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Generate LinkedIn Status Posts for Your Business Account that Engage Audience and Boom Your E-Commerce Venture!

Keeping a feed updated and active can be a rather tricky and taxing task and keeping it interesting at the otherwise less-fun Social Media Platform, LinkedIn, can be even trickier.
But then again, it does not mean that you cannot have some fun with your posts on LinkedIn! Generate curiosity instilling, interesting, fresh, yet relevant, and professional LinkedIn posts with the Glorify! Glorify lets you create pro-level, eye-catching LinkedIn status posts at a few clicks, drags, and drops!

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Keeping your LinkedIn engaging and interesting is very important because it is a place that people may not visit as much as other Social Media platforms but it does not mean that it can be avoided. LinkedIn can help your business find innumerable valuable connections and opportunities in one place. 

An important aspect of LinkedIn status posts is consistency. It is obvious that you cannot create the same posts with the same themes as that will appear boring and monotonous. However, the idea Consistent looking Facebook posts are very important because they give out a professional is to create some uniformity like using your logo or using the same color palette or even watermark placement, This will create a sense of brand recognition amongst your audience, as well as brand awareness that lets people connect twos and twos.

You may have various reasons to make a LinkedIn status post. It could be a recruitment announcement, a product launch, an insightful information post, or even just a picture with a relevant thought. Whatever it is, you need to make sure that you do not compromise on the appeal factor of your posts. Cash-out the otherwise monotonous feed of LinkedIn with a post that is not just  ‘regular’ business post. At Glorify, you can explore through hundreds of phenomenal-looking templates so you never have to sacrifice on aesthetics, while ensuring relevance, ever again!

Even better yet? Glorify allows you to even make a LinkedIn status post from scratch. You can hand-pick and add each and every element on your status post. Do not have your creative juices flowing in the right direction on a particular day? Not a problem. If you do not have an idea to begin with, just take a look through our library and edit the templates to fit your needs.  Or even better, make a Facebook wall post template from scratch! From image-centric to text-heavy to a combination of both – At Glorify, we have something for every eCommerce business out there.

While a 14-day trial includes everything you need to explore the endless possibilities of design with Glorfy, we also offer premium plans at the end of the trial. Look for the premium plans that suit you best, Glorify Pro or Glorify Business at yearly rates much lesser than that of a designer’s expense!

Using Glorify does not only generates awesome-looking posts but also posts that are consistent – without taking a lot of your time. Whatever you create can be saved under your files and can be tweaked for repurposing anytime later. You can always go back to a post and edit it with text or design while keeping the color palette or logo placement the same for the purpose of consistency. Customize the design to any lengths you like and a new yet uniform, professional-looking, LinkedIn status post is ready to boom your E-Commerce business!

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