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December 9, 2020 | 0 min read

Glorify Team

With the new-age technologies and advancement in the digital world, one can do anything with the help of the internet. From sending messages and photos to friends instantly to sharing and getting anything and everything online. Such as that is the platform Instagram which has developed so much in recent times. Social media has evolved and revolutionized in current times. 

One of the most popular features of Instagram is its stories. One can upload photos, texts, and videos on Insta stories. Now, it’s pretty simple to update your friends and family about what you are doing through the feature Instagram Story. However, not a lot of us understand the importance of the right Instagram story dimensions. This story would be only live or active for 24hrs of the upload period but what use is a story if it is ill-fitted, non-appealing and does not comply with the Instagram story ad dimension guidelines?

Instagram stories

Why are correct Instagram Story Dimensions important?

To ensure that the fantastic stories you create on Instagram, give you the same amount of outcomes as your inputted efforts, you need to be on point with the dimensions of your Instagram story.

You can’t post some random pictures on Instagram when you know that there is so much buzz on the platform and several people upload amazing content every hour! 

That’s when we come to the rescue. Glorify brings you the 10 go-to recommendations for ideal isntagram story dimensions-

1. Most perfect Instagram Story Dimensions are 1080×1920 Pixels

The dimensions of Instagram story are 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels high. This is the suggested dimension.  Thus, when you post something of this size on Instagram firstly, it covers and fills up the entire screen, and secondly, it looks aesthetically pleasing to your viewers.  And it won’t croup out any part of your content when you use these dimensions for instagram stories.

Instagram Story Dimensions

Thus, when you post something of this size on Instagram firstly, it covers and fills up the entire screen, and secondly, it looks aesthetically pleasing to your viewers.  And it won’t croup out any part of your content when you use these dimensions.

perfect Instagram Story Dimensions

Also, to remove problems like getting different sizes on different devices, one should religiously stick to these dimensions. With these numbers, nothing can go wrong with your stories.

2. Aspect Ratio Should be 9:16

The meaning of aspect ratio is the proportion between height and width.  The aspect ratio for Instagram stories is 9:16. It is not compulsory that your video or image has to be 1080x1920px.  9:16 is the suggested aspect ratio as it fits perfectly; into the screens of a wide range of different devices

Instagram Story Aspect ratio

3. Minimize resolution to decrease the upload time.

With the correct instagram story dimensions and aspect ratio, the function of setting up resolution becomes much easier. Now that you know what aspect ratio and resolution work with Instagram stories, you’re now in a better position to optimize the upload time of videos. Changing your resolution to a bit low form can save you a lot of time and effort.

Instagram Story Resolution

4. Create your videos and photos vertically

To create a convenient user experience you need to make sure that everything you post is watched smoothly by your viewers and the instgram story dimensions hence play a big role here. There are two ways to make this thing possible. For one, you can choose to click and post pictures or videos through the Instagram app directly. Or else, if somehow you’ve clicked a picture or video off Instagram then edit it to the vertical dimensions so that it can fit the screen perfectly on the app. It’s a well-known fact that people use their smartphones vertically so if you change the orientation of the video, it would be easy to watch your stories by your viewers.

Create your videos and photos vertically in instagram

5. The digital size of your photo should be less than or equal to 30MB

The maximum size of the picture you want to post on your Instagram story should be anything less than or equal to 30MB to comply with instagram post dimension guidelines. Images that are not edited and are straightly taken up from your camera take up a lot of space. That’s why one should choose JPEG over raw files. Files near to 10MB are ideal for Instagram stories, anything more than that doesn’t make much sense.

Instagram Story image digital size

6. Instagram story video dimensions: The ideal sizes should be till 4GB

The maximum limit for Instagram stories is 4GB. This size is ideal for videos to be posted within 15 seconds. Thus, you have to convert your video and optimize it accordingly. Two prime reasons which can be affected by the size of your video is the time of the upload and the buffer rate.

7. Instagram videos should be 15 Seconds or Less

The maximum time limit of Instagram videos is 15sec. Though it’s a short span, one can still advertise their brand or profile within that time too!

You can even upload a video longer than 15 seconds but it would be broken into clips of 15 seconds each and then uploaded on your story.  This denotes that one can create a series of videos to increase their marketing and reach. Here, the important part is that the video should be relevant and high quality no matter what the length of the video is.

instagram story Video length/duration

8. Use PNG or JPG Photos

It is not only the dimensions for instagram stories and posts that you need to keep in mind. The size plays a major role too. The accepted format of pictures on Instagram is only PNG and JPG files. With the file size limit of only 30MB,  one can post pictures of only these two formats with the maximum size as mentioned in their Instagram stories. PNG files are comparatively larger than JPEG files so try to stick to JPG files when uploading something on Instagram.

Use PNG or JPG photos for instagram story

9. Use MP4 or MOV Videos

Talking about file sizes, another thing to remember is the accepted video formats are MP4 and MOV.  Thus, when uploading video media files on Instagram keep in mind that MOV files are bigger than MP4. Therefore, try sticking to MP4 format as it takes less of the space and time to get uploaded and it is convenient for your users also as the buffer time reduces significantly enhancing the user experience. And if by chance any video is shot in MOV format then try to convert them into MP4 files before uploading.

Use MP4 or MOV for instagram story videos

10. Use an editor to make your Instagram Story Dimensions on point

The task of shooting on the given instagram story dimensions can be pretty challenging at times. That’s when Glorify comes in handy, while shooting or capturing any media file which has to be uploaded on Instagram Story, you can edit and modify every small detail such as the size, orientation, and many more features of the file with the help of Glorify. This external help can save a lot of time and effort and help you create beautiful Instagram Story content very easily.

Use an editor to make your Instagram Story Dimensions

Use Glorify for creating amazing content for Instagram stories, in the right recommended instagram story dimensions, and in the supported format!

Finishing thoughts-

Your amazing stories on Instagram, if compiled with the ideal dimensions of an instagram story, can attract a lot of potential viewers and increase your reach and engagement in a significant way. This can also help you to boost your online presence and let your viewers know about everything happening around aesthetically and easily. People love interactive videos or pictures rather than reading long posts or blogs. By following these tips you can achieve success on your Instagram stories and conveniently market your brand.

Instagram Story Dimensions FAQs

1. How to add Instagram stories?

Tap the camera icon at the top left corner and open the Instagram app.  Or,

Swipe right from anywhere on the feed. 

If you are uploading a story for the first time in the day, tap on your profile picture in the Stories row on the home screen of the app. 

All the above actions open the camera and you can now click a photo or tap and hold to film a video (up to 10 seconds). When you are done recording, tap on the Your Story feature at the bottom. 

2. How to mention users in your story?

In your post, you can tag users. Only type the ‘@’ symbol before entering the username, and when you continue to type, you’ll get suggestions. Tap the person and when you post the story they will get notified.

3. How to archive Instagram stories on your profile?

Instagram introduced new features like Stories Highlight and Story Archive add-ons to keep Stories around for more than 24 hours on your profile.  You can hold onto your favorite Instagram stories in these two forms and store them in an archive inside your profile. 

You may select and highlight your desired story from archived Instagram Posts.


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