The Perfect YouTube Video Size And YouTube Video Dimensions 2021

December 10, 2020 | 0 min read

Glorify Team

Youtube is one of the biggest social media networks with over 1.9 billion connected and active users. 

Moreover the largest, broad, and a variety of diverse audiences are founded here. For getting your brand the widest reach and engagement it is a perfect choice as a platform to go for. This makes it very approachable and ideal in terms of marketing and advertising. But, to hit the sweet spot, the YouTube video format size must be accurate. 

But for hitting the right target audience and converting them into your loyal audience, you need to ascertain if one fact is to deliver a video that is high-quality and doesn’t look unprofessional. No one likes to watch low-quality, blurry videos. And maintaining this standard is very essential when you know you have got a tough competitor market with several videos on the same platform. To know what is the size of a YouTube video, and the YouTube video dimensions, reads on!

YouTube Video Dimension and Size Guide

That’s why you need to have the perfect youtube video dimensions that are vital to attract more viewers. Let’s jump into the article, Glorify brings you every small detail you need to know about youtube video.

Why Using the Recommended Youtube Video Size Pixels Matters.

It doesn’t seem a tough job to create youtube videos nowadays, with the help of tools like GlorifyApp. The digital space has evolved a lot in the current times. But still, with such cut-throat competition in such industries, you need to maintain high standards and always fulfill the criteria of youtube guidelines and use the best video size for youtube. 

With big brands and companies approaching the creators and investing big bucks into this industry, one should be very confident about the content he/she is offering and that should be relevant and entertaining in all matters. All these qualities make space for growth and also maximizes the views and profits of your video.

Youtube Video Size & Dimensions

That’s why having accurate YouTube video dimensions is very important in terms of all aspects, growth, views, engagement, popularity, and also the profit.

Let’s see what is the right and current Youtube dimensions.

YouTube Video Size Pixels: The Ideal Quality, Dimensions, and Aspect Ratio:

What are the dimensions of a YouTube video?

YouTube video size dimensions and resolutions can vary when uploading. The range of the best video size for youtube is from 240p to 2160p (4K). Given below are the YouTube video dimensions for each size, let’s go through them.

  • 240p: 426×240 pixels
  • 360p: 640×360 pixels
  • 480p: 854×480 pixels
  • 720p: 1280×720 pixels
  • 1080p: 1920×1080 pixels
  • 1440p: 2560×1440 pixels
  • 2160p: 3840×2160 pixels

From the list above, you can see the smallest as well as the largest YouTube video format size pixels.

Right YouTube Dimensions

While getting the right video dimensions is very important, one should also take into account that the video length, size, and aspect ratio are also vital while you upload the Youtube videos. 

The best video size for YouTube must ideally have a ratio of 16:9. 

Further, there are some Youtube video guidelines which one should take into consideration:

Maximum file size: 128GB

Maximum video length: 12 hours

Approved YouTube video formats: .mov, .mpeg, .mp4, .avi, .wmv, .mpegps, .flv, webM, and 3GPP

Here are the guidelines and the YouTube video dimensions 2021-

Youtube suggests the following encoding settings for your videos:

YouTube video format size: MP4

  • No Edit Lists (or the video might not get processed correctly)
  • moov atom at the front of the file (Fast Start)
  • Audio codec: AAC-LC

Channels: Stereo or Stereo + 5.1

  • Sample rate 96khz or 48khz
  • Video codec: H.264

YouTube video format size progressive scan (no interlacing)

  • High Profile
  • 2 consecutive B frames
  • Closed GOP. GOP of half the frame rate.
  • Variable bitrate. No bitrate limit required, though we offer recommended bit rates below for reference
  • Chroma subsampling: 4:2:0

Frame rate

The YouTube video size pixels should be uploaded and encoded at the same frame rate it was shot in. Popular frame rates include 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60 frames per second frame rates other than this are also acceptable).

Interlaced content should be deinterlaced before posting. For instance, 1080i60 video should be deinterlaced to 1080p30, ranging from 60 interlaced fields per second to 30 progressive frames per second.

Youtube Guidelines for Dimensions & Size

How to Modify the Youtube Video Size

To change the resolution of your Youtube videos into a higher or lower form, you can follow these simple steps for the ideal youtube video file size-

Go to your YouTube video, then click on “Settings”:

Click on “Quality”:

Choose your Youtube video resolution:

By following these simple steps one can easily change their video resolution. 

What is the YouTube video size and its Resolution and Aspect ratios

The basic aspect ratio for YouTube on a desktop is 16:9.

The YouTube video size or the YouTube video dimensions that you are viewing doesn’t matter when you play something on Youtube. Even when you upload something on Youtube with a different aspect ratio, the player instantly perfectly positions your video making sure that there is no extra cropping or stretching of your video. No matter what size it is of.

Youtube Video Resolution and Aspect ratios

With varying aspect ratios, like 9:16 where the video is in a vertical form, Youtube will directly add a backdrop for the extra space and this is in white by default but also changes to gray as you change the mode into a Dark theme.

Finishing Thoughts-

Even when it has been fourteen years of Youtube, it is still one of the most active social media networks. People who want their channel to be unique and noticeable should follow these criteria to deliver a top-notch, high-quality video for their viewers. This is why it is extremely important to get the perfect youtube video format size for better engagement and strategy.

The Perfect YouTube Video Size And YouTube Video Dimensions 2021 FAQs

1. What is the size of a youtube video? And what if your video is larger than that?

The maximum YouTube video format size is 128 GB, if anyhow your video is larger than the expected size you can compress it into a smaller file through the help of a video editor. This will ensure that the high-quality of your video is maintained while the size is decreased.  An easy method to compress a video for YouTube is to encode it using the H.264 codec.

2. How many MB does a YouTube video size consume?

You cannot specifically calculate this as every video is different and has different quality standards but usually, 5 minutes of a 720p video will use approximately 75MB of data and 5 minutes of a 1080p video will use approximately 170MB or more.

3. Why does a video take so much time to get processed on youtube?

One of the most prominent reasons that why a video might take too much time to get uploaded can be because of a slow internet connection or because of huge traffic on the site or even when your video is too long.


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