGTV videos!

  • Vertical IGTV videos have a minimum aspect ratio of 4:5 (portrait) and a maximum of 9:16.
  • Horizontal IGTV videos have a minimum aspect ratio of 5:4 and a maximum of 16:9
  • The One-Minute Preview Option for IGTV which is posted on your feed as a review is cropped to a 4:5 aspect ratio.
  • The One-Minute Preview is cropped to a 1:1 Square in your 9-grid.
  • Your IGTV Cover Photo can be chosen from  a still from your video or you can simply upload one which should have an aspect ratio of 1:1:55 and a resolution of 420px by 654px.

Instagram’s amazing new updates have opened up an exciting window of content possibilities which are very innovative and unique ways to interact with your followers. They have also made a few new aspect ratios and measurements to remember in mind when filming the content!

So, what’s the ideal instagram image sizes for all photo types?

  1. Instagram Photo Square: 1080px x 1080px
  2. Instagram Photo Portrait: 1080px x 1350px
  3. Instagram Photo Landscape: 1080px x 608px
  4. Instagram Video Square: 600px x 600px
  5. Instagram Video Portrait: 600px x 750px
  6. Instagram Video Landscape: 600px x 315px
  7. Instagram Video Carousel: 600px x 600px
  8. Instagram Stories Photo: 1080px x 1920px
  9. IGTV Cover Photo: 420px x 654px

Concluding thoughts-

As a final tip,, always remember, the content on IG will appear in a landscape, portrait, or square feature on a user’s feed as per your uploading choice. However, it will always be trimmed to a 1:1 square preview in the specific 9-grid. The viewers will have to click on the picture or simply tap on it while scrolling if they want to see the full picture.

Having able to properly create and grow a stunning 9-grid feed is a vital part of any strong Instagram strategy. We constantly upload various relevant blogs on the GlorifyApp website, including those on techniques.We constantly upload various relevant blogs on the Glorify website,including those on Instagram techniques that work and add valuable tips, tricks, and strategies and get the most out of your Instagram account. Make sure to go through them to raise your Insta game!

FAQs- Instagram Image Size & Dimensions

1) Is it compulsory to have Instagram photos in square?

No, you upload an Instagram picture in portrait as well as landscape form.

2) How can I upload a image on Instagram without cropping it?

Upload your image and choose “fit-to square” option on the left corner of your instagram image grid.

3)What is the aspect ratio for Instagram?

1080 pixels with an aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5


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