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In today’s day, when someone applies for a job, the LinkedIn profile link is preferred over a resume. When someone is looking for a job, they prefer to look out for jobs on LinkedIn by visiting the pages of organizations or declaring themselves “open for jobs” at the platform. Hence, having a LinkedIn page is a MUST for any business owner. At times, you may already have a business account that would be in the name of your business, but at the same time, having a personal LinkedIn account simultaneously is also important. This is for the same reason that Mark Zuckerberg sure has a page for Facebook, but he has a page and accounts for himself too!

However, having your personal account on LinkedIn does not mean that you should use it for “personal” reasons. Your personal account would be the place people will land to read up about you and get insights on your business. Hence, your personal account should be all about your business. 

The first thing a visitor looks at when they visit your profile is your pictures. This could be your profile picture as well as your profile background photo. This only makes it imperative for your profile background photo to be the most attractive and noticeable. 

While LinkedIn cover photo size for company accounts require the dimensions of the cover photo to be in size 1536 x 768, the dimensions of a LinkedIn background photo should be 1584 x 396. Design, text, font, visuals, dimensions – keeping so much in mind could become a little off-putting and overwhelming at times. However, let Glorify make all this easier for you. With Glorify, you can generate the most awesome-looking yet professional LinkedIn profile background photo for your LinkedIn account – all in a matter of clicks, drags, and drops.

Design Customized LinkedIn Profile Background Photo

1Log In to your Glorify account or Sign Up for one if you have not already

2 Browse the expansive library of professionally designed templates and pick out the design that you like – or even start one from scratch

3Upload your photos like the logo or company watermarks or pick something generic from our library

4Play with the template, customize the image, add filters or edit text

5Save and let the LinkedIn business begin!

Having a professional, classic, and attractive LinkedIn profile background picture also gives those, who visit your account just by chance, a reason to learn about and explore your business. Everything about your personal account should speak professionalism – text, quality of posts, language, and most importantly, the visuals of your images. Make the most professional, fully-customizable, and the most noticeable LinkedIn Profile Background Photo with hundreds of shapes icons, fonts to pick from. Get your e-commerce business and yourself, as the brand owner, to another level on the Social Media of professionals! 

Is Glorify free to use?+

While a 14-day trial includes everything you need to explore the endless possibilities of design with Glorfy, we also offer premium plans at the end of the trial. Look for the premium plans that suit you best, Glorify Pro or Glorify Business at yearly rates much lesser than that

I do not have the design skills. Can I still make a LinkedIn Company Background image?+

For you to create a phenomenal LinkedIn Profile Background Photo, you do not need pro skills, neither do you need a lot of free time. Just make an account on to create some seriously professional-looking background image for your LinkedIn company page. Boost your e-commerce business in minutes! Pick a layout that best suits your needs, use the drag-and-drop design tool to change the images, fonts, colors, ass branding of your business and the layout is ready to use!

How to brand my personal profile with my company’s identity on a LinkedIn Profile Background Photo?+

This could be a little tricky because you might always be stuck between being too much about your business or being too much about yourself on a professional platform. It is common for business owners on LinkedIn with personal accounts to be torn in this dilemma. However, being neutral could be a solution. Use your own face as your profile picture and the LinkedIn profile background photo. However, for your profile background image, you could use a group image with your colleagues from one of your charity marathon runs or just from any day at work which does not risk looking too casual. You could also use your brand name, brand logo, or watermark in other images that you post. If you write blogs from your personal profile on LinkedIn, you could always also subtly promote yourself and your business there.

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Design Elegant LinkedIn Profile Background Photo