What is a Banner Ad and How Does it Work?

October 27, 2020 | 0 min read


We have all read articles, long and short, about how to effectively use a banner ad for marketing purposes. We have all seen videos and attended workshops too. However, let us take a step back today and talk about the very basics of a banner ad.

With marketing, in general, shifting to online mediums more than how it was done traditionally, there has been a stir around banner ads. The web is full of articles about how to create them from a designer’s, marketer’s, and even an entrepreneur’s perspective. With the pandemic ongoing, there have also been tens of webinars that are solely dedicated to discussions around how to make an ad banner work. What colors work best, what website yields the greatest ad banner, how to gather ‘click’ traction to an ad banner, what strategies to adopt, and so on.

So let us take a step back here and discuss the very foundation of an ad banner to make sure we all understand-

  • What is an ad banner?
  • Why do ad banners work?
  • How do ad banners work?
  • Why do ad banners work?

Let us begin!

1. What is an Ad Banner?

Online banner advertising, just like the traditional banner advertising, is the use of a rectangular display that stretches across the top, sides, and bottoms of a property. In the online world, it is across a digital property.  It is essentially an advertisement that is displayed on a web page, consisting of both, text and images.  A banner ad can also comprise multimedia objects and hence, could even be static or animated.

spotify downloader

A banner ad is used as a medium of advertising to promote a brand. It helps get visitor traction to the host website from the advertiser’s website. You clock on the image/multimedia object and your internet browser redirects you to the advertiser’s website, also known as the “landing page.”  For example, you may have seen ads from Spotify on Facebook and Instagram. You click on the link in the ad and you directly land on the Spotify download page/ and if you already have it downloaded, you land on the app. 

So that first image or the ‘banner’ that you saw which had you click on it, and land on the app store or the Spotify app – that is an ad banner.

2. How do Ad Banners Work?

An ad banner, albeit a digital banner, works in the exact same way a traditional, physical banner. A potential buyer sees the ad banner because of how attractive it looks, gets curious about what the advertiser has to offer, and eventually, clicks on the banner to land on the host’s website. In a traditional setup, someone would see a physical banner, get excited because the banner says the brand has an ongoing 1+1 offer which makes the bait eventually visits the store.

How do Ad Banners Work

When you decide to create an ad banner, the very basic aim in your mind should be to create something so attractive that a user cannot click on the ad and end up visiting your website. The very goal of an ad banner is to generate traffic to the website by linking to it. The four essentials of an effective web banner (amongst many other facets) that cannot be ignored would be something that-

  1. Informs the user of your brand and products
  2. Notifies the user about a new product/service/offer
  3. Excites the user and garbs user attention
  4. Increases brand awareness to eventually build brand recognition

3. How Do Ad Banners work?

Ad Banners, in one line, encourage visitors to click on the advertiser’s website and land on the host website. But, how do they work to generate numbers? Here’s how-

a. Ad Banners Increase Customer Traffic

For the very fact that Ad banners are purposed to encourage visitors to land on the host’s website, the ad is paid in may ways like CTRs. impressions, time spent on the web page, etc. Ad banners can also be designed with the help of various tools that feature pre-equipped templates like that of Glrofiy!
A lot of companies use ad banners to increase traffics in their physical stores around Christmas every year. Hence, planning an ad strategy around a specified or targeted time when you know your potential buyers would be up for spending money is a good way to make revenues.

Ad Banners Increase Customer Traffic

b. Ad Banners Generate Sales of Products

Well placed and rightly conceptualized ad banners can generate massive sales for your products. For example, if you are a business that sells baking equipment, if you place your ad on the page of a bakery, the chances of your products selling out increase manifold times. This is because, more often than not, people visiting the bakery’s webpage will be the people who are interested in baking.
So for a relevant ad that generates sales, the banner ad should be placed on a website that is related to that niche. This gives out the customer a solution that they did not even know they were looking for and hence, they end up buying your product.

Ad Banners Generate Sales of Products

c. Ad Banners Grab Consumer Attention

In the cut-throat social media marketing of today when every brand and business is all out there, trying to make the best of their creativity to grab attention, it only makes sense for you to do the same (and more) for your business.
Create the most attractive and good looking ad banner and place it right in that sweet spot of your targeted market to gather the maximum customer attention for your products as well as your brand. What’s even better? Creating the most phenomenal looking ad banner is as easy as ‘drag and drop’ with Glorify’s pre-designed templates for e-commerce businesses!

Ad Banners Grab Consumer Attention

d. Ad Banners Work Great for Announcements

Think about the Black Friday sale! Ad Banners are a great way to provide concise and exact information that you know your consumers will love. Sales, discounts, and promotional offers almost always lure consumers into buying and splurging. What better alternative to reach customers than banners on apps they spend most of their time on?

Ad Banners Work Great for Announcements

Final Thoughts-

Now coming to the lingering question in your mind. Why do ad banners work?

You know the answers already but lets out it in a line for you. Ad Banners work cus they are visuals and consumers always respond to visuals better than content or text. Visuals are processed and retained by human beings more than text. For example, when you read “Coca Cola” you immediately picture a chilled bottle of Coca Cola because that is what the brand shows us on screens and it has now been deeply imbibed in our brains.

However, when deciding to promote or market through ad banners, be wary of banner ad blindness. Banner ad blindness is basically the immunity users develop against ad banners because of being exposed to thousands of them daily. The trick here is to stand out with your visuals and create something that cannot be ignored or forgotten. For everything else, Glorify’s e-commerce centric designs and templates are always there at your service!


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