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The Ideal LinkedIn Article Image Size: Recommended Size & Best Practices for the Most Outstanding Featured Image

October 27, 2020 | 0 min read


One of the more ‘serious’ Social Media Platforms for the day, LinkedIn, is of paramount importance for B2B businesses. An excellent working tool, LinkedIn, if utilized to its fullest, can help the business gain brand recognition, make connections, and even enhance the overall credibility of the business. A lot of brands, even the relatively newer and smaller brands, are now making it a point to have a LinkedIn account in order to broaden their client base and also to stay connected to the already existing B2B as well as B2C clientele.

LinkedIn, however, is also a platform that can be severely underutilized if not paid attention to. A very unique tool offered by LinkedIn is their publishing platform. This platform can be used by site members to write and publish blog articles. One of the most powerful tools, the publishing platform also works great since career professionals and business owners get a chance to showcase their expertise.  However, where people do tend to go wrong is by not paying enough attention to the visuals. It is a common misconception that since LinkedIn is serious business, it is more text-centric and visuals do not matter on the platform as much as other Social Media platforms. That, however, is a myth that needs to be busted. 

Images are processed by human beings thousands of times faster than texts and they also remain with humans much more than text does. Images, hence, even on LinkedIn, need be correctly sized, attractive, appealing, and essentially a picture that cannot be ignored. Failing to adhere to some basic rules might actually cause serious disengagement which hampers the entire purpose. Let Glorify help you with some basic tips that will Glorify your LinkedIn account and article blog posts alike!

Size does matter for LinkedIn Article Image Size!

  • Size: Cover images for LinkedIn articles are recommended to be 744 x 400 pixels. The maximum supported file size is 10 MB.
  • Format: Ideally, JPG. and PNG. file formats suit best for LinkedIn article cover images. However, LinkedIn also supports static GIFs
Size does matter for LinkedIn Article Image Size

But why does the size matter so much?

When a potential reader first sees the link to a blog article on LinkedIn, or for that matter, anywhere else on the web, the first thing they are attracted to is the image. The image acts as a selling point for the article. You might have also found yourself in situations wherein
You clicked on a link because the picture attached looked very appealing. The cover image also appears as a thumbnail image along with being the primary visual of the article after someone clicks on it.

Having said that, if the image happens to be incorrectly sized, it obviously not only makes a bad impression but also takes away the possibility of a lot of people clicking on the article in the first place. If you do happen to upload even an extraordinary image but do not adhere to the recommended size, it might end up looking too stretched, cropped, noisy, hazy, or perhaps, could even hide away the crucial parts of the image. However, for the saving grace, LinkedIn even allows the users to change the cover image post publishing the article so the visuals can be tweaked at a later stage.  A high quality, well thought out picture can do wonders for your LinkedIn articles. Besides, if you are anyway investing time and energy into an article, why not also use a picture that really sets you apart?

Quick Fix: Here are some recommended, best practices that can help boost engagement for your LinkedIn article posts-

  1. Think through your color palette

An almost “never fail” option or tip for choosing the featured image for your article is to use an image that has contrasting colors. An image with contrasting colors will invariably stand out on an otherwise boring user feed. A contrasting image also works best in the noise of Social Media where everyone is anyway trying to gain attention with other videos and images. Something that pops out can never let you down!

Think through your color palette

Apart from a contrasting palette also looks at colors that are bright. Bright colors for a featured image also work great for the teeny-weeny thumbnail image which is often the first iteration of the cover image on the user feed. Nobody likes a dull-looking image and a bright image also, in fact, serves the purpose of a contrasting palette. Attention-seeking, bright, pop colors for an attention-worthy blog article.  It is a win-win!

2. Stock images can do wonders!

A lot of times, as a business owner, you may not have time to actually take pictures for your blogs. You might not even be interested in paying a heavy amount for a good-looking image and googling a random image, only to end up in a copyright lawsuit would anyway be a non-no. Using a stock photo, in such cases, is a great idea to get those eyeballs rolling!

Stock images can do wonders

GlorifyApp’s library is equipped with thousands of stock images and, really, we do have something for everyone out there! You can always use these stock images for commercial purposes without the worry of any copyright issues. Besides, the stock images can also be enhanced in our per-designed, perfectly-fitting templates and further be customized with text, icons, graphics – all for the most outstanding article cover photo!

3. Brand your article cover image

By branding, we do not want you to go all-in, but in fact, be subtle and make a statement. Branding is necessary, as narcissistic as some might term it, because that is what, in fact, contributes to brand recognition. Aim for branding that not only works for brand recognition but also, provides for the context of the article. If branding seems very off-putting, you can even just infuse your brand logo pr watermark. The idea is to have your name out there with the article so people don’t just read a mind-blowing piece of literature, but also, remember your brand as the source of it.

Brand your article cover image

Summing Up-

We understand how much effort goes behind penning down an article that is sensible, engaging, and relevant. It does take a lot of time and energy for a writer to develop a piece and it takes even more time for such pieces to generate credibility for the author. You, as a business owner, with your articles on LinkedIn, do not only have articles to worry about but also, your brand’s recognition and viability go up at stake. Hence, it becomes only imperative that you do not leave any stone unturned and make the most of your LinkedIn articles.

However, all said and done, we do understand and empathize with how difficult certain elements can get at times. Pictures, for that matter, are the trickiest. While you take care of your articles, let Glorify take care of your visual and designing needs! Glorify is your one-stop solution for all your ecommerce designing needs. Our library is equipped with thousand of pre-designed, professionally generated templates, and themes for the most phenomenal looking visuals. We do not only take care of LinkedIn articles images, but we got your back across Social Media. With Glorify, boost your online business by creating visuals that matter!


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